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Liverpool travel guide

Anfield, Merseyside
Premier League
Sunday September 1, 13:30


United have got 2,814 tickets in the Anfield Road end lower tier behind the goal.

The top two rows are not on sale in an effort to stop people migrating to other seats.

Please keep them clear and keep the aisles clear.


This section will be updated five days before the game


Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 3D will show the match live with the show starting at 12:30

Highlights will be on BBC1’s Match of the Day show at 22:25


Car – £12

If you’re going by car and want free parking, type in the postcode L4 4EZ on an internet routeplanner or in your satnav.

From Manchester, follow the M62 to the end and follow the directions to Notre Dame College, which has a lot of matchday parking available for £5 per car. It’s fairly easy to get away from after the game.

You could also prebook a driveway here.

Train – £6 now or £11.50 on the day

Buy your ticket on the day or now by clicking the banner below

Getting there

From Piccadilly, direct trains take 54 minutes and leave from Platform 14 at: 08:54, 10:12, 11:11, 11:38 and 12:07.

There are no trains from Victoria.

Lime Street Station

From Lime Street

Anfield is a half-hour walk or a five-minute taxi ride costing about £5.

There’s a taxi rank at the right-hand exit of the station.

To reach Anfield on foot, walk out of the station straight facing you and walk down Frazer Street and onto St Anne Street.

Turn right onto Richmond Road, then left onto Netherfield Road South and right onto Heyworth Street, which will bring you to a main road, also called Heyworth Street.

Take the next right onto Mere Lane and then left onto Oakfield Road. The stadium is in front of you.

Getting back

Trains take 49 minutes and leave Lime Street for Piccadilly at: 15:22, 15:52, 16:22, then every 30 minutes until 21:21 then 21:26, 21:52, 22:01 and 23:01.

There are no trains to Victoria.

Matchday coach – £11

Champion Sport Tours coaches leave from outside the Bishops’ Blaize pub in Chester Road, Trafford, at 11:45 and cost £11 per person.

To book, email debbie@mufctravel.com
or call 0161 282 1966.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Betty Bus has spaces left costing £15 per person.

It leaves from Chorlton Street Coach Station in Manchester City Centre at 11:15.

To book, email your name, contact telephone number and required number of places to redsaway@hotmail.co.uk

On behalf of United, Thomas Cook Sport is running coaches to this game from the Old Trafford W2 car park, leaving at 10:45. Places cost £20.

Click on the banner below to book.

Thomas Cook Sport

Public coach – £4.70

Megabus doesn’t run coaches between Manchester and Liverpool.

National Express runs coaches between Chorlton Street Coach Station and Liverpool Coach Station in Norton Street.
They take an hour each way and leave at 07:45, 08:35, 09:45, 10:35, 10:45, 11:05 and 11:45.

 One way costs from £2.70, return costs from £4.70.

Click on the banner below to book.

Anfield is a half-hour walk or a five-minute taxi ride costing about £5.

There’s a taxi rank at Lime Street Train Station, which is a two-minute walk away up Frazer Street.

On the way back, coaches leave at 16:15, 16:45, 17:00, 17:05, 17:15, 18:30, 19:30, 21:00 and 22:30.

Taxi numbers

The Liverpool Taxi Company – 0151 329 2313
Mersey Cabs – 0151 298 2222
Pegasus Taxis – 0151 707 2400

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89 comments to Liverpool travel guide

  • Oli

    Right let’s draw a line under this one now!

    Enjoy your 1977 VHS Jack, perfect watching 10 days before Anfield. I might youtube Forlan now too!

  • Higgo

    Does anybody know where the ticket office is located at Anfield?

    Due to being away for a couple of days at the back end of next week I have arranged with our ticket office to pick my tickets up for this game at Anfield’s ticket office on the day and even though I’ve been countless times I don’t know where it is.

    What’s the betting it’s at the Kop end!


  • Oli


    If I were you, I’d call MUFC the day before or so and confirm where to go. At most grounds the duplicate collection is not at the main home ticket office, it is sometimes an MUFC steward by the away end or sometimes a makeshift booth somewhere else.

    In fact it is very rarely the home ticket office. MU very rarely go out their way to tell you this but if you ask they can find out as they always have worked it out and told me exactly where when I have pushed them to find out.


  • Carl

    Higgo, google it. Bound to be a ground plan of the dump online

  • Higgo

    Cheers for the link Oli. It is round at the Kop end.

  • Nath

    My duplicates at swansea was with a steward outside the utd end

  • Daniel

    As i said before i coming from Sweden. Is the ticket supposed to be collected at Anfield?

  • Higgo

    Cheers Nath. I will take Oli’s advice and give United a ring the Friday before to find out where the collections are to be made.


  • Higgo

    Daniel, no the tickets aren’t collected from Anfield. I have just arranged to pick mine up from Anfield with United due to me being away Thrusday, Friday and Saturday next week.

    The tickets are normally posted out to the applicants address.

  • Oli

    United posted tickets out first class today but I often find they take an extra day due to volume of envelopes (ie mine likely to come Saturday not tomorrow).

  • Kev

    I may be wrong but aren’t successful foreign applicants meant to pick up away tickets at OT ticket office, I read once but it may have been for a cup final,
    Daniel it’s easy enough getting to Anfield from lime street, cheap to share a taxi, but if travelling on your own then Thomas cook coach is the easiest. Daniel’s question if he’d have to go straight into the ground was valid considering TCS coach arrives at 11.45

  • Carl

    Oli, some received today,

  • John

    Make sure you push the ticket office to check for you. I got returned tickets for Swansea offered to me on the Friday afternoon and arranged to pick them up in Swansea. United told me to go to the main ticket office, but like Nath said, the people in the office sent me to the away end where a chap was handing out envelopes with duplicated tickets.

  • Higgo

    Cheers for that John. I will do that.

  • Micheal

    Anyone else on oneills ? Rtaher late leave 1145 from OT ?

  • Higgo

    I was Michael but changed it now as we are driving as we need to pick up pur tickets there and it wouldn’t have given us enough time if we hit a bit of traffic etc. That should be fine though if you have your tickets. I use Tony’s coach for most of the Liverpool aways and have never been late yet. Nearly once but we got there just at kick off after jumping 2 red lights on the East Lancs.

  • Michael

    Cheers Higgo, just enquiring seems a little late even 1130 would insure wed be alrite. Just the normal hassel at turnstiles aswell seems we be cutting it tight. Normally do train for this but the hassle of the escort back has done my head in once to many at this stage.

  • Chris

    Where’s everyone meeting for a pre match drink?

  • Ben

    Really wise to put that up Chris ain’t it. Few people need to use there brain. Micheal you will have plenty of time.

  • Higgo

    Off topic and I know it’s a way off yet but Fulham are selling tickets to members (£20 membership can get 2 tickets) for our away game there on the 2nd November. There are tickets in the neutral end with access via the concourse to the United away end.

  • Will

    Yeah Higgo I bought mine last week, not too happy at paying 75 (20 membership and 55 ticket) but hopefully my mate is going to get a ticket on my membership so we can split the membership fee

  • Chris

    Ben I’m struggling to see your point. Never seen an issue with finding out where our pre match sing song is at every other away game? And if a scouse fan was sad enough to trawl this site to find where we are meeting I’m sure we will live

  • Ben

    Chris just not the most sensible thing to post. Also just out of curiosity are the official coach travel and Oneills etc etc escorted to anfield like they are at OT ? Only ever done this by train as a half a hour train.

  • Higgo

    Ben, Tony’s coach hasn’t been given an escort in when I’ve used it previously. There is one away from the ground usually. I also doubt mentioning where anyone is going for a drink prior to the game will be an issue. Its pretty common knowledge where away fans drink at various grounds and Anfield is no exception.

  • steve

    so higgo, wheres it normaly then for anfield?

  • Higgo

    Wetherspoons at Lime Street for a start Steve.

  • Jack

    Pre match sing song in Liverpool? Have fun with that.

  • Ben

    Strange that. Those lot are not far of been frog marged into are place. What time would you expect oneills to get to anfield with leaving at 1145? Quiet a few of my lot are on it but I have to pick up a Breif so going to drive down.

  • Higgo

    Roughly one hour to get there Ben with a bit of traffic etc. Last season I was on it and there was a pick up en route in Worsley and even with that we did it in an hour.

  • Ben

    Nice one Higgo. Will be in an around ground then 1245 / 1 to meet other lads.

  • Jack. I take it from your infentile comments that you haven’t got a ticket for this game.

  • Jack

    Tony congratulations on posting the most cringeworthy question on here. What does that matter?

  • Nath

    Jack, its probably because you sound very bitter about people going for a drink before the game

  • Jack

    No, all for having a drink before the game – purely suggesting a ’sing song’ in Liverpool might not be the wisest thing.

  • nick

    Why jack i’ve been liverpool loads of time for a drink before everton and liverpool games always had a good sing song

  • Kev

    Off topic, but can anyone that knows about execs answer this, did last seasons exec get a price freeze by renewing by a set date, or did they all go up, mainly referring to the international suite and sport bars suite. Cheers.

  • Oli

    Kev, I am not sure about this summer but I know last summer execs could tie down renewing for three years and then get a freeze for all three of those seasons (but still pay in quarterly bills rather than all up front). No idea what they did in the summer just gone.

  • Kev

    Cheers Oli, think all execs got a price freeze last summer, but those you say getting a further 2 years price freeze then, that in mind doubt the rest got a price freeze this summer as if no increase this and/or next year then it would’ve been a pointless 3 year commitment in financial terms. Oli do you have a rough idea on average how many execs apply for the top 4 aways, cheers

  • Kev

    Does anyone know if the ticket office has had returns for Sunday.