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Four matches changed for TV

Three United away games have been moved for television coverage.

Tottenham will now take place on Sunday March 4 at 16:10.

Wolves will now take place on Sunday March 18 at 13:30.

Blackburn will now take place on Monday April 2 at 20:00.

One home game has always been changed.

Fulham will now take place on Monday 26 at 20:00.

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33 comments to Four matches changed for TV

  • Dave

    The spurs change is good for me. Flying back from LA that morning into Heathrow!

  • Bryan Edwards

    West Brom at home will be moved to Sunday 11th March if we’re still in the Europa League.

  • kev

    some good days and times for the match going fans there.

  • Andy

    Are they being serious? What happened to saturday football hey!

  • Simon

    Europa League scuppered the hopes of any saturday games!

  • vitty

    Andy – Wolves would’ve been changed anyway if we got through to the Europea League round of 16.

    Also, you won’t hear many reds complaining of Blackburn on a Monday night! :)

  • flymored

    Wolves will be postponed if we reach FA cup QF’s that weekend.

  • Oli

    Wolves will be moved if we are in the FA Cup anyway too.

  • Tufty

    Excellent, means I don’t have to find a babysitter on a Saturday!

  • Me

    if we play in the quatter-final of the Europa league on 29th march, is the fixtures for fulham match 100 % on monday, 26th march?

  • Oli

    Yes, no reason we cannot play Monday then Thursday.

  • Tom

    Anyone know date/time for Wigan away?

    BBC website has it as 9th April (which is a Monday?!) 3.00 kick off which must be wrong.

  • Paul

    Tom April 9th is Easter monday so most games will be played at 3pm, no Tv games decided beyond April 2nd yet, doubt any decision until mid feb at least, good chance that game will to chosen for TV as likely affects Title race and relegation.

  • Tom

    OK cheers Paul.

  • Ian

    Blackburn on a Monday night is heaven on earth, couldn’t be a better evening kick off, half day straight down to Blackburn and get leathered.

  • Paul

    ME pretty sure Spurs played Hearts in EL on the Thursday before and Thursday after our monday night game in August, stoke also played a monday before a EL away trip as remember people moaning about it.

  • Tom

    Ian, I agree Blackburn away is a great kick off time.

    However, I am sceptical about our allocation that we will receive this season. I was working in Blackburn recently and was talking to a head steward who works at Rovers and he was telling me Blackburn are looking at just giving us the bottom tier (Approx 4,000 tickets) rather than the 7,000 that has been given in previous seasons.

    Hoping that this isn’t in the case!

  • flymored

    Tom – Wigan away will largely depend on whether we’re still in the EL as we play QPR at home on the Sat after an EL fixture, this would then presumably be moved to Sunday and Wigan away moved out to the Wednesday night.

  • Paul

    I’d be very surprised if Blackburn reduced allocation, I think they’d try to resist it if a local authority suggest it, as they’d have no hope of selling out, it be a shame for those who solely depend on the ballot if it happened as its the only good chance a SP STH has of being successful, as a night game, reckon there’ll be a few spares about.

  • Me

    @Paul…I see no problem with that decision, only what I hope we won’t play against city or stoke city in the quatter-final, cause they play on saturday, 2 days before our fixture…in my opinion, that’s not fair, that 2 teams, who can play in the 1/4-final can play on saturday and the third team on monday..but of course, perhaps, there will be no match on thursday…

  • Tufty

    Tom, the Fla has advised Blackburn to cut our allocation last season and for this due to standing in the aisles.
    Due to the nature of the game last season they resisted, as they feared Utd fans in the home end.
    Its the same FLA who advise Sunderland.

  • Paul

    If same FLA then hopefully common sense will prevail over our allocation at sunderland, as talk we’ll get as low as 1,000 this time. With the potential importance of that game you could get thousands of reds buying in home end, maybe best solution would be to give us full allocation this season but make it clear, leaflets, letter with tickets etc that if still any problems then reduced again next season, that’s how Villa approached it in December. Blackburn have made threats to cut allocation in the past but it doesn’t happen, there was letter with tickets a few years ago. If they believed they could sell tickets to home support they’d no doubt cut allocation but they can’t.

  • Higgo

    These FLA’s are a right pain in the arse.

    I’ve joined Sunderland’s membership scheme and got myself a booking history with them just in case for that final away game. That’s what these FLA’s are driving us to do with their reduced allocations.

    Surely that can’t be a good thing, especially when the home team can’t sell out and there are empty seats going begging!

  • Me

    and which stand is then recommended for us higgo? what’s the price for membership?

  • Rob

    yeah tickets came today, restricted view but oh well!

  • Luke

    Slightly off topic; hearing contrasting reports. Should we beat Ajax, what date will the next round be? More importantly, when will the away leg be. Could be a nightmare for visas.

  • Me

    luke…15th march away and 8th march home

  • Luke

    Thanks Me,
    That’s what I thought but had heard differently. Glad it’s that week, as I have it booked off work. Generally speaking I have to book leave two months in advance so it’s a nightmare when it gets to knockout stages.

  • Me

    yes, it’s a nightmare, in the EL there will be one round more than in the CL, of course if we will play in the final…hope for bilbao…

  • I just love people who justify behavior by paricapating into debates to justify how they act.

  • higgo

    Me, membership is free you join online and they send a customer number. Not sure which stand is best yet, not thought that far ahead. My brother in law lives in Durham so I’ve used his address.

  • vitty

    Tufty – without doubting you, have you got any evidence of FLA (which is now called SGSA) asking Blackburn to do that?

    To my knowledge, Blackburn are and have always been happy with us having 7,000.

    SGSA wouldn’t have a problem unless Blackburn police and/or other authorites expressed concern.

    It’ll be 7,000 again this year.

  • dayvoz

    higgo four of us have sat in the sunderland end for the last 2 seasons, last season in the main stand in a dire game so no celebrations and no hassle and season before stood up and clapped when we scored with no hassle again as long as you’re not taking the piss its ok