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Bayer Leverkusen – opponent guide

Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Country: Germany

From: The city of Leverkusen, which has 161,000 residents.

Positioned: In the far west of Germany, 14 miles north of Cologne, 20 miles south of Dusseldorf, 40 miles south east of Monchengladbach and 122 miles north west of Frankfurt.

Description: It is a small city known for its association with the Bayer chemical company.

It doesn’t really have many other attractions apart from football, though there is a Japanese garden and an industrial museum.

Random fact: In 1988, Bayer made a miraculous comeback, overturning a 0-3 first leg defeat against Espanyol to win on penalties.

The club: Bayer finished third in the 2012-13 Bundesliga and landed the third and final UEFA Champions League group stage place.

Astonishingly, they finished 26 points behind champions Bayern Munich, though only point behind second-placed Borussia Dortmund, who made last year’s final.

Chances of playing United: One in eight.

Stadium: The BayArena holds 30,201 people and is slightly to the east of the city centre.

It’s a 20-minute walk from the nearest local train station, which is called Leverkusen-Schiebusch.

Tickets: United would probably get 3,000 tickets.

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9 comments to Bayer Leverkusen – opponent guide

  • Arran

    For those ITK.if i dont have a credit for the 2 previous aways and look for one in this fixture,am i pissing against the wind and best of booking with TC?

  • RedDevil

    where does the “probably 3000 tickets” come from?

    Leverkusen is notoriously hard for away teams. In past years, Spurs got 1100, liverpool got 1500 and I think chelsea got 1800 in 2011.

    I believe the minimum under uefa criteria is 5% of capacity? That would be 1500, so chelsea’s 1800 2 years ago probably sounds about right

  • Kev

    Agree Reddevil, we got small allocations both times in 2002, but think ground was about 22k capacity then, under UEFA rules Sociedad would only have to allocate us around 1600. You’d hope stadium design would mean more than the minimum allocations thou.

  • steiger

    Anyone know how many reds going? Will I be succesfull in the ballot without credits?

  • baz

    Arran like you I have no cridt and only levekussn match I got time off work for but only got two days off work so I going to.book with TC because off shorter off time off.work

  • Oli

    Steiger, sorry but we don’t have mind readers on this forum. No one has surveyed all 100k United fans entitled to apply, no one has found out what the allocation is and no one knows how many people will get credits from the other games.

  • Micheal

    3,000 tickets cant see that im afraid, I reckon itl be the toughest ticket in the group stages

  • Oli

    Michael, their away section is 2500 and alternates between standing for domestic games and seating for European.

    View of it here – http://www.misturada.de/etc/news/newsdetails/article/bayer-leverkusen-spvgg-greuther-fuerth.html

  • Eric

    The train station Leverkusen-Mitte is probably even closer to the stadium. However I don’t know how often you can get there from Cologne (although it shouldn’t be difficult to look it up I just can’t be bothered). Furthermore the station Leverkusen-Opladen isn’t too far away either and remember, with a valid match ticket you can use public transport. So if you get out at Opladen, you just need to wander over to the bus station and from there it should be no more than a 5 minute bus ride to the stadium.

    I mention Opladen as all trains stopping in Leverkusen will definitely stop in Opladen, whereas only the slower trains will stop in Mitte and Schlebusch.