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Fulham travel guide

Craven Cottage
Saturday February 2
kick off 17:30


United have got 2,881 tickets at the Putney End of the ground, behind the goal.

They cost £49 for adults, £38 for over 65s and those aged 16 to 21 and £22 for under 16s.

These have all been sold.

In previous seasons, Fulham have sold tickets in the neutral end, which is also in the Putney End with no segregation between it and the away end.

This season, these tickets have only been sold to home members and season ticket holders and, notably, there doesn’t seem to be any segregation.

ESPN will show the match live with the show starting at 17:00.

This section will be updated five days before the game


Car – £68
f you are using a satnav of a routeplanner, like our favourite, Greenflag, use the destination postcode KT3 6PT.

Take the M6 to Birmingham, then the M42 and the M40 and go onto the M25.

Follow that south towards Gatwick Airport and get off at junction 10.

Take the first exit and go on the A3 towards London for 11 miles and then the ground is on the left off Malden Way. It takes about three hours, 45 minutes each way.

Petrol costs about £32 each way. Add £4 on each way if you want to take the M6 Toll Road.

Parking – free
On matchday, there is a special restriction in place, which stops you parking for more than an hour in any restricted zone.

The further you get from the ground, the more likely you are to find free parking spots.

If you want to play it safe, there are a few marshalled car parks off Stevenage Road and Woodlawn Road at a fiver each.

If you’re really desperate for a free place to park, try Dover House Road (SW15 5AU).

There are no parking restructions, but it’s a good 15-minute walk to the ground.

Train – £47.05 in advance or £86.10 on the day

There are plenty of ways to get there, but only three trains back.

Step 1 – Piccadilly to Euston

Book now for these times getting there and on any of the three trains getting back and you can pay just £38.25 return for the Manchester to London segment of your journey.

Direct trains          
Leave Piccadilly 05:25 05:55 06:10 06:35 06:55
Arrive Euston 07:52 08:09 08:27 08:46 09:04
Journey time 02:27 02:14 02:17 02:11 02:09


Book any of these times – either now or on the day, and you’ll pay £77.30 return for the Manchester to London segment of your journey.

Direct trains                      
Leave Piccadilly 07:15 07:35 07:55 08:15 08:35 08:55 09:15 09:35 11:15 11:35 11:55
Arrive Euston 09:23 09:42 10:04 10:23 10:42 01:04 11:23 11:42 13:23 13:42 14:04
Journey time 02:08 02:07 02:09 02:08 02:07 02:09 02:08 02:07 02:08 02:07 02:09

Direct trains                
Leave Piccadilly 12:15 12:35 12:55 13:15 13:35 13:55 14:15 14:35
Arrive Euston 14:23 14:42 15:04 15:23 15:42 16:04 16:23 16:42
Journey time 02:07 02:07 02:09 02:08 02:07 02:08 02:07 02:09

Step 2 – Euston to Putney Bridge
At Euston, transfer to the Tube and pay £8.80 for a one-day Travelcard for zones 1 and 2. This would cost £7 with an Oyster card.

The journey to Putney Bridge takes 35 minutes. Take the Victoria Line south to Green Park, then the Piccadilly Line east to Earls Court and then the District Line south to Putney Bridge.

Step 3 – Putney Bridge to the ground

Walk north up Fulham High Street and cross the Thames on to Putney Bridge

Then walk up Fulham High Street and continue onto Fulham Palace Road.
The ground is on your left.

Getting home

Follow the steps above in reverse

Direct train      
Leave Euston 19:40 20:20 21:00
Arrive Piccadilly 21:53 22:51 23:28
Journey time 02:13 02:31 02:38

Matchday coaches – £25

The Betty Bus coach is sold out.

It leaves Chorlton Street Coach Station in Manchester City Centre at 09:00 from Chorlton Street Coach Station in Manchester City Centre and at 09:15 from outside The Bishop’s Blaize pub in Chester Road, Trafford.

On behalf of United, Thomas Cook Sport is running coaches to this game, and they are now all sold out.

Champion Sport Tours coaches are sold out. They leave from outside the Bishop’s Blaize pub at 09:30.
Public coaches – £26.80


Direct coaches              
Leave Shudehill 04:30 05:10 06:10 07:40 09:30 11:00 11:30
Arrive London Victoria 09:00 09:40 10:45 12:30 14:00 15:30 16:30
Duration 04:30 04:30 04:35 04:50 04:30 04:30 05:00
One-way cost £9 £9 £9 £20 £9 £9 £9



 From Victoria Bus Station, walk five minutes down the road to Victoria Tube Station.
Then buy a one-day Travelcard covering zones 1 and 2 on the Tube for £8.80.
1.Take the Victoria Line from Victoria to Green Park.
2. Then take the Piccadilly Line from Green Park to Earls Court

3. Then take the District Line from Earls Court to Putney Bridge.

It’s then a 15-minute walk to the ground. To get there, walk up Fulham High Street and continue onto Fulham Palace Road. The ground is on your left.

Direct coaches    
Leave London Victoria 20:00 23:30
Arrive Shudehull 00:30 03:40
Duration 04:30 04:10
One-way cost £9 £9

National Express

Direct coaches            
Leave Chorlton Street 04:00 06:00 08:00 09:30 10:45 12:00
Arrive Victoria 08:45 10:50 13:20 14:15 16:05 16:35
Duration 04:45 04:50 05:20 04:45 05:20 04:35
One-way cost £11.75 £9 £9 £9 £7 £12.50

From Victoria Bus Station, walk five minutes down the road to Victoria Tube Station.

Then buy a one-day Travelcard covering zones 1 and 2 on the Tube for £8.80.
1.Take the Victoria Line from Victoria to Green Park.
2. Then take the Piccadilly Line from Green Park to Earls Court
3. Then take the District Line from Earls Court to Putney Bridge.

It’s then a 15-minute walk to the ground. To get there, walk up Fulham High Street and continue onto Fulham Palace Road. The ground is on your left.
There is no National Express worth getting back home.

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44 comments to Fulham travel guide

  • Will

    How do you know there won’t be any segration? Have you asked fulham?

  • Mike L

    Will – loads of Reds in the neutral. I got 8 tickets from Fulham over the phone with no questions for my mates.

    Which pub is everyone going to – normally Eight Bells at Putney Bridge got us lot from Hampshire.

  • Will

    I thought only fulham members and season ticket holders could buy them hence the need for segragation?

  • Alex

    I’ve got two tickets in the neutral section. They’re in P1 so the opposite end of the Putney Stand to the United fans. Hoping there’ll be plenty of other United fans in and around.

  • kevin

    me and me mate chipped in and got a fulham membership for this one to get two putney end tickets. ticket says entrance in turnstiles 1 to 13 which will be the same as the away end so hoping there is no segregation

  • mark

    hi tufty how did you find out that fulham are saying there will be segregation in the putney end? i can see this causing more crowd problems than without segregation as bound to be hundreds of reds in the other section that have been chubbed but have got hold of putney end tickets, im one of those people myself.

  • Dave

    We have the entire back row of the section beside the away support. Hoping there will be a large contigent of reds around, else will be trying to get across to the away side. Is this do-able?

  • Russ

    8 bells near putney station is the pub to be at. You tube 8 bells man utd!!!!!

  • Rich

    Eight bells was an absolute nightmare trying to get served last year. We ventured a little further up the road to the larrick – plenty of people serving, reasonably priced beer and a great atmosphere.

  • HampshireRed

    Also plenty of pubs in Putney where you can have a good drink…

  • Oli

    The will be segregation in the stand but not in concourses, given we have to walk across neutral concourse to get to away entrances.

  • mark

    where has this confirmation of segregation come from?

  • vitty

    As Oli says, anyone who gets a ticket in the neutral end need only to go in to the concourse, walk to the other end of the stand and go up the steps to get into the United end.

    They haven’t really thought that aspect through.

  • mark

    ticket checks by stewards on the stairs into the ground?

  • Will

    Yeah mark I think that might be a possibility. Alot of united fans who have tickets in the united end will probably just walk into any block including one of the neutral ones because alot of us just stand anywhere so this could cause problems

  • mark

    yeah i would agree with that from past experience i have never ended up anywhere near my allocated seat at fulham, has anything came out about the reasoning for fulham changing the ‘neutral end’ situation for just our game against them? like i said in an earlier post i can see the segregation causing more problems than its solving. if people are forced to go into there actual allocated entrances i can see there being small groups of reds spread around the rest of the putney end which will in turn cause dramas with stewards as the fulham daytrippers will no doubt be complaining about us standing in front of them etc

  • Stefan

    The Larrick was a good crack last season as easy to get served & a great sing song for a few hours. I’ll be there again early doors!

  • Ian

    Just walk in 5 minutes before kick off be loads of united walking at 17.25! Go to away entrances on far left No one will stop you find a spare bit of space and go from there.

    If anyone has a single brain cell they avoid 8 bells full of utter dribbling morons amazed at Pete Boyle and taking videos. My advice, go down Putney proper decent pubs, no morons and a decent drink without having people’s beer on you and people walking past asking for a ticket.

    I’m on the 8am or something train, getting breaky then venture down Putney around midday, staying down with 2 mates till Sunday most of my lot are on the 9pm train back though, we booked a hotel for a decent booze around London on the Saturday night.

    Last year we ended up in some proper seedy pub but the landlord was sound and even put some food on etc, heading back there.

  • James

    Ian has got it nailed on – it is a nightmare in that pub -

  • John

    Off Subject but can anyone confirm when the club will take payment for the Real Madrid home game? Im sure I had an email saying February 5th but seem to have deleted it?

  • flymored

    Same here Ian – Saturday night staying in Kings X no doubt some of the east end lap dancing bars will be frequented….

  • Mark @mcnts07

    Ian – sounds like you have it sorted man.

  • HampshireRed

    John – you are correct payment will be taking from 8am on the 5th Feb.

  • Ian

    Each to their own but in a non arrogant way I think it’s the new breed of united that go to 8 bells etc, this is what worries me, our away support is going downhill quicker than ever. We’ve changed so much it’s unreal.

  • Will

    I think one of the main changes is that whenever we go a goal down the away end goes completely silent and even if we are drawing it isn’t great. Spose that could be because often when we’re losing we look so static and like we’re not going to score such as southampton this season and newcastle. Maybe this wasn’t the case as much when we had ronaldo etc?? But also I think there’s been a change in the people who get tickets to some extent. Seem to be alot more who ear replica shirts not that that’s a bad thing, just an observation. Maybe we’ve lost abit of the hardcore element as well?

  • Jack

    Trouble with united fans is that we spend too much time analysing other people’s behaviour and standing round trying to look cool. Go to the match, drink in whatever pub you want, sing UNITED songs you never know you might enjoy it.

  • Ian

    Jack I’ve followed United for years and some of the people I go with I went to school with. We travel from Manchester every week to any game, we have done the euro aways on trains, jibbing ferries, travelled in camper vans to euro aways, the lads that went then are the ones that go every week, consistency.

    However over the years you see united fans come and go, literally I’d say united have a hardcore of about 500 that do EVERY game, I’m not being arrogant but I fit into that category I’ve missed a handful of games in along period of time, but at away games nowadays you tend to find the sort of fans I typify united to be people that wear the replica shirt, interested in the media attention and the whole “we do what we want” back in the day we had an awesome away following that everyone was in awe of, we had the greatest lads going every week, but with increased prices and lack of tickets, they have stopped going.

    The “we do what we want” these are the mongs ruining my football team, I’ve been in Turkish prisons with united and we certainly didn’t do what we want that night, I enjoy going with people that I know, I seriously dislike walking into a pub and having beer all over my clothes and I don’t enjoy being cramped in a pub with a load of mongs that sing “we do what we want.”

    I go with my pals and we have a closed group, like most groups at united, we are from an area and we are a close bunch who sort each other with tickets. Now I don’t analyse people, I’m last caring about our dying away support, it’s getting worse and worse every week. Ill follow united till I can’t but literally we use to take 52 seater to every away from our local pub it’s now down to a 17 seater mini bus.

  • Oli

    Ian “I don’t analyse people” said after a long rant of analysing people, what they wear, what they sing etc.

    I agree there are a lot of complete morons at our away games, but I don’t remember a time when that wasn’t true.

    Anyone who goes to United for decades will eventually see mates drop out for a variety of reasons, usually cost or family. And everyone will enjoy the days most when they had the most mates around them. In reality I’ve never met anyone who goes for a long time, in ANY era, and doesn’t look back at an earlier period as their favourite. That’s life.

  • Higgo

    In short, everything changes not just football. I’m in my 36th year of following united home and away and have seen loads of change over that period. I remember pay at the gates for most aways and thousands upon thousands of reds at away games and all over the grounds, but stadiums, ticket allocations, travel etc has all changed. Just roll with it and enjoy it. I certainly do as you can’t fight it.

  • Tom

    Ian, completely agree with all that you’ve said above.

  • Please define the word ‘mong’.

  • Will

    putney end tickets are being touted on viagogo on fulhams official ticket exchange for 70 quid plus thier fees plus you have to be a paid member!

  • Michael

    Good draw in FA cup with playing Madrid away during the week. If we can get by Madrid reckon we have a right shot at the treble saying I quietly. Not going to get to excited yet feb and march big months. I reckon cup game will be a Saturday with the other lot early on the Sunday ? Is that what people are thinking ? Itl proply be a Saturday 5:15 or 3pm sat run of TV games could come to an end. Anyway liking forward to Fulham always a top day out bar that game in 09 didn’t enjoy those couple of weeks.

  • Alex

    Anyone else got tickets in Putney End section P1? Guessing there’ll be plenty of reds scattered throughout the Putney End on Saturday.

  • Wool

    Can get tickets in the neutral end on ticketmaster £44

  • russ

    so in the putney end, what blocks are united, and what are neutral?

  • kevin

    russ p1-p4 is neutral. p4-p7 is away . mine are in p3.

  • Tom

    Will Fulham be able to explain why my tickets are £49 in the same area of the ground then?

  • Oli

    Tom, presumably 44 are restricted view behind the pillars, but only guessing

  • Tom

    Ah yes that’d probably make sense!

  • mark

    yes i would expect they are restricted view as the neutral end tickets (p4)i got hold of are £55. what time everyone turning up saturday ?

  • nick

    just a word for those coming on the train. theres work on the district line this weekend and it looks like there will be no train if you approach from embankment. suggest you leave euston and walk to euston square catch bakerloo to edgeware road and then pick up district to putney bridge . not as hard as it sounds

  • flymored

    Cheers Nick.

  • Higgo

    Nice one Nick. Cheers