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Real Sociedad allocation confirmed

United will get 1,500 tickets for the trip to Real Sociedad, the hosts have confirmed.

The away end is where block 9 is (the bottom right hand corner of the image below.

A Sociedad spokesman said: “The number of tickets we are required to provide is five per cent of the stadiium capacity, in our case 1,500 tickets, located in section 9 of the Norte section.”

Information gathered thanks to Charlie Harrison.

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58 comments to Real Sociedad allocation confirmed

  • Daniel

    Any word on price ? Very pessimistic about getting one in the ballot without Donetsk credit. Have Sociedad and Leverkusen booked could be that I’m chubbed for both and still have 2 credits.

  • Ste

    Can i just make one thing clear to people. If you apply and don’t collect the ticket, you will not be able to apply for any other game. Otherwise, at £7, thousands would apply for Donetsk and not go taking the £7 hit and get the credit.

    This has been in operation for years as i found out in Rome in 07 at the group game where i picked mine up but my mate at the last minute could not go, meaning a black balling and not being able to apply for any others that season.

    I have also been told by a member of United staff that this will continue to apply this season.

  • Oli

    Ste, you are wrong. The system is now totally different to 2007 anyway given collections then were not regular and were limited to the odd game on police advice like Rome. And the main point you don’t seem to understand is that under the system now, if you buy a cheap ticket for Donetsk and don’t go, you don’t get a credit anyway. You only get the credit for collecting in Donestk on the day, not for paying 7 quid. Not collecting doesn’t mean any form of blacklisting, just means you don’t get the credit. No one can buy a credit for 7 quid without travelling. I didn’t go to Kiev after buying a ticket and had no repercussions, club accept people can’t go at late notice for whatever reason.

  • Shahbs

    Finding it difficult to get here from the northwest, works out same as going by TC, any ideas on prices yet guys ?

  • Gary

    Shabbs maybe this dosent help you but there is flights at the min from Dublin to Bilbao for 109 euro which is less than I paid 3 weeks ago at 135 euro out Tuesday morning back wed morning

  • Gary

    Shabbs that is with aer lingus and am sure if your Manchester based u could fly with Ryanair from manc to Dublin reasonably cheap ,hope this helps you as I have a mate from Manchester who is going this route

  • andy

    hi gary what time is your flight from Dublin

    and your flight to come back

  • Gary

    Andy flight out of Dublin 5th nov at 9.00 returning from Bilbao following day at 12.45 still only 137.95 euro return