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2,950 tickets for Leverkusen trip

United will get 2,950 tickets for the away match against Bayer Leverkusen, the hosts have confirmed to redsaway.com

The ticket breakdown is:

- 1,200 tickets in sections SG1, SG2 and SG3. These will cost e31 (£26).
- 550 tickets in sections G4 and G5. These will cost e36 (£30).
- 600 tickets in section F4 (the blue section on the map). These will cost e67 (£56)
- 400 tickets in section F9. These will cost e58 (£48)
- 200 VIP tickets in section F4. These will cost e67 (£56), but could cost more.

All ticket prices do not include United’s processing fee.

The sections are shown on the map below.

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51 comments to 2,950 tickets for Leverkusen trip

  • Oli

    This is great news, we previously were given 1600 tickets here.

    Many diff price brackets but, like Schalke, most in one section anyway with no need for anyone to spend more than the cheapest.

  • Dan

    Great news!

    Any ideas when next set of fixtures being announced for sky please?

  • Phil

    Trip already booked… Now just hoping we get a ticket!

  • vitty

    Dan – by my calculations, it should be this Friday and take us up to just after New Year.

  • Shahbs

    Don’t knw wot happen to message but this is fantastic , did we work behind the scenes to get this allocation , good prices too !

  • Ciaran

    what do you reckon the chances are of getting a ticket with no credits?

  • Kevin

    I have booked my trip but will have no credits what do u think the chances of a ticket are

  • Oli

    Ciaran/ Kevin – none of us can predict how many can apply so no one can give you a straight answer. But we would rarely take much more than this to a group game so there won’t be ridiculous over demand. May also be affected by results over next few games – if we have already qualified by the time the applications start then may be less people applying too.

  • Josh

    Itl be a top trip this, everyone should get sorted for BL also you’d be quiet stupid to try an blag the system for RS and hope to be knocked back when you should get sorted anyway for BL

  • Matt71

    Mmmmm not that sure about where we are standing ! Looks like a really restricted view next to that stand thing .

    See picture in the link below, half way done middle of the 3 stadium shots


  • mufcdave99

    like josh said, the higher allocation will put alot of people off who would have tried to claim a credit with no intention of going! anotehr positive.

  • Oli

    Matt, this is view from away end at Bayarena – not restricted at all – http://static.panoramio.com/photos/large/33759731.jpg

  • Mark@mcnts07

    Really looking forward to this away. Great allocation as well should make for a cracking trip.

    Vitty / Oli – without wanting to open a can of worms, do you know why it is a One United member can apply for European aways whilst the new criteria for ST Holders means they can’t apply for domestic aways unless a ST Holder for three years? Logic doesn’t really add up.

  • vitty

    Mark – it’s quite a simple formula:

    For domestic aways
    - each game, an average of 8k people apply for an average of 2.5k tickets, so there is almost a one in four chance of getting tickets (and that’s only the average…and with many more variables thrown in)

    This is why the club wanted to do something to bring loyalty into it.

    For Euro aways
    - very few games sell out, especially in the group stages, so the club has no need to bring loyalty into it.

    There is an argument that STHs should get priority over members for high-demand European games, but a) that would undermine the credit system and b) it pretty much does apply for finals.

    I knew a law who went to every game in 2009 and didn’t go to Rome because he was a member. One school of thought says that’s right, while the other says it’s wrong.

  • Chew

    Decent allocation, all booked already and only one I can make, so happy it looks like we’ll have a decent chance of a ticket.

  • tony

    The school of thought is a 1 utd member might pay £30 and not go inside OT so those that pay direct into the club FOR THE SEASON should get priority.

    The more you pay the more you get looked after it works in all walks of life

  • kev

    Tony with that theory of pay more then no Execs should ever be unsuccessful in domestic ballots, agree STHs should get advantage but not over members who have credits as Vitty said it would undermine the Credit system, they would likely stop members applying if Euro aways were consistently oversubscribed.
    Mark, what the 3yr rule does is stop the examples/moans about new STHs being successful in ballots, united had to be seen as doing something to help the Majority who don’t do well in ballots.

  • Mark@mcnts07

    Cheers Vitty – just wanted clarification around it.

    Dreading get knocked back for Real Soc after doing four of last years five Euro away’s with a combination of Donestk just costing to much & shortage of days of work. Got knocked back last year for Cluj away (succesful in second ballot) hence thought most of Euro aways would have sold out.

    Thanks anyway lads

  • Oli

    On Euro away preferences, I think most agree that if execs and members have equal credits and there aren’t enough tickets, then the season ticket holder should get first priority. People who go week in week out should have preference over someone who, in theory, could never have been to a game before but buys a membership just to apply for one match abroad.

    However, I equally respect that many Euro aways are not sold out and members going to Donetsk or Cluj etc should be recognised for that. So for Sociedad, for example, a member who went to Donetsk should get a ticket for Spain over me who did not do Donetsk, but I don’t think a member who didn’t go to Donetsk should be treated the same as an ST holder who didn’t.

    I don’t really see current system changing, however, as it has been raised with club so many times to not avail.

  • Arran

    Great news that allocation.Great work to whoever pulled that off.Still aint booked anywhere to stay in cologne.Has anyone?

  • Jim


    Id say quiet a few have doubt many intend in sleeping in streets, Mind boggels with comments on here sometimes

  • Charlie

    2,950 is good going, pleased about that.

    I think a lot of those who were thinking about applying/going to RS will hold off and try and just do BL. There will also undoubtedly be a fair few who did SD that know they will get BL, so for financial reasons and time off issues, wont do RS (I can see vitty has calculated this).

    All this, added to the fact we received 200 or so more tickets, leaves me far more positive about this than I was last week, put it that way.

  • Jim


    More positive about RS OR BL ?

  • moscow08

    Aaron, booked a hotel a week or so ago, was still plenty left, got a place near the station, although I intend to spend the majority of the night in Pascha :D

  • Mark@mcnts07

    Pascha – very good Moscow08, you’ve been researching I see.

  • Matt71

    Oil: cheers for those photos you linked! Puts my mind at ease regarding the view :)

  • Charlie

    Jim, more positive about BL. A game with 2950 tickets leaves me more positive than 1700, despite the fact that more will travel to Germany.

  • Jan

    Great allocation. Have United sold 2950 ticket for any group stage away in the last few years?

  • kev

    Jan, Celtic/rangers domestic type games asides then NO, probably have to go as far back as Lille 2001 and 98/99, a great turnout was expected for Wolfsburg 09 but think most got in a 1500 allocation.

  • Arran


    My mate booked this yesterday.40 euro a night.Handy having the room if one of the girls from pascha wants to come back for a coffee….

  • jonboy

    The pascha is apparently a 12 storey , 9000square metre brothel in cologne with over 120 prossies, i sincerley hope u guys r not referring to this and there is a actual club pascha somewhere in cologne

  • Shahbs

    There is some pretty interesting viewing on that place on YouTube

  • Charlie

    Pascha will be heaving with reds – we will be there.

  • Tom

    Petitbijou or Pascha gonna be a hard choice for a lot of reds after the game!

  • Dom

    With free entry on offer at one of these venues certainly will be heaving

  • Shahbs

    U dirty gits :-)

  • Dell

    United are here, were here, were here :)

  • Armani

    Has anyone been on any of the following (or similar) trains before?

    Brussels -> Amsterdam
    Amsterdam -> Cologne
    Cologne -> Brussels

    I’d like to pick your brain about a few things!


  • shane

    Yes, I have done trains across Europe – in fact am doing Sociedad by train and, if I go, will do Cologne by train also. Went to Amsterdam via train when we played there in the Europa and have done others in the past. All fairly easy but be aware there are usually different services/prices available – for example Thales services are faster to say Amsterdam from Brussels but there’s also a cheaper service that’s pretty decent and only an hour or so longer.

  • Armani

    Thanks Shane, are the ticket prices the same on the day or should we book in advance?

    Also, are there barriers at the stations (Brussels, Dam and Cologne)?

  • Higgo

    Planning a jib Armani?

  • shane

    I usually book in advance – you can give rail europe a call and ask them about the comparable fares if buying on the day. Eurostar used to issue tickets for onward travel to any country for Holland, Germany etc. which was always pretty good value and in effect gave you a flexible ticket beyond Brussels, but they seem to have stopped that now referring you to Rail Europe. Can’t remember about ticket barriers at Amsterdam, but have always had my ticket checked on the train when travelling across europe.

  • Armani

    Exploring the options Higgo! As it stands, the 3 trains we’ve got to get are going to set me back £80. I’m reluctant to ruin the bargain of return flights to Brussels for £48!

  • Jack

    Still a decent price. £120 all in with a trip to the Dam included. Remeber you’re travelling cross border so checks will be a bit more stringent! 2 hectors on german trains usually and you might get away with it, but if theres a few of you you’ll stand out. No barriers at Amsterdam station though, not sure about the others.

  • jim

    Manchester – Bremen return flights with ryanair now £31
    Bremen – Dusseldorf return train with bahn.uk €70

  • Paz

    For the ones who were talking about travelling by train this website can help when travelling through Europe by Train.


    Have used it myself for several Euro Aways

  • Charlie

    Train is always a good shout, if you can keep the cost down.

    We are on the 10.34 from Dam to Cologne on the Wednesday