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Fans praised for derby day behaviour

Greater Manchester Police has praised fans for their behaviour following the Manchester derby.

There were 16 arrests in total – four on suspicion of breach of the peace, four on suspicion of assault, two on suspicion of drunk and disorderly, two on suspicion of possessing a flare, three on suspicion of public order offences and one on suspicion of criminal damage.

Match commander, Chief Superintendent Stuart Ellison said: “The eyes of the world were on Manchester today and I am glad to say that the supporters of both clubs did us proud.

“The derby match always attracts tens of thousands of fans and the later kick off did present some challenges for the policing operation.

“However, there was a great atmosphere both in the city centre in the build up to the game and at the stadium.

“On the whole, the fans behaved impeccably.

“It was a great success, given that there were over 47,000 fans in attendance, and is testament to the behaviour of genuine fans in attendance.”

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20 comments to Fans praised for derby day behaviour

  • Chew

    For all the effort people running sites like this go to telling fans to go to allocated seat etc, it was a shambles the way the police dealt with fans getting in block 114 pre game, just pushing people back and such. Then me and quite a few others were actually turned away and told to go to a different block and squeeze in.

  • Ciaran

    What do you except when are support leave at 0-3? Lads around me leaving at 0-3. More sick of the behaviour of our own support then the peformance on the pitch. Also anyone else see the picture doing the round on twitter of the 5/6 Chinese with the tickets above there heads and having a half/half scarf in between them getting a photo taken i wish these would F*%K OFF. Makes my blood boil this when 3/4 mates stuck outside ticketless. Also Russian reds selling tickets at £150 a pop outside. Just a disgraceful day all round i can see why so many are considering packing it in. RANT OVER!

  • Jay

    Your right we was in 114 it took ages to get in, no idea why tho

  • Micheal

    If you cant take the rough with the smooth this aint the club for you, most spoilt support I know. Absolute shameful by some of are MOB yesterday. You stay there till the end clap everyone of the pitch even if we were shite its what we do. Show some pride in the shirt

  • Gary

    Was there yesterday myself great support for the lads in the second half especially with the 20 times song which was brilliant considering we were 0-4 down but as for the day trippers with half and half scarves what the fuck is that all about ?

  • Higgo

    Where I was everyone stayed and got behind the team. I thought our support was good but obviously it seems in other areas some did bugger off, which is out of order.

    It always bewilders me how some of our away supporters get tickets for these sort of games.

  • Fred

    Im surpised the lads with the half n half scarfs taking pics etc werent subjected to a barrage of abuse. Seen the pic myself. Cant say i was totally surpised. Would love to know where they souced their tickets from given how scarce they were.

  • Steve S

    Michael…could not agree more with your comments ref spoilt fans my favourite seasons following United were The DOCs Red Army Years not the Glory years of 99 etc…some of the best away support in recent years has been at Carling Cup games etc when we have played the kids etc and therefore not expected to win…some (certainly not all) of our away support need to look at what it means to support your club those that left early in my opinion just dont get it…and dont get me started on halve and halve scarves

  • Shahbs

    Them 5-6 Chinese with waving around tickets and scarfs is just a joke, how they sourced their tickets must be interesting if they are not ST holders

  • black country red

    It’s a disgrace how reds were leaving early at a game like city away ,they should stay till the end and support the team even though we were getting thrashed. The 5-6 Chinese are a disgrace waving their tickets and half and half scarf around it gets me angry how they get tickets for games but st holders are lucky to get one in the whole season.

  • Oli

    A few thoughts…

    - agree it is awful when people leave early (and I stayed until the end) but I can understand why people go. I left the 6-1 just before their 6th went in, only time I’ve left early, and I guess others felt yesterday what I felt then. It looks awful when it happens en masse.

    - on ticket distribution, obviously it is frustrating to see people in our end who we feel shouldn’t be. I clearly have no idea how those in the photo got tickets (I’m not going to guess they are Chinese like others are doing) but could be via a branch, via touts, via a box (eg ones held by a casino who give to clients like 235 does). If it is touts – which is most likely – then the club should have a clear and publicised strategy for dealing with this including anonymous ways for fans to report it, which doesn’t exist at the moment. I’m sure we are all agreed the more touting which is cut out the better. Maybe that hotline could report half and half scarves too!

    - the better side of it is that often we play city away and our end is flat. It leads to the regular debate about who got the tickets. But yesterday our support at 4-0 down didn’t sound corporate and embarrassing. There was a reaction from our fans of defiance and loyalty which I was glad about, if not the result and performance.

  • Rich


    It was without a doubt worse in terms of leaving early at the 6-1. At the time my ST was right behind the Stretford End goal about 10 rows back and it was a very lonely place at the final whistle. In contrast the support when we lost 4-0 at West Ham in the Carling Cup was tonnes better

  • Jambo

    Agree with oli that the club need a clear and publicised strategy.we all know the online ticket agencies can guarantee our away end at every ground in the premiership at costs ranging from £90-£350 you don’t have to be a top detective to find the source of these if the WILL to do it is there.

  • Carl

    Getting into block 113 was a disgrace, I just walked through 112 instead to get to my seat that way.

  • Paul

    Well done to all those getting behind the team at 4-0 it came through loud and clear on the box
    As for the picture of the half and halfers maybe they are the owners of one our countless ‘partners’ because if I ploughed a shed load of cash in to the club I would want tickets to the glamour aways.

  • Fraser

    I had no issues getting into the 114 section. I got in the ground about 1 hour before the game, in the section about 20 mins before the KO. The usual big influx occurred 10 mins before the game, just as the teams walked out.
    Maybe the problem was caused by the many supporters in 114 who did not have tickets for this section? Lots of double standing.

  • Chris Mellor

    I struggled getting into 114 for both first and second half. Police and stewards pushing people back really quite unessesarily with extra ticket checks. The problem is, is that once you’re through you can quite easily move to another block anyway. What’s the point? Just created a gigantic crush. Saw quite a few scuffles outside the ground. I suppose unsurprisingly it was only away fans.

  • tony

    If you dont like drinking anymore you go home

  • Luke

    got there about 20 mins before and no problems. Had a beer inside, too.

    I was third row of the upper tier, so with the cordoning off, of the first two rows, I was effectively at the front. A City STH I know said he kept on looking up at me expecting me to have gone, but instead I stayed to the bitter and “looked like I was about to jump off”.

    Much better last night.

  • Dean

    Fair play to the hardcore who stayed behind after 4-0, i thought that was the norm, support your team till the bitter end.I have had correspondence with United ticket office many times regarding away tickets and i believe supporters(if this is true what i hear) have a better chance of an awayer if it is in there area. Can anyone confirm this as i live 4 miles from O.T and not had a derby ticket since we had the north stand at there place. I have to mingle with the odd lot and risk being sussed most years. Why didn’t anyone politely ask the chinese where they got tickets from. There is a leak somewhere at O.T im sure