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Real Sociedad – travel


£34 from Manchester on easyjet
£50 from Stansted on easyjet
£104 from Heathrow on Vueling

(you can fly indirect to Bilbao via Lisbon)

the train takes a ridiculous amount of time as it’s indirect. There is a direct bus from the airport to Sab Sebastian taking 70 minutes.

£35 from Stansted on Ryanair
£48 from Edinburgh on Ryanair

then a 2:55 train to Bilbao and a 70-minute bus to San Sebastian

£36 from Edinburgh on Ryanair
£46 from Bristol on easyjet
£51 from Luton on easyjet
£52 from Gatwick on easyjet and BA
£73 from Birmingham on Monarch
£78 from Liverpool on easyjet
£116 from Southampton  on Flybe

then a 3:17 train

£45 from Stansted on Ryanair
£67 from Gatwick on easyjet
then a 3:19 train
£110 from London City on Air France and KLM

then a 3:20 train

£35 from Stansted on Ryanair

then a 3:26 train

£36 from Stansted on Ryanair

then a 3:50 train
£45 from Stansted on Ryanair
£53 from Bristol on easyjet
from Liverpool on easyjet
£55 from Luton on easyjet
£55 from Manchester on Ryanair
£56 from Edinburgh on easyjet
£68 from Gatwick on easyjet

then a 5:30 train or an hour-long flight

£40 from Stansted on Ryanair
£41 from Leeds Bradford on Ryanair, Jet2 and
£41 from Liverpool on Ryanair and easjet
£45 from Bristol on easyjet
£45 from East Midlands on Ryanair
£47 from Gatwick on Norweigan, BA and Monarch
£47 from Newcastle on easyjet
£48 from Birmingham on Ryanair and Monarch
£49 from Southend on easyjet
£52 from Luton on easyjet
£53 from Glasgow Prestwick on Ryanair
£55 from Edinburgh on Ryanair and Vueling
£64 from Cardiff on Vueling
£65 from Manchester on Jet2 and Monarch
£69 from Glasgow Int on Jet2
£101 from Exeter on Flybe
£108 from Southampton on Flybe

then a 5:25 train or a 45-minute flight

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46 comments to Real Sociedad – travel

  • Oli

    Biarritz to San Senastian takes under 40 mins on the bus, not a 3 hour 20 min train as it says above

  • Charlie

    Just booked (Oporto):

    LHR to Bilbao at 17.40 on Monday 4th
    Bilbao to LHR at 15.20 on Wednesday 6th

    £200 all in

    Bilbao should be a good laugh, from what I hear most reds staying there

  • Krasnoarmeyets

    Looked at the trains for this via Rail Europe and as long as you book tickets when they become available on the 6th of September (two months in advance for return date) then you should be able to do it for £140-150.

    Waiting to see what Thomas Cook will offer after doing the other two independently, but the sleeper train will save on hotel costs and time out of work too.

  • Oscar

    Stanstead to Lourdes £15, return flight from Santander £86. £101 all in, just need the ticket now!

  • Redstar

    What’s the chances of getting a ticket here with 0 credits?

  • Krasnoarmeyets

    Have to wait for the allocation numbers, Redstar, but Donetsk being the only away game before hand will at least make it an even playing field if you haven’t got a credit.

  • Krasnoarmeyets

    Just booked travel for this. Going on the train as flights were all over the place.

    Manchester > Euston/St Pancras > Paris Gare du Nord/Paris Austerlitz > Hendaye and then sort out bus/taxi/local train to San Sebastian.

    Hendaye > Paris Montparnasse/Paris Gare du Nord > St Pancras/Euston > Manchester

    All told with one night hotel, £230. Not great, but running out of options and had to do it in as small a time frame as possible because of work.

  • Danny

    I’m struggling to find anything cheap for this! Any tips would be welcomed

    I reckon the chances of getting one with 0 credits isn’t too bad. Can’t see us taking more to Donetsk than we did to Cluj so im guessing no more than 800 will have 1 credit for Sociedad.

  • blinky

    Going to bilbao via lisbon is still cheap

  • Kev

    Is their only one bus a day Biarritz to San Sebastian 15.30-16.15? Only time I can find

  • Sharkey

    If anyone can get the week off Ive got the 3rd till 8th flights and hotel in San sebastian for 215 all in . Used travelrepublic.co.uk . Hotel is about ten minutes from Anoeta . Hourly Bus from Bilbao airport to san sebastian takes an hour and is 16 euros .

  • Oli

    Kev, yes, it is coincided with the Ryanair flight from Stansted.

    If anyone is landing on that Ryanair flight on day of game, we are hiring a private shuttle as works out same as the bus and will go straight to our hotel or ticket collection without messing about. May have room for one or two more on it of it helps anyone but obv best to sort nearer the time as it is months away.

  • Micheal

    Members should not be given same right as ST holders what a joke of rule that is. Paying over £700 for a ST and memebers have the same right with a £30 memebership

  • Salford

    Micheal these members follow the reds all over Europe and probably spend 4/5 times the amount of a season ticket holder with travel hotels and tickets,beer and prossies!!
    I no this is a sore subject on here and u have opened up a right can of worms.
    My personal thought is if they support mufc and only want to watch them in Europe and away games,so be it there reds at the end of the day.
    A lot of season ticket holders only want to watch the big games in Europe ie Madrid last year,without the members who follow the boys to the smaller games ie cluj last year, united wouldn’t have a good turnout of fans watching them in euro games. FACT

  • Jack

    ^ spot on. I’m not a member, but everyone knows the situation before the season starts so don’t get pissed off just because you can’t get a ticket for a game you fancy and a member gets one ahead of you. Members topped up the numbers big time in cluj, Bucharest and bursa so deserve some perks in terms of high profile games to!

  • andy

    hi Krasnoarmeyets
    what time are your trains
    I will also travel by train
    so will book same once as you

  • Oli

    Members also topped up our allocation at Wembley for the community shield. It doesn’t mean they should then be treated the same as ST holders for all domestic away games.

    At most clubs season ticket holders get first refusal, then any remaining tickets are put on sale to members.

    For our European aways, I think it is right that members with a credit are treated ahead of ST holders without a credit. But ST holder with no credit should come before member with no credit.

  • phil

    How much are the trains from bordeaux or biaritz. Where can you book trains from or can you just pay on the day?

  • Oli

    No idea about Bordeaux but Biarritz is 10 Euros on a bus. It is a 45 min journey.

  • Krasnoarmeyets


    I won’t go in to specific detail online, but I get in to Paris on the evening of the fourth of November, and then return during the day after the game.

    Search from St Pancras to Hendaye(Hendaia)/Irun on Rail Europe and I’m sure you won’t go too wrong. San Sebastian is just a short ride away from Hendaye(Hendaia)/Irun on the Euskotren (Basque train network).

  • Aga

    anyone going from Stansted to Santander on the day of the game?

  • James

    We are doing that journey the day before. Think we are going to hire a car and drive as the busses seem like a fair bit of messing around. Had a quick look online and parking looks a bit of a hassle in San Sebastián – anyone got any knowledge of this?

  • Oli

    James, San Sebastian is pretty small and I imagine it is easy to park on the outskirts. Apparently the official city car parks are 2E an hour max and there is one in Plaza de Easo which is 10 min walk to the city centre one way and to the stadium the other.

  • James

    Cheers Oli. Going to try the outskirts first, but if not apparently there is a lot of underground car parks in the centre which are 13-20 euro for the day. Not the end of the world split between a few.

  • Honeybill

    After leaving it late, im struggling to find any resonable prices particularly from Manchester, is anyone thinking about the Stanstead to Lourdes flight on the day of the game? It arrives in France at 9.15 and its cheap dont have a clue whether it would be easy to find a regular train to get to san sebastian for a bit of drinking time? i strggled to get porto to braga last year and everyone else thought that was easy! so god knows what this would be like. Cheers

  • red roberto

    any one else flying home from zaragoza on wed 6th. 11.25 am flight i think. struggling to find options to get there from san seb on the morning.

  • Oli

    Honeybill, maybe travelling isn’t for you if you can’t manage a 30 minute journey to Braga. But you’re only options possible from Lourdes are train or car hire, so look at a train website and a care hire we site and take or from there.

    Roberto, I asked a mate who knows that area well and said he thinks that train route takes around 4 hours and is only once or twice a day. Suggested that driving would be quicker and better for you.

  • red roberto

    thanks oli yeah checked on rail europe as if game was in six weeks or so and didnt look promising. maybe car hire, or take a transfer/taxi hit between however many of us end up going. currently 5 at the moment.

  • Krasnoarmeyets


    There is a bus from San Sebastian on the morning (07:00) of the sixth to Zaragoza. Will get you there for 10:15. Maybe worth considering, but perhaps a little tight for time. Airport is only 15 minutes by cab from the centre though.

    €22.99 – http://www.conda.es/en-index.php

  • Matt

    If it helps, particularly for southern-based reds, there are regular flights from Paris (CDG)-Bilbao and Paris (Orly) -Biarritz, both of which are a short bus ride from San Sebastian.

  • Oli

    I am cutting it a bit fine landing on match day at 2.45pm in Biarritz but then have the whole next day (10pm flight home) to have a day away. Well worth it to get all my flights booked for £85 and we are just booking a taxi to meet us at the airport to go to San Sebastian as not risk wasting more time with airport buses etc.

  • Shane

    Just reading the opponent guide, it predicts c.3k allocation but on the TC thread I see 1700 being quoted – is either figure based on previous precedents for Sociedad, or just predictions (assume the 1700 is based on the minimum 5% obligation)? Can’t do Donetsk so losing last year’s credits, but am sure I am not alone in that position!

    Anyhows, train all the way for us which will be a bit of an adventure (will probably be better going down than the early morning rise for the return journey!)

  • Shane

    Honeybill, rail europe can tell you for sure the best route/options, but that looks doable…..for example using SNCF planner 1223 Lourdes to Hendaye direct service, arrives around 3ish, change for local train (regular service, every 30 mins or so to San Seb, dropping you in town centre). Am sure there are other options with a change or 2 leaving Lourdes a bit earlier.

  • Micheal

    Oli, Do you reckon all will be sorted for sociedad bit of a impossible question to ask but in your opinion of course im asking. I seen you had a guess of 700 for independant travellers to the game like me and yourself. It was a similar proplem in braga last year and everyone got sorted in the end. I was originally only going to do leverkusen but got worried about not geting a ticket so booked sociedad aswell. So im hopefull of getting the two. Especially Sociedad as its costing me nearly double what leverkusen is.

  • stewart

    Anyone using the train try Spanish-rail.com,booked Barcelona to san sebastion today for 25 euros.

  • stewart

    Booked over the phone,02031374464

  • red roberto

    thanks krasnoarmeyets decent option that.will see how many of us eventually travel.

  • Nibs

    We don’t arrive into Biarritz until 21:10 on the Monday night. Looking here:

    It’s saying a shuttle for 4 people is 57E.. Is that per person??

  • Oli

    Shane, no idea where 3k comes from as the allocation will be around 1500 to 1600. I am also missing Donestsk but it seems very few are going so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. The two plane loads going with TCS doesn’t help though.

    Micheal, i did not estimate 700 indendent travellers would want to go, I estimated that is how many tickets could be left for people who wanted to go after people with a Donetsk credit/ people doing Spain with Thomas Cook had been looked after. It is really impossible to know what demand will be but am hoping it is not as much as it could be given it is in winter and it is not the easiest place to get to. I also think less people could go to Donetsk than I expected (CST trip not going ahead and I’d factored in 200 or so on that).

  • Luke

    I’d be very surprised if we took more than 500 to Donetsk, including Eastern European reds.

    Which probably means 400 maximum with credits for Sociedad, of which half will probs be booked on TCS. This would leave approx 1,000 tickets available to those without credits…

    Of course I could be wrong, this is just my (optmisitic) opinion.

  • Charlie

    Luke, that sounds about right. As has been mentioned, we wont have concrete numbers for a while so logically looking at it like that seems like the best approach.

    I did just fire off an email (in Spanish) to ask RS a couple of questions. 99% sure I will here nothing back, but then you don’t ask on all that.

  • Charlie

    Real Sociodad replied to my email and did not answer my question at all, so I have re phrased it. Hopefully they will give me an answer although I wouldn’t hold your breath

  • Charlie

    Real Sociedad wrote back to my email request(to my suprise):

    Dear Charlie,
    The number of entries that are required to provide all teams in Champions is 5% of stadium capacity. In our case 1,500 locations that are located in the door 9 Stadium. Trb. Odd Baja Norte.

    I wouldn’t normally find this that relevant because they are just repeating what UEFA outline they have to give us, but the fact they elude to the location tells me they have at least given it some thought.

    I know that’s what many expected, just thought it would be worth noting I have heard this from the club directly (email to and reply from realsoc@realsociedad.com)

  • andy

    is anyone flying Birmingham to Barcelona ?

  • Jags

    How would I get from Santander to San Sebastian? Getting in day before the game

  • Simon

    I am flying from Liverpool to Barcelona on the Monday and flying straight on to Bilbao & stay there the night. Have a tour of San Mames in the morning, get the bus to San Sebastian for the game & then get the bus back after the game. Fly back to Barcelona in the morning, check out the Nou Camp then fly home!