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Full allocation for Swansea trip

United’s ticket allocation for the opening-day trip to Swansea will remain at 2,076, Reds Away can reveal.

The allocation had been in doubt after someone in the United end let off a flare at last season’s game, narrowly missing another spectator.

However, Reds Away and MUST have been working with South Wales Police to address any safety concerns they have in the run up to this season’s game.

Both police and Swansea are happy to keep the allocation high, but it is likely that sniffer dogs will be used to search fans for flares and smoke bombs on the day of the game so police will be urging reds to get to the turnstiles early.

Reds Away editor Dale Haslam said: “The attitude of South Wales Police is that the majority of fans who enjoyed a trouble-free day should not be punished for the actions of one person.

“They were encouraged by our acknowledgement that supporter safety is an important factor on matchday and have recommended to Swansea that the allocation stays at the highest level.

“This is a good example of how good things can come out of open dialogue between authorities and fans’ groups and we are thankful to South Wales Police for their forward-thinking approach.” 

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20 comments to Full allocation for Swansea trip

  • michele

    Excellent work as always
    and a good start to the coming season

  • Higgo

    Nice one Vitty. Good work. Let’s hope it passes off ok this time.

  • nick

    Doubt it higgo 5,30 sat night first away game, I was at the courteeners gig last weekend at castlefield seen at least 10-15 flairs let off and young lads singing united songs looks like there more easy to get hold of now these flairs I don’t mind them letting them off but when it brings our allocation into it getting cut I do but its just like talking to your kids more you tell them to stop more they do it, don’t like to say it but its only a matter of time before we get a full allocation stoped at an away ground being made an example

  • Nick, are those united fans at a concert likely to be at an away match.?
    True it’s easy to get hold of flares but judging a pop concert crowd who don’t ( let’s say) have banning orders imposed on them stopping them from going to another concert.

  • Robert

    When do applications open for this game now as number is know and ko time confirmed?

  • Carl

    22nd July I think Robert

  • Oli

    Tony, based on your logic there, no one would have taken a flare to a Umites away game in the last few years. The fact people do still take flares shows that the risk of a banning order isn’t enough to stop it happening.

    I personally like flares so lomg ad they aren’t thrown on the pitch and think they look spectacular (especially night games) but I’m against them being used when the facts are that it leads to reduced allocations and a collective punishment of our fans.

  • Higgo

    Same here Oli. I think they look great but we need to look at the bigger picture. They are banned but whenever Sky do a promotional video of the forthcoming matches/season etc they always have a bit of VT of supporters with flares. I think it adds to the atmosphere but if its going to reduce allocations then why bother?

  • Hey we all love flares at matches.
    But isn’t it double standard to say that then moan about reduced away allocations when they are banned at every ground in Britain.
    Think about it oli.

  • Higgo

    I don’t think it is Tony. We don’t make the rules but have to adhere to them or face the consequences. So whilst they look good and add to the atmosphere the powers that be don’t and it reduces our allocations. I would rather see more reds in an away end than a flare if I had to choose.

  • Oli

    I don’t understand your post Tony nor see the contradiction. But I agree with Higgo’s post- I am against flares being taken into grounds while it leads to lower allocations, but I wish they weren’t banned and didn’t lead to lower allocations, that’s common sense rather than a contradiction.

  • KEV

    Tony, yes the likely hood is some of young lads at a Manchester concert showing themselves to be United fans are likely to be some of the young lads that attend aways, younger element of our away support often get criticism but they certainly add to the atmosphere, re flares, look great at midweek games, pointless at weekends, seeing as many see flares as harmless fun, maybe sites like this, fan groups etc could highlight the severe punishments that have or could be given for their use. Just highlighting affect on allocation may not be enough given those using a flare may not attend most aways so allocations may have little impact on them

  • nick

    Kev sites like this and other utd one’s do highlight the allocation problem but it goes in one ear out there other soon as you start telling them our allocation will be cut there not arsed, ” we man utd will do what we want” is often the reply don’t get me wrong I love the away banter but only if its in the rules want as many reds at away ground to cheer the lads on, i’ve said it before but think soon or later some club will make an example of us by banning us from there ground for a season

  • Oli

    Spot on Nick

  • KEV

    Exactly Nick, allocation issues doesn’t get the message through to the minority except maybe a more collective issue of aisle blocking, which Vitty highlights very well, but if highlight the severe punishments the individual fan could get for use of flares, or vandalism of concourse etc, minority cases, maybe would get the message through to the minority better, get them thinking is it worth the risk!

  • vitty

    I agree with Oli that, for some, the threat of a banning order doesn’t deter them, but I honestly believe that the majority of fans just aren’t aware of the potential punishments.

    I don’t believe there are reds who wake up in the morning and think ‘I know I could be banned from all games for three years, arrested, charged, sent to court and get a criminal record for taking this flare, but hey, I don’t care…bring it on.”

    The Premier League are spearheading a publicity campaign on this issue next season and will put posters and ads up far and wide reminding fans that flares could land you with a ban or worse.

    I hope that will work.

    I personally love flares and think they look ace, especially at night games, but it isn’t worth the punishment.

  • Fraser

    On the plus side…

    … qualifying Season Ticket holders can apply from 08:00 BST Mon 22 July until 08:00 BST Mon 29 July.

  • Adam

    Apps in, Anyoen know what the concession prcies are for 18-20 tickets ?

  • Pete

    Applications are now open (was meant to be 8am monday 22nd).

  • Fraser

    If last nights ‘friendly’ against Crewe is this years standard, we are just going to have more of the same. Flares, fireworks and abuse of the Crewe stewards.
    Do these clowns want our allocations to be reduced even more? They are going the right way about making this happen.