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Champions League final travel and match week guide

UEFA Champions League final
Wembley Stadium, North London
Saturday, May 28, kick off 19:45

This guide will be updated regularly until matchday

If the match goes to extra time, it will finish around 22:00

With penalties, it would finish around 22:20

The losing team’s fans can expect to leave the stadium at about 21:45 after normal time, 22:10 after extra time or 22:30 after penalties

The winning team’s fans can expect to leave the stadium at 22:45 after normal time, 23:10 after extra time and 23:30 after penalties.

Please bear the above in mind when considering when and how you plan to get home.

The winner of this match will play Porto, who won the Europa League, in the UEFA Super Cup at the Stade Louis II in Monte Carlo, Monaco on August 26, 2011, kick off 20:45 local time and 19:45 UK time.

The winner of the UEFA Champions League will also take part in the 2011 FIFA World Club World Cup in Japan, between Dec 8 and 18, with matches played in Tokyo, Yokohama and Toyota

The European representative would join the competition in the semi finals, around December 13.

Pre-match entertainment
Starting on May 21, UEFA will host a Champions League Festival at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park (pictured right).

Opening times are:
May 21/22 – 12:00 to 23:30
May 23-26 – 12:00 to 20:00
May 28: 12:00 to 17:00

It’s free to get in and you can
- get your picture taken with the trophy
- visit the Museum of Champions, showing photos and exhibits from previous finals
- take part in a football skills clinic
- watch players from across Europe play in the Ultimate Champions five-a-side contest

More here

From 08:00 to 17:30 UEFA will be hosting entertainment on Olympic Way near Wembley and on the outer concourse, between Wembley Park station and the stadium.

UEFA describe the entertainment as: “interactive games, partner activities, entertainment performances as a build-up to the main event.” More here

Wembley gates open at 16:30

This section will be updated five days before the match

The match will be shown live on ITV1 and ITV1HD

Travel – updated Wednesday May 11

Car – £70
Train – £47
Matchday coach – £32
Public coach – £12
Plane – £96
To the stadium on matchday – £7.30


Sat navvies should use the postcode HA9 0WS for Wembley Stadium.

The journey usually takes three-and-a-half hours, but due to the London Marathon taking place the next day and the inevitable build up of cars around Wembley, we advise allowing five to six hours for your journey.

It will cost about £35 each way petrol (add on £4.80 each way if you plan on taking the M6 Toll road).

The basic route is: M6, M42, M1, North Circular Road, Brent and Wembley.


There are five main options

1. The Wembley Stadium car park has secure parking. It will cost £85 per coach and £52.75 per car (…no, really).

The car park opens at 07:00. Go here for details.

2. If you want something cheaper but need to park near the stadium, you will find quite a few car parks on industrial premises charging about £10 per car.

3. A good park-and-ride compromise is parking at a Tube stop and finishing your journey by Tube.

You can pay £1.50 to park all day at Ickenham Tube Stop car park, which has 176 spaces, then take the Metropolitan Line nine stops east to Wembley Park.

Buy a one-day six-zone Travel Card for £7.50, as two singles will cost £8. Wembley Park Tube has 186 parking spots at the same price, but remember that it will take you an age to get back on the motorway from there.

There is a free shuttle bus between Wembley Park Tube and the stadium on matchday. You can book places in loads of different tube stops here.

4. If you’ve got the time, you can easily find a free parking spot within five minutes’ walk of Ickenham Tube Stop.

You can then take the Metropolitan Line nine stops east to Wembley Park. Buy a one-day six-zone Travel Card for £7.50, as two singles will cost £8.

Train – £47 – updated Tuesday May 10

We strongly recommend buying train tickets in advance.

If you plan to take any of the trains below with no price below the time, it means it’s cheaper to book a £70 return rather than two singles.

The prices below show the cheapest return journey is £47. Click on the ad below to book now.

Don’t travel before 10:00 as it will work out as too expensivee

Trains leave Manchester at these times at these prices and take roughly 2 hours and 10 minutes

09:15, 09:35, 09:35, 10.15, 10:35, 10:55, 11:15

11:35, 11:55. 12:15, 12:35, 12:55, 13:15, 13:35, 13:55, 14:15, 14:35
All £30.50

14:55, 15:15, 15:35, 15:55, 16:15, 16:35, 16:55, 17:15, 17:35, 17:55, 18:15, 18:35, 18:55




19:55, 20:15,
Both £30.50




05:55, 06:10, 06:35. 06:55
All £30.50

07:15, 07:35, 07:55, 08:15, 08:35, 08:55, 09:15, 09:35, 09:55, 10:15

10:35, 10:55, 11:15, 11:35, 11:55, 12:15, 12:35, 12:55, 13:15, 13:35, 13:55

14:15, 14:35, 14:55, 15:15, 15:35, 15:55, 16:15, 16:35, 16:55

We strongly recommend booking a hotel rather than trying to get back right after the game.

Coming back

The last Manchester-bound train leaves Euston at 21:43


These journeys take between 2 hours and 25 minutes and 2 hours and 48 minutes

09:20, 10:20, 11:20, 11:$9, 12:20, 12:44, 13:20, 13:44, 13:49, 14:20, 14:44

15:20, 15:44, 16:20, 16:44, 16:50 17:20, 17:44, 18:20, 18:50, 19:20, 19:44

20:20, 21:25, 21:51
All £23.50

Matchday coaches – £32 – updated Wednesday May 11

Champion Sport Tours have organised a pre-match 600-capacity social club with large screen TVs, food and no pint costing more than £3. It has 600 parking spots. and is within six Tube stops of Wembley. email Debbu@mufctravel.com for details.

Thomas Cook Sport is running two packages

Day coach trip – £39

Coaches leave from the Old Trafford N2 car park on the morning of the game and return right after the game.

Day coach trip including £225 match ticket – £574 – sold out
One United Members, Season ticket holders and executive members in United’s European Travel Club could buy these packages.

Coaches will leave the Old Trafford N2 car park on the morning of the game.

On arrival in London, customers will get a champagne reception at the Le Gavroce restaurant and a three-course meal with wine and soft drinks.

They will then be taken by coach to Wembley and then taken by coach back to Manchester after the game.

Coaches will have Sky TV and soft drinks available.

The Betty Bus is running to this game, leaving Chorlton Street Coach Station in Manchester City Centre at 07:00 on matchday and returning after the game.

Places cost £32 per person. To book, email your name, contact phone number and required number of places to redsaway@hotmail.co.uk

Champion Sport Tours
is running three trips to this game.

Day trip – £35 – sold out
There are seven coaches going, with places costing £35.

They leave from Sir Matt Busby Way outside Old Trafford at 08:00 and leave Wembley at around 22:30.

Coaches 1 and 2 are family coaches.

No alcohol is allowed on board.

Two-night trip by train – £185 – sold out

Customers will leave Manchester Piccadlly for London Euston on the morning of the day before the final and check in to a hotel in Centrl London.

The train leaves Euston for Piccadilly on the morning o the day after the game.

Two-night trip by coach – £190

Customers will leave from outside the Bishop’s Blaize pub in Chester Road, Trafford, at 11:00 on the day before the game and check into a quality London suburbs hotel.

The coach leaves the hotel for Manchester at 11:00 on the day after the game.

Including in the price are refreshments on te coach and a hotel meal the night before the game.

To book any of these trips, call 0161 282 1966 or email Debbie@mufctravel.com

National Express is running coaches from Manchester Chorlton Street Coach Station to Wembley Stadium and back.

They leave at 10:15 and aim to reach the stadium by 15:30, leaving for Manchester after the match. Places cost £32 return. Click on the National Express advert below to book.

Public coach £12 – updated Wednesday May 11
Megabus runs coaches from Manchester Shudehill Interchange to London Victoria

Red Army Travel is running coaches to the game, with places costing £40. Visit redarmy.co.uk for departure and booking details.

Getting there

Leave Manchester: 04:00, 06:15, 09:15, 10:30, 13:00, 15:45, 17:15
Arrive London: 08:30, 11:00, 12:30, 14:00, 15:00, 20:15,
Duration: 4:30, 4:45, 4:50, 4:45, 4:30, 4:30,
One-way cost: £6, £10, £10, £11, £11, £11,


Leave Manchester: 04:30, 06:30, 07:40, 09:15, 10:30, 15:00,
Arrive London: 08:30, 11:00, 12:30,
14:00, 15:00, 17:30
Duration: 4:00, 4:30, 4:50, 4:45, 4:30,
One-way cost: £10, £11, £13, £11, £11, £10

Getting back

Leave London: 23:30
Arrive Manchester: 03:30
Duration: 4:00
Cost £10

Leave London: 08:00, 09:30, 12:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:30, 19:30,
Arrive Manchester:12:40, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30, 20:50, 21:45, 23:00, 00:00,
Duration: 4:40, 4:45, 5:00, 4:30, 4:50, 4:45, 4:30, 4:30,
Cost: £10, £10, £11, £11, £10, £10, £11, £10,

National Express runs coaches from Manchester Chorlton Street Coach Station to London Victoria

Getting there

Leave Manchester: 05:30, 08:00, 09:30, 10:15, 11:00, 12:00,
Arrive London: 10:50, 13:20, 14:50, 15:20, 16:35, 17:05,
Duration: 5:20, 5:20, 5:20, 5:05, 5:35, 5:05,
One-way cost: £11.75, £8.50, £12.50, £10.50, £10.50, £10.50, £10.50

Leave Manchester: 15:00, 16:45, 18:15, 19:30
Arrive London: 20:20, 21:40,
22:50, 00:10
Duration: 5:20, 4:55, 4:35,
One-way cost: £10.50, £11.75, £10.50,

Leave Manchester: 05:45, 08:00, 09:30, 10:15, 11:00,
Arrive London: 10:20, 13:20, 14:30, 15:20, 16:20, 16:50
Duration: 5:05, 5:20, 5:20, 5:05, 5:20, 4:50
One-way cost: £13.10, £13.10, £13.10, £10.50, £8.50, £10:50

Getting back

Leave London: 23:30
Arrive Manchester: 05:40
Duration: 6:10
One-way cost: £13:40

Leave London: 8:00, 09:30, 10:30, 12:30. 13:30, 15:30, 16:30, 17:30,
Arrive Manchester: 13:10, 14:15, 15:20, 17:35, 19:15, 21:00, 21:25, 22:55,
Duration: 5:10, 4:45, 15:30, 17:35, 19:15, 21:00, 4:55, 5:25,
One-way cost: £8.50, £10.50, £12.50, £10.50, £11.75, £10.50, £12.50,
£10.50, £10:50

Leave London: 21:00, 23:30
Arrive Manchester: 23:50, 05:40
Duration: 4:05,
One-way cost: £11.75,

Flights – £96 – updated Tuesday May 10
Here are flights that aren’t (all flights are with British Airways unless stated)

Getting there

Manchester to Gatwick

Leave: 06:55, 08:45, 12:00,
Arrive: 08:05, 09:45, 13:00,
One-way cost: £52, £52, £52,

Leave: 06:55, 08:45, 12:00,
Arrive: 08:10, 09:45, 13:00, 18:30
One-way cost: £47 , 72, £52,

Getting back

Leave: 07:30, 10:30, 15:55, 21:10
Arrive: 08:30, 11:25, 16:55, 22:05
One-way price: £44, £59, £69,

Manchester to Heathrow

Getting there
Leave: 08:15, 10:00
Arrive: 09:25, 11:00
One-way price: £54, £54

Getting back
Leave: 07:15*, 07:45, 10::50, 13:30, 15:35
Arrive: 08:20*, 08:40, 11:50, 14:35, 16:40
One-way price: £61*, £66, £66, £76, £86

Getting to the ground – £7.30
On the day of the game, trains from Euston to Wembley Central run every at 17, 37 and 57 minutes past the hour and cost £5 each way (you can’t buy a return). We strongly recommend booking your tickets in advance by clicking on the ad below).

If you prefer to go by Tube, you can take the Bakerloo Line to Wembley Central or the Metropolitan Line or Jubilee Line to Wembley Park.

Both are in zone 4, so, on the day, you will need to buy a day ticket covering zones 1 to 4 for £7.30.

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87 comments to Champions League final travel and match week guide

  • Lakey

    I totally agree, anyone with credits for this year alone should get priority but it goes back to the same arguement of members loyalty for euro aways or ST holders loyalty to the season. It is a tough one but I still think the club should allow an exception to these members. There can’t be that many members that go to euro aways can there?? I reckon 1-2,000?

  • Aaron

    If anyone is staying a few nights and booking travelodge, book each night individually. Its saved me about £50

  • J

    I am a member with several credits for euro aways. When Rome tickets became available and then there were returns I rang up to see if I was eligable and they said “no, season ticket holders take priority” Even though I had credits for all group games & knock-out stages. I dont think this is fair but there is nothing I, we, can do about it. I’m sure United will then think that it may sway my decision to get a season ticket next year.

  • blinly

    lakey and stewart, i agree with what you both say. i wouldnt think there would be as many as 1-2000 members, but you never know, but id say there must be at least 500 who have done all 6 games, maybe 1500 who have done 5, and then 2000 plus who done others. out of the numbers who have done 5 or 6 games i would say most will be sth, there would be a small minority who are members, this is all guess work tho.

  • Oli

    While I agree with you in principle about what they should do Lakey, that would be 1-2k more ST holders who dont get tickets and therefore are much more likely to not opt in for Carling Cup tlckets next year (or not renew at all knowing they can always get home tickets anyway). From club’s point of view there are not going to risk people not renewing STs, in order to look after members whom they get far less revenue from.

  • stewart

    Oli you are right mate the club do have to look after sth,as from next season tho they shouldnt let members apply at all if we cant apply for a final after going to every away,there were sth who didnt get for the away at chelsea who wouldnt be best pleased,are they going to drop their sts because of that?

  • Lakey

    Fair point Oli, I just think that if club looked after all the euro away fans that travel every year (at a guess would be about 8k that have at least a credit this season, then there would still be around 17k tickets for qualifying ST holders and the ones that get rejected have no case to argue as they haven’t attended a single euro away. As you say though Oli club are more interested in people’s money going towards club revenue than supporters forking out £££’s for travel/accommodation etc

  • Oli

    I don’t think STHs expect to get tickets for regular away games where there is an allocation of 3k or less, but they do start to get very angry if they domn’t get for finals where there is a big allocation. I know the current system is very unfair on members who go to euro aways, but I don’t see the motivation for the club to change the system.

  • Si

    Let’s not lose tomorrow night & get there first!!

    Then beat Chelsea Sunday…

  • zenith

    Lets be honest though, if enough season ticket holders were to apply and go to Euro aways throughout the season they wouldn’t open it up to members to go. The only reason currently members can apply for Euros is because they know that they wouldn’t sell all the tickets for games in Turkey, Russia, Italy without members anyway.

    And then for the later rounds they have to reward loyalty.

    Personally i think they should ballot everyone in the Travel club and prioritise tickets based on number of credits.

  • Mockers

    My understanding was that if you have a ST and are in the ACS – then for finals like this you will be virtually guaranteed a ticket. Is that not the case now Oli?

  • Si

    That can’t be the case mockers as there surely must be more than 25,000 or so in the acs? Be good for the club to be more transparent with the numbers who hold what credit wise. Doubt that will happen though as hardly seems the whitest of organisations ticketing wise!

    Got 3 credits so pretty hopeful of getting one

  • Oli

    Zenith, I am not sure that’s true. When they start the loyalty fresh each season (why do they do that- it is mad????!!!) the first game is often very over subscribed – eg Valencia this season. That then sets the pace for who gets for the games all season from then on- apart from this year when anyone could have got for Bursa and then been back in the game. Surely, like all other tournaments (eg community shield or Moscow final), STs should apply first and then if any are left members can apply. Plenty of ST holders were rejected for Valencia this season when members got- every app was treated the same. Members would still get plenty of opportunities for euro aways if that were the came – as you say many would not sell out just to ST holders.

    The other problem with what you say re ballot for anyone with credits is that a season ticket holder who has been to every home game in every competition and has applied for every domestic away game (and been to the ones they got tickets for) less worthy of a ticket than a member who did 1 Euro away to Ibrox with Thomas Cook for example?

    Mockers, the numbers probably roughly suggest that, but not guaranteed. Because the final is in London and not Moscow (or even Rome) more execs, box holders, sponsors, club staff etc are likely to apply, plus plenty of ST holders did not apply for Moscow/ Rome, plus allocation is lower than other finals at Wembley (eg 31k for the semi the other week and 25k now). Having said that, I reckon you’d have to be pretty unlikely to miss out if in ACS.

  • Mockers

    My reason for stating this was that for the FA Cup semi ALL ST holders who had full credits for all the cup games (remember you can opt out of Carling cup games on a match by match basis) were successful AND some with 1 less than all cup games were also successful.

    Granted we had 6-7,000 more tickets for the semi – but I reckon ST holders with full credits should be okay – or else as stated above what is the point in anyone opting into the ACS???

    Maybe they will on top of this take into account away games applied for???

    Suppose we will just have to wait and see.

    I can see there being problems

  • Oli

    Hi Mockers, you’re probably roughly right, but as well as around 6k less tickets than Wembley, there is also the issue that more execs/ box holders/ sponsors etc will want to take their allocation than for the semi final. Hopefully most in the ACS will get as, like you said, you only needed 6 cup vouchers (out of 8 at the time, it is 10 now) to get for the semi in the end.

  • Mark


    All the hotels above are south of London Centre and Wembley Stadium, do you know of any cheap hotels in the North of London near a tube or train stop because otherwise it means driving down past wembley through London to get to the hotel in the first place? Any help please mate

  • Adam

    Surely the final allocation will be decided as per Rome (any man and his dog could get Moscow tickets!), with ST holders and Exec’s only being able to apply and priority given to those based upon the number of Euro away applications this season (not successful tickets).

    If that is the case I personally think that ST holders with 3 away apps or more should get tickets, 2 border line (majority will probably miss out) and lower than this highly unlikely. Although as per some previous posts, loads of ST holders will have 2 apps given Rangers and Chelski were popular so it may just be 3 and above that could be successful.

    Either way, massive game tonight so let’s not count our chickens…….

  • Oli

    Adam, your first para sounds about right, but I am not sure they will do based on applications (rather than actual credits) as they know loads applied for Chelsea and Schalke for the hell of it purely for that reason. The main thing that has changed since Rome is ticket collection- so there was not an issue then about people who applied, were successful but did not collect. Ticket collection also means people who share season tickets cannot do euro aways too as it may not be in their name. There is also another chage since Rome- the travel club- which has restricted how many people applied for games not least because no one with a previous criminal record can apply. I think they will do it based on credits only rather than applications, in which case anyone with any credits at all will get and there will be plenty left over for ST holders in the ACS with no Euro credits.

  • Mockers

    Adam you could be right. Like you say lets get through tonight and then worry. Although however they do it I reckon there will be issues…..

  • Do you get a credit if you went with thomas cook?

  • They will be a curve ball. Theres always a curve ball. Had to have hone to the a team fixture vs marine reserves in october!

  • vitty

    Mark – the hotels I recommended were based on the assumption that people would want somewhere relatively cheap, very comfortable and not too far away from the action.

    All the hotels in North London are either taken up, extortionate, not comfortable, not value for money, not near transport links and generally not worth recommending.

    I accept some people will be driving to the hotels, but there are just few decent ones in the North left for the day of the final that I put that variable aside.

    When I go to London by car, I always park for free near Edmonton Tube and get the train south.

  • Paul

    Are we 100% sure that Thomas Cook do NOT get an allocation for the final?

  • lookingforeric

    Best off looking at http://www.laterooms.com for cheap hotels. Im guessing pretty much any hotel near wembley will be full already

  • Fred

    Curious to see if people think there will be a big crush to get in on the jib a la Rome in 2009? Not that I am condoning that :)

  • Lakey

    Knowing the demand to get in for this game there probably will be, but as for successfully getting in it’ll be tough as I saw two lads try for the city game last month and both got chucked out after getting through turnstiles. Security was tight and no doubt with uefa in town it’ll be even worse…just hope they don’t try anything stupid like banning alcohol around London like they did in Rome

  • Fred

    Think a fair few lad managed it during the 09 European campaign. Thinking of Arsenal away and then Rome as well. Lot of people got in at Arsenal on the passback of tickets too.

  • Pip

    Thinking about the FA Cup Semi – it would be dead easy getting in on the jib if you wanted.

    BTW – do you get any sort of credit for applying for a Euro away – you used to in the past. Seems a little unfair that you would not get some sort of credit for applying for a Euro away ballot and not getting one.

    My mate has applied three times this season and not been successful!

  • Fred

    Wasn’t there for semi due to work reasons. Did a decent number manage the jib? I assume for a game of this size though you’ll need a ticket to even get to the turnstiles as the police will have a cordon set up a good way in front of them where you have to flash your ticket

  • rob

    no mention of the ACS anywhere on the website for ticket apps, does anyone know if being in it as a season ticket holder has any relevance now?
    also, does anyone have a rough idea of how many people have euro credits overall? i have 1 and obviously they are operating on a sliding scale, so after everyone with 1 credit has applied, how many do you reckon will have done?

  • Oli

    Rob, it clearly mentions the ACS in saying only ST holders with 10 home vouchers (ie the ACS) can apply. Apparently around 7k have credits, but some of these may be members who cannot apply for the final.

  • hesh

    its great having a final at wembley but would really have prefered it if it were somewhere else in europe. would be much easier to get tickets, and we wouldnt have these ridiculous prices

  • blinky

    i agree hesh, cant wait for next season

  • Wils1976

    Cheap Hotels – Google Imperial Hotels & select Couny Hotel! £45single room/ £59 double/twin per night. Not ensuite tho. 5 min walk from Euston so only 20-25mins from wembley

  • Jim

    Agree with Hesh – final will be full of corporates who don’t even support United, let alone willing to sing. Just hope all our real fans who get chubbed in the ballot can manage to get hold of the neutral tickets at a reasonable price. We may need a 12th man against Barca!!

    Roll on Munich 2012……..

  • still got spaces on our coaches vitty http://www.redarmy.co.uk £40pp 07545 39 1999

  • Stretford Gibby

    Anyone know if the pubs nearby will be showing the game? I did hear of talk of a ‘no screening zone’ nearby but not sure how accurate it is..