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The big draw countdown – part 6 – Shakhtar Donetsk

FC Shakhtar Donetsk


The Donbass Arena holds 51,504 people and United would probably get anything up to 3,000 tickets priced between £20 and £30.

With the club

With Thomas Cook Sport, a day trip would probably cost about £400 and an overnight stay would cost about £550.


There are several routes, but the easiest route is to fly from the UK to Kiev and then make your onwards journey by plane or by train.

Kiev Zhalhany



Direct flights Sat Feb 9 Tue Feb 12 Sat Feb 16 Tue Feb 19
Leave Luton 08:15 £71 £37 £73 £46
Arrive Kiev Zhulhany 13:25 Wizz Air Wizz Air Wizz Air Wizz Air


Direct flights Thur Feb 14 Thur Feb 21
Leave Kiev Zhulhany 14:00 £34 £34
Arrive Luton 15:25 Wizz Air Wizz Air



Direct flights Sat Feb 9 Sun Feb 10 Mon Feb 11 Tue Feb 19 Sat Feb 16 Sun Feb 17 Mon Feb 18 Tue Feb 19
Leave Gatwick 12:20 £144 £139 £139 £139 £148 £148 £148 £148
Arrive Borispol 17:40 Ukraine Int Ukraine Int Ukraine Int Ukraine Int Ukraine Int Ukraine Int Ukraine Int Ukraine Int
Leave Heathrow 08:00 £175 £145 £140 £141 £170 £140 £140 £140
Arrive Borispol 13:15 BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA


Direct flights Wed Feb 13 Thur Feb 14 Fri Feb 15 Wed Feb 20 Thur Feb 21 Fri Feb 22
Leave Borispol 14:10 £84 £84 £84 £84 £84 £84
Arrive Heathrow 15:50 BA BA BA BA BA BA
Leave Borispol 10:00 £135 £135 £135 £135 £135 £135
Arrive Gatwick 11:25 Ukraine Int Ukraine Int Ukraine Int Ukraine Int Ukraine Int Ukraine Int

Kiev to Donetsk

By plane
Obviously, if you fly into Borispol, you’ll have the choice of sticking around the airport, staying nearby or heading into Kiev, depending on when your next flight is.

When arriving at Zhulhany, you can get a taxi which will take about 45 minutes to reach Borispol Airport.

But, again, you may have time to kill in Kiev before your next flight, so you can go into Kiev, which takes about 35 minutes by bus.

There are technically four flights each day that leave Kiev for Donetsk and the same the other way.

Two leave at 13:40 and two leave at 21:05, with one each operated by Ukraine International and Aerosvit. If sales are low, the flights merge.

Expect to pay £35 one way.

Onwards by train
When arriving at Zhulhany, you can get a taxi or a bus which will take between 30 minutes and an hour to get to the central train station..

A second-class return from Kiev to Donestk costs £45 or cheaper.
A first-class return costs £63 or cheaper.

There is an overnight train, which takes 14 hours each way.

But the good news is there are two direct train services each day, as shown below.

Direct trains daily    
Leave Kiev 06:05 16:30
Arrive Donetsk 12:45 23:10
Duration 06:40 06:40

Direct trains daily      
Leave Donetsk   06:30 16:50
Arrive Kiev   13:10 23:35
Duration   06:40 06:45

If the match is on a Tuesday, you’d have to leave on the previous Saturday.

If the match is on a Wednesday, you’d be able to leave the day before.

Alternative routes

When it’s not winter, you can fly to Donetsk from Warsaw but that’s off the cards for now.

Going via Chisnau in Moldova is way too expensive and time consuming.

It is possible to get there via Bacau in Romania, but you’re looking at £95 return from Luton to Bacau on Blue Air, followed by a two-day train each day.

You’d need to take a full week to do the return journey, and three days to do it one way.

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