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Bayer Leverkusen – travel


Stuck for time off on your Euro away or want the convenience of travelling direct from Manchester to the game? Then flying with United’s travel partner Thomas Chook Sport is the option for you.

Packages cost more than travelling independently, but save on days off work and make travelling comfortable.

We will bring you a summary of Thomas Cook Sports packages as soon as they are announced after the draw.

Thomas Cook Sport


£40 from Stansted on Ryanair

then a train taking 2 hours 54 minutes with two changes and costing e60 return if booked in advance

Dusseldorf International
£58 from Gatwick on easyjet
£61 from Leeds Bradford on Jet2
£63 from Stansted on Air Berlin
£98 from Birminghaon on Lufthansa and Flybe
£98 from Cardiff on Lufthansa
£98 from Heathrow on Lufthansa and BA
£98 from Manchester on Lufthansa and Flybe
£99 from Glasgow Int on Lufthansa
£125 from Newcastle on Lufthansa
£125 from Exeter on Flybe

then a 22-minute train costing e9 return if booked in advance

Dusseldorf Weeze
£35 from Stansted on Ryanair
£46 from Edinburgh on Ryanair

then a train taking 1 hour 48 minutes with one change costing e44.80 if booked in advance

£51 from Gatwick on easyJet
£61 from Stansted on germanwings
£68 from Manchester on germanwings
£70 from Edinburgh on germanwings
£75 from Heathrow on germanwings

then a train taking 14 minutes and costing e8 return if booked in advance

Frankfurt am Main
£92 from Gatwick on Lufthansa
£98 from Birmingham on Lufthansa
£98 from Manchester on Lufthansa
£99 from Aberdeen on Lufthansa
£99 from Edinburgh on Lufthansa
£108 from London City on BA and Lufthansa
£108 from Heathrow on Lufthansa

then a train taking 96 minutes with one change costing e38 return if booked in advance

£52 from Luton on easyjet

then a train taking 69 minutes costing e46.40 return if booked in advance

£142 from London City on Air France and KLM

then a train taking 2 hours and 16 minutes costing e57 return if booked in advance

£61 from Stansted on germanwings
£97 from Manchester on Flybe
£100 from Heathrow on BA
£102 from Birmingham on Flybe
£103 from Southampton on Flybe
£107 from Bristol on bmi, Brussels Airlines, KLM and Air France
£126 from Edinburgh on Flybe, BA, Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines

then a train taking 3 hours and 14 minutes with one change costing e68 return if booked in advance


£67 from Stansted on germanwings
£73 from Heathrow on germanwings and BA
£99 from Manchester on germanwings
£104 from Birmingham on Flybe
£118 from London City on Swiss, Lufthansa, KLM and Air France
£128 from Edinburgh on Flybe, BA, Lufthansa and Vueling
£133 from Bristol on Brussels Airlines and KLM

then a train taking 4 hours and 51 minutes with four changes costing e59 return. Faster (more expensive) trains are available.

Coach – £85

With National Express, you can leave Manchester at 13:00 on Day 1 and changing in London, you can reach Cologne at 09:15 on Day 2, then take 14-minute train to Leverkusen.

On the way back, you can leave Cologne at 06:30 (arriving back at 23:35) or at 18:30 (arriving at 12:05). Both with one stop in Brussels.

You can also get there and back for cheaper if you take the legs between Manchester-London or Manchester-Brussels on Megabus.

Direct train - £137

It takes nine hours and 15 minutes to reach Leverkusen from Manchester.

If you leave Piccadilly at noon, you can reach London Euston by 12:0, cross over on the Tube to St Pancras, and then take the 14:32 train to Brussels.

Arriving at 17:43, you then take the 18:25 to Cologne, arriving at 20:15, before completing your journey on a 14-minute train to Leverkuson.

If you book in advance, a return from Manchester to London can cost £30 return, then the the remainder can be as low as £107 return.

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49 comments to Bayer Leverkusen – travel

  • Krasnoarmeyets

    Flights to Dussledorf International, from Birmingham so not as bad as my Donetsk one. £108
    Cologne flights had gone up already for Manchester

    Hotel sorted for two nights. £115

  • Aaron

    Leeds – Dusseldorf, Tues – Thurs was £68 but now gone up to £293 on Jet2. When’s it likely the prices return to something like normal?

  • Rob

    just booked birmingham to dusseldorf £133 return it went up £10 while I booked, out 7.00 on the 27th and back 16.55 on 28th

  • eddy

    weve booked birmingham tues 26th-thurs 28th on flybe to dusseldorf an hour ago £110 each return ..happy days

  • Oli

    I assume most people will stay in Cologne and that there will be trains back after the game?

  • Chew

    If you look on the DB site, whilst you can’t see the night of the game specifically. Usually there is a least one train an hour to Kon Hbf until 2am, then they start again at 5am.

  • Lee

    Manchester – Cologne on germanwings are £140 return tues-fri. 1 hour changeover in hamburg on way out, direct on way back.

  • Charlie

    Just booked:

    6.30am flight to Dam with Easyjet from LGW on 27th
    10.30am direct train from Dam to Cologne, arrives just after one. Taxi to Leverkuzen, should be cheap.
    8.15 flight from Cologne to LHR with Germanwings on 28th

    All in £155

  • Andy

    Can get train from London to Cologne for about £100 return, about 4-5 trains a day, changing in Brussels.

  • Arran

    Booked.From pancras on the tues morn.5 hrs and were in leverkusen inc a stop in brussels which is an hr i think.Direct back to dublin from dusseldorf thurs morn 10.30
    Where are most styain?

  • Booked from Gatwick- Dusseldorf 26-28th £97 return.

  • mufcdave99

    amstrerdam, the only option

  • Red12

    Is this likely to go to a ballot? I dont have any credits and dont really wanna take the risk of booking travel and not getting any tickets.

  • Charlie

    Dam is a good option. 1 hr flight with easyjet for 35 quid and then a 2 hour train for 15. Done

  • Danny

    From Manchester I looked at Ryanair – Bremen, £30 11:30 on the Tuesday. Train to Cologne from Bremen is €29. Flight back from cologne to manchester £96, aside from ticket and digs £150 for the travel. The AZIMUT city centre is £69 for two nights, so ticket £40? About £270 ticket/accommodation/travel. Hope this is of use to somebody.

  • Faz.

    what train sites best for European travel? rail Europe has dam return cologne £80?!

  • Arran

    Faz.try bahn

  • James

    It’s 19euro each way from Amsterdam to Cologne.

  • Fabian

    Return ticket from Stockholm Skavsta with Ryan Air to Dusseldorf 26 £

  • Oli

    Two options for Cologne to stadium…. (Shamelessly stolen and pasted here)

    The BayArena lies at about 10 minutes walking (crossing the park) from overground metro (S-Bahn) stop Leverkusen Mitte. Leverkusen Mitte is served by line 6, which runs between Cologne and Düsseldorf. From both cities the journey is about half an hour.

    One can also take a train from Cologne’s main railway station and get off at Leverkusen Schlebusch station (15-minute ride). From there it is a 15-minute walk to the stadium.

  • nick

    Oli do you think if we win are first 4 games and qualify there still will be big demand for tickets for this?

  • Kev

    Most likely will be nick as most would have booked by then and will still intend to attend the game given expected cheap tickets and credit system.

  • Oli

    Nick, as Kev says, I think so yes.

    The ballot also likely to be before 4th game anyway.

    But I wonder if MU can wait to do Germany ballot until after Sociedad so Spain credits count or is time frame too tight. Interesting dilemma. But think from memory there were two aways close together recently (Braga and Galatasaray last season?) and they waited so that credits stood.

    On that, club can’t win. If they don’t let credits stand by doing ballot earlier, people will say ballot was unfair. If they do wait, gives people a week after ballot to book travel which is awful for some people who won’t book yet.

  • Krasnoarmeyets

    Leverkusen application dates according to email I received are 8-12th of November so after return from Real Sociedad.

  • Lee

    I was thinking about that myself as I’ve booked flights for Germany and was hoping to have a chance by picking up a credit at sociadad on a day trip. There was only 13 days between the ties last season and 22 days this time so hopefully they will hang on again. If I can find out I will report back.

  • James

    If you have a credit from Sociedad surely you will get a leverkusen ticket?

  • Oli

    James, highly likely but not guaranteed. Plenty of people could apply for Spain if it is a low allocation just to get the knock back.

  • Lee

    Yes, So long as the Leverkusen ballot is not before the Sociedad match is played.

  • George

    leverkusen is the only euro away i want to do and i only have a one membership, also i don’t want to just go and book all this travel and not be successful. how soon do they usually do the ballots for euro aways and how much chance do i stand?

  • Oli

    Lee, Leverkusen ballot is definitely after Sociedad game played.

    George, you’re asking people to tell you the impossible. No one knows how many fans are planning to travel. But basically you only have a small chance without a credit from one of the other two.

  • Arran

    A bit off topic this.But something to do with a bita spare time


  • matt71

    Arran: please make sure the link it NSFW :(

  • Olesrightfoot

    Lads bit of a home end update for you
    If you go on Leverkusen website in german not the english version (click on german flag and use google translate if your German is rusty) and register you can get home end tickets (if any left)
    The snag is they sell C/L as a package so you have to buy all three – Approx cost of cheapest is 83 quid. Not cheap but Fulham away is nearly 70 in the neutral end so not exactly a rip off plus you can sell the third game when you’re over there – TIP DPay the money for ticket delivery as shifting an “e” ticket could be tricky
    if you you tube Keane’s goal in 1-1 SF 2002 you should see some reds infiltrating the very small end behind the goal. That’s where the cheap tickets are.
    Plenty of reds and blues I’ve spoken to have had great home end experiences in Germany without trouble (me and a load were in the Bayern end for the Audi cup no issues) but needless to say I accept no responsibility if you end up in a terrace disco and get asked to dance etc etc

  • bradley

    i still need flights for leverkusen? looking to fly out on afternoon on tuesday come back thursday morning

  • blinky

    Dusseldord from.gatwick still cheap

  • phil

    For the train to amsrterdam to cologne and back do you have to pre book or can you turn up on the day and pay

  • Arran

    Some right daft questions do be asked on here.
    Can do both phil.

  • Olesrightfoot

    Get on “DB trains” which is the German train website. Should have an English option. Train deals similar to Uk. Pay on the day and you’ll probably have more flexibility (eg plane late etc) but higher price

  • Stephen

    Booked Dublin to Dusseldorf €137. Aer Lingus sale halved the price of the flight yesterday so now a better option than into Frankfurt.

    Land Wed at 10.00, leave Thursday 21.05

    Train is 40 minutes into Cologne, Leverkusen 15 minutes from there. And I understand trains are running after the match.

    Wolfsburg away was great after the match, bar carraige full of Reds and back in Berlin at midnight in a club having a Manc night. I love Germany! :-)

  • Oli

    Stephen. You can go Dusseldorf to Leverkusen direct without having to go to Cologne first. The trains between Disseldorf and Cologne stop at Leverkusen anywa.

  • Charlie


    For the train from Dam to Cologne, we used SNCB Europe and it was cheap. We are getting the direct train after 10 on the 27th. There will be a fiar few of us on that

  • jim

    For trains to and from anywhere in Germany the bahn.uk website is usually cheapest and best.
    14 of us doing; manchester-bremen then train to dusseldorf
    dusseldorf-schipol train and fly schipol-manchester

  • Darren

    Anyone else book trains for this with SNC EUROPE ?

  • Darren


  • James

    SNCB are fine, but Bahn is just as good!

  • David Mills

    I see most people are staying in Colonge was wondering where people would likely be gathering/ drinking on game day either Colonge or closer to stadium in Leverkusen?

  • andy

    8-12th for Application , Doesn’t give people much time to get sorted

  • Joe


    what is best site for trains from bremen to cologne?!

    we booked flights manchester to bremen return only £30 dirt cheap!!