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Shakhtar Donetsk – travel guide


Stuck for time off on your Euro away or want the convenience of travelling direct from Manchester to the game? Then flying with United’s travel partner Thomas Chook Sport is the option for you.

Packages cost more than travelling independently, but save on days off work and make travelling comfortable.

We will bring you a summary of Thomas Cook Sports packages as soon as they are announced after the draw.

Thomas Cook Sport

The key thing to remember is that, because it’s so far away and has poor public transport links, it’s likely that you’ll have to either a) go on an organised trip b) pay a lot for flights or c) put at least a week aside for your trip.

When Arsenal played there in 2010, Thomson Sport ran day trip for £200.

Even flight/train combinations would cost £200 or so and any combination will take a lot of time.


Donetsk Airport
£57 from Luton on Wizz Air

You can also fly indirectly to Bergamo, Rome Fiumicono, Milan Malpensa, Kutaisi in Georgia, Memmingen Aligau and Dortmund

Don’t bank on any of these routes though: Some aren’t all year round and only run at certain times of the week.

Alternative route via Kiev Borispol
£151 from Heathrow on BA

then pay £70 return for an 20-hour train to Donetsk

Alternative route via Kiev Zhulyany
£60 from Luton Wizz Air

then as above

Via Warsaw International
£35 from Luton on Ryanair and Wizz Aie
£37 from Luton on Wizz Air
£40 from Bristol on Ryanair
£40 from Doncaster Sheffield on Wizz Aie
£40 from East Midlands on Ryanair
£40 from Manchester on Ryanair
£42 from Glasgow Prestwick on Ryanair
£46 from Stansted on Ryanair
£51 from Glasgow Int on Wizz Air

then a 29-hour sleeper train changing at Dnetpropertrovsk Glavnij and Kiev costing about £120 return

Via Warsaw Modlin
£40 from Stansted on Ryanair
£46 from Manchester on Ryanair
£55 from Bristol on Ryanair
£56 from East Midlands on Ryanair
£56 from Liverpool on Ryanair
£58 from Glasgow Prestwick on Ryanair

Then as above

Via Lublin
£34 from Liverpool on Ryanair

then a 27-hour sleeper train costing £70 return

Via Bacau in Romania
£82 from Luton on Blue Air

then a 38-hour sleeper train journey changing at Chisnau and Shmerinka

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28 comments to Shakhtar Donetsk – travel guide

  • Krasnoarmeyets

    Flights to Donetsk, unfortunately from Gatwick with a short stop in Kiev. £127
    Hotel sorted for two nights. £112

  • Krasnoarmeyets

    Hope you don’t mind Vitty, but I thought I’d leave some advice on money and language in the Ukraine too:

    Stolen shamelessly from Lonely Planet –

    The Ukrainian hryvnia (usually pronounced gry-vnya instead of the correct hry-vnya, or even just greev) is divided into 100 kopecks. Coins come in denominations of one, five, 10, 25 and 50 kopecks, plus one hryvnia. Notes come in one, two, five, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 hryvnia.
    That said, there is a chronic shortage of change throughout the country, so try to give the correct money whenever you can. Be patient, too. If someone seems reluctant to give change, or asks you for more money (to make up an even sum), they’re probably genuinely out of change, rather than trying to cheat you.
    In some places, particularly in Crimea, people quote prices in roubles instead of hryvnia. Don’t be confused; it’s just force of habit.
    After the Orange Revolution, Ukraine dropped its strict hryvnia–US dollar peg, but the local currency has remained fairly stable at about 5uah per US dollar. Many prices, particularly for hotel rooms, continue to be listed in dollars.
    Officially, you can only pay for air tickets and foreign visas in US dollars. Some hotels and travel agencies will also let you pay in dollars or euros, although they probably shouldn’t. Your change will come in hryvnia.
    It’s virtually impossible to buy any hryvnia before you get to Ukraine.

    Automated teller machines (ATMs) dot the landscape in Ukraine in all but the tiniest villages. Hence the best way to manage your money here is to simply take it out of your account in hryvnia. Cirrus, Plus, Visa, MasterCard/EuroCard and other global networks are all recognised. Bankomats, as ATMs are known locally, are also found in major airport terminals, hotel lobbies, central post offices and Irish pubs, as well as on the street. At Boryspil airport there are several in the arrivals hall.
    Your own bank will likely charge you a small fee for taking out foreign currency; check with it before leaving home. Some ATMs also distribute US dollars.

    US dollars and Russian roubles are the easiest currencies to exchange, increasingly followed by the euro. The British pound is hard to exchange, except in Kyiv and, to a lesser degree, Crimea. In western Ukraine Polish zloty, Hungarian forints and Slovak crowns are widely accepted.
    Whatever currency you bring, you should ensure that it is in fairly pristine condition. Banks and currency exchange offices will not accept any old, tatty notes with rips or tears, or US dollar bills issued before 1990. Even a fold in a bill might prompt extra checks for counterfeiting.

    You might find it difficult finding a lot of English speakers to any kind of proficiency outside of Kiev. If you do want to know just a few phrases for the sake of politeness then these sites are good:


  • dayvoz

    3 of us on same flights from gatwick to donetsk via kiev but for 3 nights £218,and an apartment for the duration £150 all in

  • Luke

    I found in the Ukraine everyone under the age of 30 speaks fantastic English.
    I don’t envisage any problems at this game.
    The stadium is walkable from most of the bars, too. The Liverpool club that is advertised everywhere is about 20 mins walk from the stadium.
    As for money and being ripped off, of course be vigilant, like anywhere else but it’s not as bad as people would have you believe. Parts of the city, like the main park are actually really nice, and bring you out at the old stadium which was used as part of the ‘Fanzone’ during the Euros.

    Not sure I can make this one but anyone going will have a great trip.

  • Si

    “When Arsenal played there in 2010, Thomson Sport ran day trip for £200.”

    But yet Thomas Cook are charging 439 quid? Joke.

  • James

    Apparently Kiev they speak good English, but Donetsk is a bit more difficult. The train from Kiev to Donetsk is a Tenner each way not £70 return as stated above.

  • darby

    fly 1st oct from manchester to memmingen germany via gerona then memmingen to donetsk on 2nd arrive 12 o clock £66.00
    3rd oct donetsk to gatwick via kiev £68.00 gatwick to manchester via dublin £47.00

  • Gatwick to Kiev mon 30th sep then flight from kiev to Donetsk £214 return

  • Schoey snr

    Not heard anything from our new ‘global partners’ Aeroflot!?

  • Oli

    Schoey, why would you unless you think the Ukraine is still part of Russia?!

    And, for the same reasons Turkish Air didn’t help fans last season with Istanbul, it would be a breach of the club’s contract with Thomas Cook as sole providers of travel for fans which club can promote. Sad but true.

  • Schoey snr

    Oli, just that as a former iron curtain country you’d expect them to still have influence in Ukraine. Wasn’t a serious comment however. When I started my search one of the options (quickly discounted) was LHR – Moscow – DOK with Aeroflot. Just reinforced the feeling that all these partnerships have zero benefit for us fans.

  • James

    Where is everyone staying in Kiev?

    We arrive Tuesday 17.40, and leave Wednesday 09.45. Then back again 18.10 Thursday, leaving Friday morning at 10.00. Ideally need somewhere with decent transport to and from airport, but also decent on a night.

  • north-east-red

    anyone know where the best website to book trains / check times from kiev to donetsk and back

  • Ste

    anyone on the wizzair from luton on the monday?

    train details…


    type Kyiv not Kiev

  • James

    Ste, loads of us on that flight. All booked the sleeper train Tuesday night to donetsk. Going back Thursday for another night in Kiev.

  • Matt

    By any chance any reds going via Moscow? I’m in France atm so flying Paris-Moscow-Donetsk, the final leg departing Moscow at 22.55, arriving Donetsk 23.45 (flight SU 1814).

    Hoping not to be on my own!

  • darby

    james, two of us doing same tues night in kiev and thursday in kiev. kiev centre is about 20 mile from airport but good transport to and from. got to stay kiev centre for good night nothing near the airport at all.
    if anyone not sorted donetsk hotel yet hurry up next to nowt left that is cheap.

  • Matt

    still rooms at the “Hotel SX DAX” i think. few of us staying there.

  • ste

    just got return for £225. out on that wizzair flight on monday and back from Donetsk on Uktraine Intl on thursday morning at 7.

    James – what train are you booked from Kiev on tuesday?

  • James

    Ste, i think the train leaves about 8pm or just after that arriving at 8am the following day in Donetsk. Second class beds are £15 a go.

  • Nic

    4 of us just booked on the 00:10 flight from Gatwick on Tuesday 1st and flying back Thursday 3rd at 07:00. Anyone else on these flights?

    (Gatwick To Donetsk Via Kiev)

  • ste

    James – did you book the tickets off that ukraine railways website i posted? is it print out a voucher and then take it to the station to exchange for the ticket? Also what carriage are you in if you dont mind me asking – im on my tod for this one and would be good to know where at least some other reds are on the train.

  • James

    Yes used that website. They e-mail you the voucher and then you exchange that for the train ticket at the station. We are in carriage one for the tuesday night train to donetsk.

  • ste

    just booked the train…did you get an email and webpage showing what look like tickets with a QR code box type thing?

  • James

    Yes thats right Stu, put some of it through a translator to check and it all seems fine. Should be an experience anyway!

  • Paul

    If anyone would be kind enough to help a fellow utd fan out who wants to go to his first away game here but I’m a novice at what is the best option to do and ho to look at booking. :( a breakdown of flights times accommodation would be great.

    The cheapest but best way if possible doesn’t matter if it’s fast or slow or staying over. We are coming from manchester.

  • Krasnoarmeyets


    Latest info on this site here (http://redsaway.com/2013/09/latest-donetsk-travel-options/) for travel.

    Check out booking.com for hotels.