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Arsenal travel guide

Emirates Stadium, North London
Premier League
Sunday April 28, kick off 16:00


United have got 2,914 tickets, which is the same number as last season.

They cost £62 for adults, £26.50 for over 65s and £23.50 for under 16s. All are sold out.


Sky Sports 1 will show the match live.

You can also watch it live online via Wiziwig. We recommend using Sopcast.

BBC1 will show highlights of the match during Match of the Day which starts at 22:30.


It’s a good day for football: After five days of rain in North London, there is set to be sunshine broken up by cloud, with a high of 14C and low of 5C.


Car – £62

If you’re using a satnav or an internet routeplanner, use the destination postcode N5 1BU.

The journey will take about three-and-a-half hours each way and is 206 miles each way.
Petrol is £31 each way, with an extra £4 each thrown in for the M6 Toll road if you so choose to take that route.

The basic route is M6 → M4 → M1 → A1 → A503.

Parking – £1.10

There is no official parking at the stadium itself, and Arsenal “strongly advise” people not to try to park near the ground because: “the ground is situated in a mainly residential area with an extensive Event Day Parking Scheme in operation”

It really is a struggle to find a street within a mile and a half that is not restricted with parking.

A far better solution is to park at Walthamstow Central tube station, which has a car park with 270 spaces. It costs £1.10 per car all day on a Sunday
Go here for details.

From there, you can get the Victoria Line five stops south and get off at Highbury and Islington station for the stadium.

You will need a one-day tube pass covering zones 1-4, which costs £7.70.

You could also park at Cockfosters Tube which costs £1.50 for the day. Details here.

From Cockfosters, take the Piccadilly line south eight stops and then transfer to the Victoria Line and take it one stop south to Highbury and Islington.

Oli Winton says: “On a Sunday, parking is easy in lots of other places too on single yellow lines,

coming off M1 at junction 1, you can park by Finchley Road Train Station and go direct on
train to Highbury and Islington, or park at Tottenham Hale [along noth circular
from M1] and get the Victoria Line to the stadium.”

Train- £84.30

The simplest route is Manchester Piccadilly to London Euston by train, then transfer to the Tube.


The cheapest you’ll get at this stage is an off-peak day return, which you can buy at Piccadilly on the day or in advance by clicking the link below, for £77.30.

Getting there                  
Leave Piccadilly 08:05 08:20 08:27 09:20 09:27 09:30 10:20 10:27 10:35
Arrive Crewe     09:01     10:06      
Leave     09:13     10:43      
Arrve Stafford         10:26     11:27  
Leave         10:33     11:36  
Arrive Euston 10:57 11:02 11:37 12:08 12:31 12:45 12:56 13:11 13:14
Journey time 02:52 02:42 03:10 02:48 03:04 03:15 02:36 02:44 02:39

Getting there              
Leave Piccadilly 11:15 11:35 11:55 12:15 12:35 12:55 13:15
Arrive Euston 13:28 13:47 14:09 14:27 14:47 15:05 15:26
Journey time 02:13 02:12 02:14 02:12 02:12 02:10 02:11

From Euston, buy a one-day pass covering zones 1 and 2 for £7 and take the Victoria Line two stops north and get off at Highbury and Islington.

It takes 4 minutes, plus about 20 minutes walking at either side.

Highbury and Islington tube stop has a structured waiting system at the surrounding Tube stations after the game, so you can hope to be back at Euston by 18:40, depending on when you leave.

Getting back                    
Leave Euston 18:17 18:37 18:57 19:17 19:37 19:57 20:15 20:35 21:25 21:51
Arrive Piccadilly 20:29 20:50 21:09 21:29 21:50 22:09 22:29 22:57 00:12 01:00
Journey time 02:12 02:13 02:12 02:12 02:13 02:12 02:14 02:22 02:47 03:09

Matchday coach – sold out

The Betty Bus is sold out. PLEASE NOTE
- the coach will only be picked up at Chorlton Street due to a running event taking place in Trafford.

Thomas Cook Sport is sold out.

Champion Sport Tours is sold out.

PLEASE NOTE – coaches leave from near Lancashire County Cricket Club due to a running event taking place in Trafford.

Public coach – £25

Megabus runs coaches between Shudehill Bus Station in Manchester and Victoria Coach Station in London.

Leave Shudehill 04:30 05:10 06:10 07:40 09:30 09:40 11:00
Arrive Victoria 09:00 09:40 10:45 12:30 14:00 14:30 15:30
Journey time 04:30 04:30 04:35 04:50 04:30 04:50 04:30
One-way cost £12 £12 £6 £8 £10 £12 £8

Getting back          
Leave Victoria 18:00 18:30 19:30 20:00 23:00
Arrive Shudehill 22:45 23:00 00:00 00:30 03:10
Journey time 04:45 04:30 04:30 04:30 04:30
One-way cost £12 £12 £12 £24 £10

National Express runs coaches between Chorlton Street Coach Station in Manchester and Victoria Coach Station in London

Getting there        
Leave Chorlton Street 04:00 06:00 08:00 09:30
Arrive Victoria 08:45 10:50 13:20 14:15
Journey time 04:45 04:50 05:20 04:46
One-way cost £6.80 £4.80 £4.80 £7.80

Getting back      
Leave Victoria 19:00 21:00 23:30
Arrive Chorlton Street 23:35 01:15 05:40
Journey time 04:35 04:15 06:10
One-way cost £15:00 £9 £23:20

From the coach station, walk the short distance to Victoria Tube station and buy a one-day pass covering zones 1 and 2 for £7.

Then take the Victoria Line northbound six stops and get off at Highbury and Islington. It takes 20 minutes.

Plane – £116.50

Getting there          
Leave Manchester 07:20 07:35 10:00 11:15 14:00
Arrive Heathrow 08:25 08:45 11:05 12:20 15:00
Airline BA Virgin BA Virgin BA
One-way cost £51 £40 £96 £85 £63

From Heathrow, buy a one-day Travelcard covering zones 1-6 costing £8.50 and take the Piccadilly Line all the way to Kings Cross and then transfer over to the Victoria Line.

Take the Victoria Line to Highbury and Islington for the stadium. The whole journey will take about 45 minutes.

Getting back    
Leave Heatrow 20:45 21:45
Arrive Manchester 21:40 22:35
Airline Virgin BA
One-way cost £92 £68

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47 comments to Arsenal travel guide

  • russ

    and the more important question,,,,,, weres best place to drink

  • Sirbusby

    Good question! Lets rock lads. Btw, if anybody is going from birmingham i´ve a partybus going from city centre. Email me if so. 5 seats left, free of charged. Single way only!

  • Robert

    If going from Cockfosters take the Piccadilly line 8 stops to Arsenal instead of changing at Finchley Road.
    We will be doing this Cockfosters stopping at Southgate and going to Wetherspoons New Crown, 4 mins from cockfosters and 19 mins to Arsenal.

  • James

    Robert is that where most are going? we were in the Dratyon arms last season…

  • Higgo

    James, we were too. City v Spurs was on the TV and it was hammered and took an age to get served. Trying somewhere else on Sunday, not sure where yet though?

  • Robert

    James not sure if most will go there , we just go becuase its a bit quiter. Not sure if the is a pub just near Finsbury Road station that is used more by reds. Drayton Arms is closest to the ground but as Higgo says it gets very busy and a lot of police presence.

  • Robert

    James you might find The White Swan opposite Highbury & Islington station might be more popular than Southgate. Its a Wetherspoons

  • andy

    im going 12pins sunday by Finsbury tube

  • James

    Andy many heading there…

  • andy

    just my self James im heading game on my own but im sure be more reds in there

  • Conor

    12 pins is an Arsenal pub, if there’s reds in there on Sunday they won’t be obvious about it. Best off looking for somewhere along the Holloway Road, plenty of reds have gone down there in recent seasons although i can’t remember any names of pubs. Alternatively O’Neills in Euston/King’s Cross is a fairly safe bet. That or the rocket.

  • Russ

    Drayton next to ground I hear

  • Matt

    O’niels is a shout

  • General Zod

    I work in London. Euston flyer near euston for me. Oneills has gone a dump. All pubs around arsenal is a dump. Tube from the flyer is easy.

  • James

    Anyone know whether the Thomas cook coach is leaving from the cricket ground as it says on this guide? Or still from the ticket office, which both of my emails from Thomas cook still say?

  • Luke

    On my way back now. Fully expect a reduced allocation next season. Smoke bomb let off in the concourse before the game. Blocking of aisles and some genuinely obnoxious cunts around today. And, I have to say, generally the 18-25 demographic.
    Shame, as otherwise excellent atmosphere and real party time. There wasn’t even that much beer thrown around in the concourse.

  • Robert

    There we go again , how stupid are those so called fans letting of smoke bombs, I hope they got caught but i doubt it. There will be a major incident at one of our away games and then all of us will suffer.

    Understand now why they did not serve beer at half time.

    Difficult getting in yesterday for the first time at Arsenal, seems that our away support is going down the pan.

  • Danny

    As much as I don’t like to be bleak, there was a massive bunch yesterday all blocking the isles. How thick can you be? Really? It’s so simple DON’T BLOCK THE ISLES and we won’t get such dramatic reduction in allocations! The stewards let you stand, unofficially, yet people can’t be arsed to get out of the pub ten minutes earlier and get in to the ground and at least by A seat. Also loads of people sparking up around me, when did smoking become allowed? Im not trying to be a do gooder or anything, but this isn’t the 80’s, there’s CCTV everywhere, act like a fool and the allocation gets cut, then the same people who can’t behave at all start crying about ticket reductions. Can’t believe it.

  • Oli

    Depressing to read two latest Posts.

    I was all the way to the right of our allocation (block 20) and no problems at all. Fantastic in concourse before game without any idiots (just loads of great singing) then came up to seats at 3.45 ish and didn’t see any problems.

    There is no excuse at Arsenal more than most grounds to block aisles etc as so much space and leg room that you could fit 5k in the 3k seats and still be spacious compared to some grounds!

  • kev

    Robert you are boring I thought the smoke bomb was class ha ha

  • Oli

    Really hope that’s sarcastic Kev. was it class enough that was get 1000 less tickets next season?

  • Higgo

    Oli, we were in Block 20 too and I have to agree with you mate. I went away thinking all was fine until I read those 2 posts. It really is disappointing as there is no need for it. It was a good laugh and atmosphere where we were with none of the shit mentioned by Luke.

  • Robert


  • Danny

    Block 22 I was in, first half it was blocked, second half wasn’t as bad. Good atmosphere though.

  • Jack

    some right wet blankets on here, i went to away matches from about the age of 8 and a bit of pushing and shoving is all part of the parcel. Its not the end of the world is it? No one has been bothered about it for the last however many years so dont get dramatic over it now.

  • John

    Outside entrance K half hour before kick off was a nightmare. Getting in was slow enough with everyone being checked. But once the smoke bomb went off everything got held up even more. Loads trying to push through turnstiles without tickets. Got to agree with Rob and Luke.

  • Conor

    Mostly agree with Jack on this one. Although easily avoidable things like blocking aisles which could result in reduced allocations are frustrating, people are definitely over reacting. A bit of pushing and shoving at football is the least of people’s worries and i was subject to plenty of it when i was a kid. We want to keep away days as a proepr footballing experience. All this whinging risks sanitising it too much. So as long as people encourage a common sense approach, without going over board we’ll be all right.

  • Luke

    Sing, drink beer, even stand with your mates, two to a seat if needs be, just don’t block the F****** aisles and don’t let smoke bombs off. It’s pretty simple. Don’t give them an excuse to reduce allocation.

    I was up at block 20 before the game meeting a mate (in fact, I saw you Oli from a distance) and it all seemed fine up there. My ticket was in block 22, and that’s where the smoke bomb went off, probs about 15 mins before KO. Yesterday, I was on an aisle end towards the front. It was very crowded down there.

    I’m all for atmosphere, I think we all are, that’s a large part of why we go but we have some stupid fans.

  • Higgo

    Jack, so have I mate since the age of 7. I agree that we don’t want to sanitise away days and some pushing and shoving is expected, but allocations are cut when someone oversteps the mark.

  • Conor

    But what constitutes over-stepping the mark? I think we can all agree that blocking aisles when all it achieves is reduced allocations is annoying but it’s hardly what i’d describe as over-stepping the mark. Similar with smoke bombs; it’s really not that big a deal. Will be interesting to see how Liverpool’s allocations will be affected next season considering that they release smoke bombs at every single away game i’ve watched them this season.

  • redarmy

    could’nt care less if our allocation gets cut at £62 a ticket

  • Jack

    So a smoke bomb was daft, but they cause no harm. Its not a big deal. Same as a bit of pushing to get in the ground. Suprised some of you manage to enjoy the day your so busy looking for ways your health and safety is jeopardised.

  • Danny

    Not a big deal to us, but the powers that be and other clubs see it as a massive deal, they can then use it as a ‘legitimate reason’ for reducing the ticket allocation, United won’t appeal it because they know the other team has proof of what police and authorities will call bad/dangerous behaviour.

  • Oli

    Jack, smoke bombs will lead to reduced allocations. It has nothing to do with enjoying/ not enjoying the day, but anything which is not essential to having a good day and leads to reduced allocations (whether it be smoke bombs, flares, blocking aisles etc) is not worth it.

    Unless someone can explain to me why they are unable to enjoy a United match without letting off a smoke bomb, I’m going to struggle to see the point of it given the repercussions.

    It has nothing to do with ’smoke bombs are not dangerous’ given we all know standing in an aisle has not led to large numbers of serious injuries but still causes cut allocations. Running on the pitch also doesn’t hurt anyone but causes bans and fines. The list goes on.

    Vitty gets the safety reports after each game and so we have a pretty accurate picture of what causes policy and councils to cut our allocations. If people’s attitude is ‘I don’t care what our allocations are’ then keep condoning actions that shaft us collectively, if you do care then question what the point of smoke bombs is given the problems it gives us.

  • Jack

    I agree with you Oli. I’m just saying theres some right moaners on here who probably should be going to the cinema rather than the football.

  • Robert

    Jack it was stated earlier that my coments were boring i suppose you could say i was one of these moaners, but I love my football and just want to still have the chance to go to away games and not keep hearing that our allocation has been cut for this that or the other reason.

  • Conor

    Robert i think that was more in response to your claim that “our away support is going down the pan” just because someone set off a smoke bomb. Since when has letting off a smoke bomb got anything to do with the quality of our away support which is probably still the best in the country. If you want to argue that it’s a futile act that achieves nothing but reduced allocations, then fine. But don’t suggest that it’s a sign of our support “going down the pan” when it’s got nothing to do with it. The people who set off bombs are generally amongst the loudest at games so it’s a stupid point to make. Setting off smoke bombs is not dangerous, it just risks future allocations.

  • Robert

    Agree Conor but why would they want to risk our allocation being reduced. Also agree that our away support is probably the best in the country.

  • Conor

    To be honest Robert, i genuinely think a large part of it is down to simply not understanding. You’d be surprised by the number of people who still think our reduced allocations are purely down to “pesistent standing” which, as we know, is only a small part of it. We know it’s more to do with blocking aisles and gangways, trouble on the concourse and incidents such as smoke bombs (which are rare). I’m sure that if the people responsible, especially the younger lads, knew that standing in aisles (rather than standing) was the reason for reduced allocations then it would mostly stop. Obviously there’s a few that will always get tickets so allocations don’t generally bother them but 90% of incidents would stop if people knew they were risking future allocations.

  • Oli

    Conor, agree entirely with the below.

    “You’d be surprised by the number of people who still think our reduced allocations are purely down to “pesistent standing” which, as we know, is only a small part of it.”

  • Robert

    Conor you might also find that reduced allocation could have nothing to do with any of the points already covered. It could be down to the cost of stewarding and policing away fans that clubs are now looking at. It is much less expensive to steward and policy home fans who are not likely to cause problems at home games in fear of losing their season ticket etc.

  • Conor

    I don’t agree that that’s the case, but even if it then it is still an indirect cause of away supporters’ behaviour.

  • Higgo

    Redarmy, protest against the ticket prices all you want but your comment at half two this afternoon is just daft and simply not worth the effort on your keyboard mate.

    The whole argument on preserving and increasing allocations is pretty simple really and has been highlighted numerous times this season alone. We all know what is right and wrong when it comes to the allocations and its not rocket science. If you agree or not those are the rules.

    I, Like everyone, enjoy the away days and wouldn’t say I’m boring etc but if allocations are going to continually get cut then the away day will become less and less of a laugh and our away support will deteriorate along with our allocations. I really hope that’s not the case as I think our away support is second to none.

  • redarmy

    Why is it daft? You carry on paying £62 a ticket, i’m not protesting I just wont pay that. And therefore could’nt care less if we were given 100 tickets for this game.

  • Sirbusby

    Thanks to everyone at Draytons park pub before game. Fantastic!

  • Higgo

    Thats purely selfish redarmy. If you begrudge paying that and refuse to pay thats fine, but surely we want as many people to have the OPTION of getting a ticket as we can for that away game, regardless of what you think of the price.

    Thats why its a daft comment.

  • Oli

    Yes, Redarmy it’s all about YOU. So long as YOU don’t want to go, who cares if anyone else wants to right?

    So much for a collegiate attitude and bond between fans.

    Plenty of us on here get tickets no matter what the allocation, doesn’t mean we don’t care passionately about getting allocations up and helping as many Reds as possible.

    So much for army, more like one man band out for himself.