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Reds to take on Norwich in next round

United have drawn Norwich at home in the Capital One Cup fourth round.

The match will take place at Old Trafford on Tuesday October 29 or the following day.

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24 comments to Reds to take on Norwich in next round

  • baz

    Be nice if United drop prices for match with it be Norwich

  • Shahbs

    Utd prices fixed regardless of comp, at 45 quid a pop and midweek will be surprised if they bring many fans at all

  • nick

    I thought it was upto away club aswell to have final say on prices if utd and norwich agree to drop it then it could happen sure norwich would want cheap tickets for there fans cumin a long way

  • mufcdave99

    no chance the price will be dropped.. we have the same debate every year… even if united wanted to, why would norwich when they know they will get a percentage of the higher ticket prices (and with the cup scheme know we will sell a fair few)

  • SalfordMUFC

    Have to set a price for the competition rather than opposition. But with ACS very little incentive, as things are united would say You can opt out, isn’t any incentive for new ST holders to opt in for Norwich considering they can’t apply for aways or is it known if there’ll be able to apply for possible finals? If their not isn’t there a case for them being Able opt out of all cup games?

  • Oli

    Nick, which teams have we had cheaper home league cup tickets against in recent seasons? Teams travelling a long way doesn’t seem to have made a difference (Barnet, Palace etc) and MU website now has set prices for league cup with no mention of the possibility of a reduction. I wouldn’t hold my breath…!

  • Higgo

    United are debuting for this game i think on the 30th so any reduction, whic I doubt, would surely have been announced.

  • nick

    Oli wasen’t the coventry game reduced a couple of years ago and we gave them 12,000 tickets aswell?

  • kev

    No nick, Coventry rejected the 33% reduction as were made aware ACS had become compulsory that summer albeit opt out option of LC. Can’t blame the away team for looking after their interests. The ACS created this scenario. United would have set a fixed discounted price for the competition rather than opposition, like Arsenal, Chelsea and some others do.

  • kev

    Meant would to.
    Coventry rejected 33% discount At OT but didn’t seem to oppose Arsenal charging only £10/£20 £5/£10 2 seasons ago. Difference is Coventry knew majority of our fans are committed to LC but Arsenals aren’t.

  • Oli

    The night our reserves lost to Palace in the League Cup and we all paid full price, Arsenal played City, they both put pretty strong sides out and the whole Emirates stadium was 10 quid adults and a fiver concessions.

    Basically every other club uses the league cup to get new people into the stadium, usually those who can’t afford usual ticket prices, MUFC have resisted that opportunity. Real shame.

    I thought the ACS being amended to not include league cup would lead to prices dropping but sadly not. There used to be around 20k who didn’t buy any cup games (eg 18k didnt buy their seat for the semi final v Milan year before ACS came in) but now people have to buy most of them anyway, it seems they might as well buy one or two more and have chance at cup final tickets etc as a result. Even though stadium can have lots of spaces showing, ticket sales are pretty big still due to ACs. Just morally dubious.

  • Tommy

    Will the scousers be getting their allocation reduced for the league game after the flare throwing incident, Or is it just United that suffer drop in allocations!!

  • Gus

    Judging by the allocation they got this week after throwing seats in the cup game we’ll probably increase it ! ! Don’t forget, it’s never their fault !

  • Oli

    Tommy, let’s hope we don’t reduce it. I’m sick of tit for tat allocation reductions which end up screwing over our away fans. We have worked damn hard to get the Anfield allocation back up after it was cut the other year and the last thing I want is an excuse for them to cut it again.

    I also just do no agree with mass punishment. Not sure why thousands of fans should suffer because one idiot throws a flare. find the guy and ban him etc, don’t take away all their away seats. Just as I wouldn’t like to not be ticketed for a game because someone I don’t know who lobs a flare.

    I’m not sure whether United have ever had a reduction in our allocation because of a flare alone, though our allocation at West Ham was cut due to their observers seeing our fans at Chelsea – and one of the six reasons they cited for our bad behaviour was a flare.

    I think there is a natural instinct to want them punished for that flare but personally I don’t want anything to happen which inevitably leads to our own fans getting shafted in return.

  • Higgo

    They get great allocations at Old Trafford despite smashing up the toilets (really hard that) on a couple of occasions. It bemuses me how we seem to get punished for blocking entrances etc and yet they seem to go unaffected despite their past history at OT. Having said that it was nice to know that there were 7000 scousers there on Wednesday watching their team get beaten and knocked out of the cup.

  • vitty

    Tommy – I would be amazed if Liverpool don’t have their allocation cut next time they play a cup game at Old Trafford.

  • Shahbs

    Agree with vitty, 1 flare and about 6/7 smoke bombs let off, deffo reduction in cup allocation in the future thou I also agree with Oli why punish collectively ? Ban those responsible

  • kev

    That’s a stunning amount of STHs to choose not go to a CL semi, heard claims touts were selling at FV that night.
    Agree Oli, most don’t opt out as maybe just one game, Q. If STHS opts out and then we don’t get any LC home games, would they still be able apply for aways etc given still purchased all home games?
    Mufc wont change ACS, as well as obvious of income from people being tied to cup games, there’s also added pluses for them, no post costs, STHs not relocating to cheaper cup seats, not taking up staffs time relocating cup seats, made STs a little less appealing but still most/all STs

  • Tommy

    Fair enough Oli tit for tat is a bit childish, I always wonder how fans manage to get flares in the stadium in the 1st place what the hell do the security checks before they enter the stadium do? Security at all clubs is shit in this country, when a fan runs onto the pitch the fan has reached the halfway line before the security staff react, They allow players to get pelted with coins without doing nothing etc.

  • Oli

    Totally agree Tommy. People take flares into grounds but you can’t get a plastic bottle top in. Hmm. They even tried to confiscate my Twix at City!

  • Higgo

    The sniffer dogs at the turnstiles obviously missed that tosser.

  • Sparky (Mark)

    Norwich confirm match on their website as Tuesday 29th October 7.45 ko.


  • Oli

    Norwich website also says…

    Heroes Offer- Anyone working for the NHS, Fire Service, Police, or the Armed Forces can purchase a ticket at £15 (ID must be shown on the night).

    Does anyone know if that’s Norwich subsidising their fans or a United thing? I guess the former seeing as I’ve never heard of it before.