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Leverkusen by coach for £41 return

Want to go to Leverkusen, but missed out on the cheap flights? No need to panic – you can still go overland.

In fact, it’s TOO EARLY to book to get the cheapest possible deal, but we’ll tell you how to do it now, what your options area.

Option 1 – take the stress out of it with Champion Sport Tours – £130*

The day before the game at 06:00, a coach will set off from the Bishop’s Blaize pub and will arrive in Leverkusen about 13 hours later, depending on traffic and stops.

Guests will then check into a three-star hotel and enjoy the match the following day.

The coach then returns to Manchester right after the game and will probably arrive back about 14:00 the day after the game.

*The price is based on two people sharing a twin room.

Book by calling 0161 282 1966 or email debbie@mufctravel.com

Option 2 – take the coach the whole way - £41 return

The beauty of this option is there are two coach companies competing for your trade – National Express and Megabus.

Because of how their booking system works, you won’t be book until Thursday September 12.

Brussels Central Train Station

You can go by National Express all the way from Manchester to Cologne, though you would need to change at London Victoria.

You can go by Megabus from Manchester to Brussels.

Since Megabus is almost always cheaper and faster, we recommend going by Megabus as far as Brussels, then taking the National Express coach the rest of the way (though you need to go to National Express’s European website Eurolines to book that leg).

In order to get the cheapest deal, you need to book the trip in four parts (we don’t know the exact prices yet, because the timetable hasn’t been released, but the information below is based on the previous week’s information).

Part 1 – Manchester Shudehill to London Victoria return

There are 12 coaches in each direction each day, costing between £1 and £9 one way if you book far enough in advance.

You can expect to pay about £10 return if you book in advance.

It takes about four hours.

Of course, you could drive/get the train to/fly to London too.

Part 2 – London Victoria to Brussels Rue du Cardinal Mercier (outside the central train station).

There are two coaches in each direction each day, costing between £1 and £12 one way if you book far enough in advance.

It takes between 6:45 and 8 hours (including two annoying border checks at the Channel Tunnel).

Also, when you get to Brussels, you will need to walk about 15 minutes directly north to Brussels Nord train station to carry on your journey, though you could get a taxi or a train (which takes three minutes).

Part 3 – Brussels Nord to Cologne

Leverkusen Train Station

Eurolines runs three coaches in each direction each day, costing e11 each way (about £18 in total)

It takes three-and-a-half hours.

Part 4 – Cologne to Leverkusen Mitte

German rail runs dozens of trains each day on the S-Bahn line between the two cities and it’s a 15-minute journey and costs about £10 return.

Option 3

Follow option 2 as far part 3

As an alternative, you could take the train from Brussels to Cologne or Leverkusen.

The journey takes just over threee hours and it costs about £35 return if you book in advance.

So what do I need to know?

You need to be able to figure out how all the dots connect on your journey.

On Thursday September 12, I will update this page to include specific timetable information, advising you on the best routes to take if you want to do the trip in three days.

Please ask any questions below.

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