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Televised games won’t be announced today

A Premier League spokesman told Reds Away: “The selections are not yet completed but we are hoping to announce later this week, potentially Wednesday morning.”

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28 comments to Televised games won’t be announced today

  • Danny

    Are the premier league fixture selectors the same people who work in uniteds ticket office?

  • w3103

    I hear Swansea away on the Monday night !

  • Micheal

    HA HA DANNY!! Honestly they have had weeks to decide and still cant decide. Why set a date and not have an announced ? No consideration for fans

  • Pete

    There will be lots of things to factor into the equation of what games they are going to show & when but us match going fans will be the last thing they’ll consider. Don’t forget this season it will be even more complicated with BT having 38 games.

  • Oli

    Pete, why is BT Sport having games more complicated than ESPN having had them?

  • KEV

    Oli,Their is a slight difference with BT having some top pick picks, Espn didn’t, Sky still get 1st pick of which weeks thou, cynical part of me thinks announcement delay maybe because sky have the plenty of sporting success to focus on today

  • Pete

    I’m pretty sure BT have more games than ESPN did last season plus their package means they get “18 top picks” so more chance of disagreements between the 2 was what i meant.

  • Scott

    should have ben sorted by now given fixtures were released a while ago. anyone would think sky and bt were playing games with eachother.

  • baz

    scott I think your right that sky bt are play games with each other I hope our 1st home game on a sunday

  • Ryan

    From a personal and selfish point of view it’s really irritating. Travelling for the South East for each game at OT on my ST means it is really important to book travel as early as possible so that I can get the best savings possible.

    I struggle to believe that these tv fixtures have not already been provided and the cynical part of me thinks that travel companies will have already got hold of this meaning that match day travel will be hiked up come Wednesday when they are officially announced whereas you usually have two days until the prices are affected.

  • Tony

    Clearly the complication of both companies having top picks wasn’t calculated for by the premier league. All cash, no brains.

  • Paz


    You could always travel on your local Supporters Club coach to Old Trafford, details are on http://www.manutd.com if there is one local to you if that helps as they would offer cheap travel.

  • KEV

    Ryan I don’t think train firms withdraw existing advance tickets available because of fixture changes, got cheap train tickets after dates/KO confirmed at Spurs, QPR and Arsenal this year, but when firms know sport dates plenty of time in advance then they might not offer the advance fairs in the 1st place for them dates.

  • Danny

    From a selfish point of view I’d ‘love’ a 12:30 Saturday against Chelsea. Love as in I can’t drink on Sunday due to work and I know it is 100% you’re never gonna get a 3PM or 5:30 PM against Chelsea on a Saturday! You can’t beat match day, train straight into town for a few then onto the ground (in my new seat, real happy with that) back in town for a few then home in time to rewatch the game with a few beers and a takeaway, its the simple things! Hope you all enjoy the season people, can’t wait now!

  • KEV

    Danny problem is for 12.45 it would need to be on BT, but I expect sky will show that game, therefore more likely Sunday or even Monday,imo sat 5.30 would be great if possible, for Swansea only time you sure to get there+back by train is 12.45

  • Carl

    Wouldn’t surprise me if rent boys was a August Monday bank holiday special. We shall see tomorrow.

  • Tommy

    As long as we avoid too many 12.45kick offs, I live 10mins away from ground and hate early starts, god help how those feel who are travelng from much further afield

  • Oli

    Not sure Carl – as they play a few days later in the Super Cup. While there is no reason to not play Monday then Friday, I can see Chelsea preferring not to and requesting not to.

  • Micheal

    Oli you reckon it will be a monday the Chelsea game ?

  • Tommy

    I would imagine it would be a 4pm sunday game the chelsea one but we shall have to wit to find out

  • Oli

    Micheal, as I said above, I would imagine Chelsea would prefer it wasn’t.

    But as with all this, none of us know the answer so asking each other what we all think doesn’t achieve much! Let’s wait and see…

  • phil

    chelsea have the super cup the following friday so cant see it being monday. reckon they would prefer a saturday kick off

  • baz

    sick off wait now

  • Pete

    Baz, according to a journalist on twitter there’s a possibility announcements could be made tomorrow but not definite.

  • KEV

    The Telegraph claim sky have blocked BT attempts to get any big MUFC games in before December, Sky get the top picks for the 20 weeks they want BT get the other 18 weeks, BT other games are 4th picks so could be left with poor choice of games on BIG weekends, so despite BT boost of 18 top picks, their not that big a threat to sky, sorry don’t have the link to the article

  • Tom_S

    I read that. BT haven’t got any big picks immediately, but they do have us vs Spurs in November and murkeydive derby. I think they’ll offer a much better package than ESPN. Not to mention it’s free if you’re a BT broadband customer.

  • Oli

    BT didn’t buy the rights to take on Sky on football ratings. They did it to stop losing broadband customers to Sky.

    BT happy with Sky being the main satellite provider, but weren’t happy with more and more people switching their broadband to Sky for the simplicity of putting it all on one bill.

    Buying football rights is enough for someone to want to pay their tenner for broadband to BT and get free sports, rather than pay that tenner to Sky and get nothing in return.

    The other linked issue is that Sky are holding other platforms to ransom over not being allowed sky sports news etc. this now gives BT some power in return, eg how much they charge Sky to let sky customers get access to BT sport.