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Fixture dates could be confirmed next week

Broadcasters could announce this week which games they will screen live in the first four months of the season.

Last season, they announced the live games for August, September, October and November on Thursday July 5 – six days earlier than they did in the previous season.

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89 comments to Fixture dates could be confirmed next week

  • Oli

    In the real world Donny Red, if all tickets at Wembley in block 528 were one price, would they all be 25 or all be 35? The answer to that is pretty obvious.

    By looking for an excuse to moan, you’re actually helping to push more expensive tickets.

    And can you actually explain WHY you think seats behind a pillar should be cheaper if those people can in theory move to a seat that isn’t behind pillar in same section? It is the same odd logic tha you think people in row 40 should pay the same as they can walk down lower if they want. What’s the difference?

    Oh by the way, given you want to compare Wembley to old Trafford, someone at OT can buy tickets for the ‘wings’ of north and south stand and then move more central where tickets are more. And people in front rows of Strettie can move back to where seats cost more.

    There is no law in football that says seats can change price when you move horizontally but not vertically.

    This is going round in circles a bit so maybe in your next post try answering what people say rather just repeating what you’d already said before.

  • baz

    i now live with the seat i got i now going to enjoy day at Wembley

  • Higgo

    Baz you’ve just baffled me completely. You “live” with your seat? How are the pair of you getting on?

  • donny red

    oli im just saying how can there be two price bands in same block .if you went to a resteraunt and paid £50 for a meal and the bloke at next table paid £40 for the same meal wouldnt you be miffed. how many times have we been ripped off by other clubs as well as other home fans with A.B.and C games just cos its a big 3 club playing its still the same seat. they dont give you a fluffy cushion to sit on or free pint n hotdog

  • Oli

    Donny Red, you’re now talking utter tosh. You keep making really shit analogies and failing to reply to any questions anyone asks.

    A a restaurant you pay for the food you order not the table. In football you pay for the seat you choose. Based on your shit analogy, football would all be free like restaurant seats are. And you’d just pay for your pie.

    You seem obsessed with it being a ‘block’. if the top 20 rows had a little rope across them or called them a doff block number would that shut you up?

    Can you please answer my question about restricted view seats and also about the ability to move between seats of different prices in pretty much every ground.

    Are you ignoring the reality that prices would be rounded up not down if all the same?

    Perhaps go back and look over the thread amd answer some of the specific questions you’ve continually ignored.

    Finally, you’ve just brought up price banding which has nothing to do with this thread, and nothing to do with Wembley. I’ve already asked you twice for an example of where Wembley have done that to us. In actual fact, some of our fans are paying less for this year’s communi shield than originally planned.

    Does anyone else agree with Donny Red? Is it only me thinking this is ridiculous?

  • donny red

    youre missing my point didnt you get what i meant about the resteraunt same meal different table different prices same block same seats different prices . theres a few on here not happy with the prices theyve been charged for upper tier tickets i meant when got ripped off its by o /t not wembly and thats my opinion this is supposed to be a open forum where fans can bleat n moan about anything. not succumb to your superior knowledge about anything and everything.

  • Seanb

    God this is killing me reading this! Oli is right regarding restaurants (next we will be saying as i am in a more expensive seat I get the whole of the programme and for the £20 seats you can just have the front and back covers)
    Yes if you were 1 row infront of £25 and paid £35 would you be happy?? but at the end of the day we are not talking you have paid double and it would be the same if it were Arsenal , Chelsea whoever – Wembley price the stadium.
    Been to loads of England games and you know what you are going to get depending on where you apply
    Lets all move on and look forward to the 11th

  • Oli

    Yup, yet again, keep ignoring specific questions about things you’ve said.

    You are obsessed with the fact it is the same block, not the point that the view from the top half and bottom half are totally different. They could easily give the two halves different block numbers if they wanted, just as front and back of south stand at OT have diff block numbers. You can keep repeating the same nonsense over and over but ultimately that’s all it will ever be.

    By the way, when you come out of some blocks at OT, turning left costs more than turning right, as some are classed as wings and some as centre. I’ve seen that point made 6 times on this thread now, perhaps you might reply to it at some point?

    And maybe, after asking three times, you may want to explain why you think the restricted view point is diff?

  • Oli

    Exactly Seanb. old Trafford is actually worse than Wembley – some of the away fans pay more for technically being in the south stand not east stand as it just goes around the corner. I’d be furious with that as essentially view is the same from whole away section. Being in row 1 or row 40 of upper at Wembley a far bigger difference and warrants different prices far more.

  • baz

    dos anyone know yet what dates live matches are going to come out

  • CARL

    This Monday baz

  • If I applied for the top two price bands, why did I get a £20 ticket in block 526.??

  • Higgo

    I’ve had seats at Wembley in various sections over the years and I agree with you Oli. The view from the front of the upper tier is so much better than that up at the back (obviously) and therefore warrants different price bandings.

  • Oli

    Because tony, there are far fewer 45 and 35 tickets than there are 25 and 20 pound ones, so by the time you were reached in ballot, there were probably only cheaper ones left. Also, exec ballot was done first and I’m guessing more of them wanted 45 than 20.

    Those who were done early-ish in ST ballot all got price band they wanted, eg my loyalty pot ones.

  • Cheers oli for explanation. But for 35,000 tickets
    Allocated to us , and me asking for the top 2 price bands it just seems that the TO have done a ‘totally’ random ballot.
    But I’m glad I got a ticket anyway.

  • baz

    thank you carl. can anyone tell me what view like from row 23 in upper tier

  • Oli

    Hi tony, I think there were around 13k in the top two price bands, and so 10k box holders and execs (though they won’t all apply), a few hundred club staff who have option to buy tickets, sponsor allocation and any ST holders ahead of you in ballot would have got first choice on them.

    The ten of us going together all had tickets processed in first few of ballot and all got the bands we wanted, even though we all applied for diff prices. The club has no reason to ignore the price band requests when the software means it literally means them ticking a box rather than much more hard work for them.

    It’s obviously frustrating when people don’t get what they want but that’s not the club’s fault necessarily.

    However, I do think they should have published the map of price bands before so people could make an educated guess at what band to apply for. Most other clubs do that.

  • Thanks for the reply.
    One more question oli.
    Is the Wigan end still going to be half full.?
    Or have the FA backed down on their decision just to sell tickets through the united Wigan ticket offices only.?

  • Oli

    Tony, I can’t see any sign on FA website that general sale tickets are available.

    So united end won’t be sold out, wigan’s 15k won’t sell out and whole section above Wigan section empty. Plus the neutral seats rarely look full at Wembley too.

  • Higgo

    It doesn’t sound like its going to look great half empty. I know the reasons why this game is at Wembley and it would never get moved to a different ground, but if there was any game which would be suited to be played at Villa park surely this is it.

  • Oli

    Agree Higgo. Money talks. It is not as stupid as the FA cup semi finals being at Wembley though. At least in this case it has charitable benefit.

  • Fraser

    Any update on when the first set of live broadcast games will be announced?

  • CARL

    8th July Fraser

  • HampshireRed

    Pre-season friendly announced against Stevenage – http://www.stevenagefc.com/news/article/manchester-united-xi-psf-889060.aspx

  • nick

    Moaning about a tenner donny red your all the same you yorkshire cunt tight as fuck

  • Michael

    Anyone have an idea what time there announced at ?

  • preston red

    sorry oli but I agree with Donny red some fans have been shafted by o/t over Wembley tickets as someone on low income I applied for £20 and £25 tickets but ive also got a £35 ticket in 528.i know its only a tenner but its a lot to me. as for him sitting next to eddy im sure he meant his comment with tongue in cheek or that’s how I read it

  • Oli

    Preston Red,

    I agree with you but that’s not what Donny Red is saying.

    I agree that MUFC should do everything possible to give people price categories they want and to not give people more expensive tickets than they applied for where possible. Obviously that won’t always be possible but where it is, it should happen.

    Donny Red is not saying that at all. He is saying it is Wembley’s fault for having different price tickets in the first place and them not all being the same price, especially having tickets at different prices in one block (front half and back half of upper tier). That is a completely different argument because, for example, if they made all of the upper tier one price why would they not ALL be £35 rather than all £25? Making them all one price doesn’t being prices down, far more likely to make them higher.

    In that case, would you be happy to pay £35 because more other people also had to pay £35? That wouldn’t be logical. In an allocation of 35k tickets with all sorts of angles, heights etc it makes sense for there to be price bands. Just as I’d personally rather pay a fiver more for a better view, others want cheaper tickets. That’s a choice we had because Wembley gave us four price bands.

    He feels agrieved that people in worse seats pay less, and people in better seats pay more. And jutifies it by saying that in theory people can pay less and then move to more expensive section. Which is true in most grounds – though he continues to ignore that point. He also ignores the point that his logioc means we should be charged the same for restricted view seats behind pillars as, in theory, people behind pillars could move to seats not behind pillars.

    I agree with what you’re saying, but don’t think that has anything tod o with Donny Red’s backwards logic.



  • preston red

    fair point oli but don’t think theres a bad view at Wembley anymore just some higher than others.if Wembley charge two prices in the same block can we expect this to happen at o/t then so us in the e/t2 paymore for sitting in front rows [could happen ] lol.

  • Oli

    Preston Red,

    Views are personal preferences, but personally I think row 1 and row 40 of the upper at Wembley are very different.

    That does happen at OT pretty much everywhere except ET2. The front bit of Strettie lower is less than the rows just behind. The wings of the north and south stands cost more than the central blocks – in all these cases people can walk between different priced sections.

    And at Wembley, it is not just the back and front halves of the upper. In the lower tier I could walk from my £35 seat around the corner into the £45 seats without a barrier.

    Also, really important to acknowledge the point that if prices are harmonised, will a club (or Wembley) lose money but rounding them down, or will they round them up to make more money? Donny Red’s point is essentially that everyone should pay more.


  • donny red

    cheers preston red yes my comments about sitting next to eddie were meant as a joke because it happens at every away game people want to stand with mates etc thats why aisles get blocked and some rows over crowded its oli whos obsessed with restricted views not me i didnt mention them .nick yeah its only a tenner but that would feed my whippet and ferrets for a week

  • Oli

    Donny Red,

    That’s 7 times you cannot answer a straight question. Easier to start making odd remarks about restaurant tables I suppose.

    The reason I mentioned restricted views was obvious – you were saying that tickets should be the same prices where someone can move into an area with different seats, just the same as saying someone in upper can stay at the front in lower seats. The ONLY reason I continue to mention is because you seem unable to respond as to what the difference is.

    Incidentally, you still (7 times) continue to ignore facts – that a) every ground has price boundaries without fans being prevented from moving between different price brackets and b) that if upper at Wembley was all one price it would be the higher not the lower price.

    Perhaps you should try engaging in a debate rather than proving you just cannot reply to questions that show what you are saying to be nonsense.
    Instead, you just keep promoting higher ticket prices for fans.


  • Jack

    Jesus, you lot need to get out more!

  • KEV

    Preston Red, your ballot application for £20,£25 should have been able to be fulfilled given that its mostly the cheaper tickets left after the ballot.

  • Higgo

    Correct Kev. Last Friday they still had £20 tickets left for sale even after the ballot. My mate phoned for those £20 tickets and they asked how many he wanted.

  • Paz

    Is the reason why we have got cheap tickets in the lower areas because they have to give us a mirror image in the lower stand to what they have given Wigan in the below link?


  • Higgo

    They charge different prices for different sections of the ground but those prices in those sections have to be the same cost for both sets of supporters, if that makes sense.