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Where did all the City tickets go? A Reds Away Q&A

After thousands of reds did not get Manchester City tickets, the following Q&A looks at the numbers behind the knock backs.

The figures have come from United’s ticket office via a fan who wrote to them about the issue.

Q. How many tickets did we get for City?

In the summer, City told Reds Away the allocation would be 2,617 though United said the allocation is “around 2,500 tickets”.

Q: How are those tickets split?

If we take the 2,617 figure, 942 went to executive members, 942 went to loyalty pot members and 628 went to season ticket holders not in the loyalty pot. 105 went to club associates. EDITOR’S NOTE: If the 942 LP figure is correct, it would mean almost all LPs got tickets. Anecdotal evidence suggests this is far from the case, casting doubts on whether the ticket office’s figures are accurate.

Q: How many season ticket holders who are not in the loyalty pot applied?

About 8,000

Q. So what chance did they have of getting tickets?

Just over one in 13…or 7.5 per cent.

Q, What can change to give people more access to tickets?

City could give us more. MUST and Reds Away have been working with City officials for the last few years to get an increase.

United could get more tickets if any of three things happen.

First, if people sat down in the upper tier. City have said they would give us the front two rows of the stand if this happened – and we doubt it will, as our fans, in the main, place a great importance on standing.

Second, if City and United fans stop throwing objects at each other over the segregation line.

The police report from last year’s game show City fans were mainly responsible for this and, as long as they (and reds) keep it up, we won’t get more tickets.

Third, if City extend their stadium, which they plan to do.

Q. What about United’s role?

A ticket office spokesman said: “We work with the Fans’ Forum to make tickets more accessible for these matches and recent changes have included new season ticket holders not being entitled to apply for away matches (for three seasons).

“This should reduce the number of applications received for each match.”

A Fans’ Forum working group is also exploring other ways to make the ballot process fairer, though whether it will lead to any changes in the long term is anyone’s guess. 

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120 comments to Where did all the City tickets go? A Reds Away Q&A

  • black country red

    Kev, Agree, there would be multiple problems if the tickets issued in the home end I really hope the tickets aren’t in the home end because It takes away the whole point of being at an away and if 50 16 year old lads jump up for a united goal or start singing united songs in the home end there could be problems.

  • andy

    hi black counyrty red ive had 15 aways since burnley in 2009

  • black country red

    Andy were they all in the ballot ?

  • andy

    ye all in the ballot

    15 out of 94 aways not that good tho

  • Luke

    15/94 in the standard ballot is pretty good going. That equates to about 1/6 which is certainly better than my SP STH have done in that time. Thankfully, I have some very good friends who help me out.

  • flymored

    andy you are doing pretty well compared to me – I’ve had 9 in that time in the SP…

  • Micheal

    Jesus Andy that is exceptional going i almost dont believe that. We have SP LP and execs in are group and i can certainly say that is exceptionally good going. One of those standard SThs have not got one in 5 years in perticular and has applied for every game

  • black country red

    andy that’s loads I’ve had 3 in the last 3 years

  • Daniel

    ID system only way forward, I would rather have to leave a little early from home or the pub and be getting a ticket on my own number then see touts selling them for £300 a piece to some (excuse me) Wig/half/half scarf wearing, camera snapping Asian/Scandinavian who are proply at there only game of the season while the likes of normal ST holders are freezing there arses of at Cluj at home. I’m not being racist we all see them at away games yes potentially they could have a ST but my guess is they aren’t. I’m sorry Vitty/ anyone else if that comes across bad don’t mean it to just making a point and can’t seem to phrase it any better

  • Oli

    Disagree Daniel.

    Leaving home a few minutes early – more like a few hours if done with colction. took me over an hour to collect at Chelsea plus they wouldn’t do domestic away collections anywhere near stadium for security reasons. So add hours and hours on.

    If you’re talking about putting names on away tickets and matching to ID, is virtually impossible. Away club send 3k tickets, they don’t have names on and United only do ballot after they’ve received them. Do you expect United to buy 50k printers which adapt to every size and thickness ticket and get new software to print names one by one to each ticket they assign? Forget it.

    Compromise is a quick check by the gate that you are holding a season ticket. Would stop touts giving to tourists as they can’t trust total strangers to find them after matchand return the cards. But avoids costly measures for the club and over zealous systems that takes us back 30 years to treating fans like scum and cattle.

    But don’t expect it to happen – over 250k a year for club to oversee stewards on every away gate – getting abuse and being pushed about for slowing down people getting in – and can guarantee they won’t be paying for that, and I’m not paying for the privilege of it either. May happen at the odd game though.

  • Luke

    I agree with Oli.

    Daniel is right, in the sense that it is the only near fool-proof system for knowing who is attending games but implementing it is a different matter.

    United could produce a ticket like they do for Euro away collections, and attach that to an away tickets. Entrance only allowed with both parts and random checks etc.

  • Micheal

    Any sunderland results out ?

  • Luke

    Sunderland results out.

  • Dan

    City tickets are appearing now.

    For the people who have contacts of course.

  • Lucky63

    Relating to the above posts, I’ve worked out I’ve had 22 domestic aways in the ballot since the start of 2009 (had a season ticket before that but using 2009 onwards as a comparison to others). I’ve only ever had one domestic cup away game in that time which was West Ham in the league cup. Very poor record in the cup aways. I’ve had quite a few returns from the TO as well. I realise that I’ve been extremely lucky compared to some

  • Daniel

    Lucky your doing well son. Nothing in a year and these 4 games apart from Chelsea in LC.

  • black country red

    Hboss this is a joke fans like these can get tickets for a game like city away but st holders can’t get a look in, I haven,t had an away since Wigan in 2012

  • black country red

    Hboss where did you get that pic from and how do you know the tickets are in the united end

  • ste

    LP is outdated, and utter tripe.

    yes reward loyal fans. but to have a one off LP created is such a stupid idea.
    Now no other season ticket holder even if they apply for every away in every comp can get as much chance of aways as them in the LP

    Its bull****

    many People who are not in it and backing it clearly have connections with those in it to secure aways.

    i know shed loads of “loyal” fans in the LP who dont bother with many home games and sell there tickets on a regular basis, and just reap the rewards of away tickets.

    scandalous and outdated.