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£4 off the price of rest of this season’s away tickets

United bosses have decided to knock £4 off the price of every domestic away ticket for the rest of the season.

The Premier League gave each of the division’s 20 clubs £200,000 to spend on improving the experience of away fans however they felt appropriate.

United chiefs consulted with fans’ groups and fans’ forum members
, who suggested the £4 discount as the best and simplest way of benefiting fans.

The discount applies from the Fulham game onwards and applies to tickets in all price categories. It will not be applied to previous games.

Reds Away editor and MUST committee member for away ticketing issues Dale Haslam said: “At a time when the cost of away tickets is rising season by season, this is a huge boost for reds.

“It is commendable that United bosses involved a wide range of fans’ representatives in the decision-making process. Long may it continue.”

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22 comments to £4 off the price of rest of this season’s away tickets

  • Jim

    Touts/execs will now have an extra 4 quid in there pockets

  • Oli

    The best thing for me about this is that the club actively sought to engage with fan groups on this. There was a bit of back and forth as they wanted to onsider putting some towards away fans visiting OT but in the end the whole budget is going to our own fans. We pushed for a straight ticket subsidy rather than it going towards anything else, ie cheaper club travel. The club did look at refunds for the aways that have been but worked out was too much hassle to process.

    Fans should also still be very aware of the 3 percent charge though and that it is a bit ironic for them to knock 4 quid off a ticket but add half of that back kin fees. That’s the next issue to address on away prices.

  • kev

    Although free coach or hugely discounted train travel would make a significant difference to the price of a away trip to some eligible, the decision to deduct £4 from all tickets is fair as all fans benefit. Some will of course will moan its just £4 and doesn’t grab a headline like free travel does. Positive story for united

  • Oli

    Agree Kev though it is the Premier League telling clubs to spend 200k rather than giving them an option. So it is not generosity, more sense at HOW they use it.

  • Higgo

    Most lads I know wouldn’t go on coaches organised by the club even if they were free anyway so the £4 ticket discount is probably the best way to use the cash.

  • nick

    United should match the prem league £200.000 and knock £4 off aswell for away tickets meaning that would be £8 off as a good will

  • Oli

    United ’should’ do a lot of things Nick. Knocking the 3pc booking fee off is the next target fans should aim for.

  • nick

    Yeah they should oli but its like getting blood out of a stone trying to get anything off united. I hope the norwich league cup game will give them another reminder to reduce tickets for league cup home games next year

  • baz

    I agree with nick we should be look to reduce prices for home league cup games .

  • kev

    Oli, realise its not uniteds money but its positive for them because their decision cant be criticized, if free travel people would say it doesn’t suit them, if spent on away fans at OT our fans would say we’ve been forgotten/took for granted and if they split the budget between our away fans and OT visiting fans then you’d end up with a insulting discount of about £1/2, the request to scrap the 3% may work as united have given way in some of smaller issues in recent times and it would be a token gesture but they can argue most phone/online ticketing providers do charge a booking fee.
    Newcastle are apparently going offer away fans at SJP tickets for £20 to any club that will reciprocate.

  • Oli

    Totally agree Kev.

    The Newcastle idea is a clever one to be honest. Be interesting to see how it pans out. However, the problem is that fans don’t get to decide – clubs do – so why would clubs charge away fans less money so that their fans saved money? I don’t see United losing 3000 x 30 quid (90 grand) from Newcastle fans so that united fans save money when we go there. Sad but true.

  • Joe

    ST’s will be going up next year to cover it, no doubt about it!

  • kev

    Joe, this isn’t Uniteds money so they don’t need to budget for it, maybe any significant away ticket price drops may come at a small cost to STs, but the argument is that Tv money increase should fund price drops. But while there’s ever increasing wages and clubs running up losses I don’t see myself!

  • kev

    Mean see it. The Newcastle £20 challenge is interesting because they will get good publicity and those close refusing their offer will get criticism from their fans groups, I can see some clubs taking up the offer ie some battling relegation see the benefit of good travelling support and have done free travel in the past

  • nick

    Away games changed for tv
    Villa a 15 dec 13.30
    Hull a 26 dec 12.45

  • Charlie

    Regardless of its feasibility you have to credit Newcastle for the effort.

    Agree with Oli, if the decision lies with the club then why would they reduce to 20? If most other clubs followed suit then they might feel they have to, so hopefully other clubs will honour this as well

  • Oli

    Newcastle will be announcing full details of their plans at 2.30pm and on the back of it quite a few journos have told me that they will be asking United (and other clubs) what their reaction is/ if they’d agree to it. Media useful in questioning the club on this.

  • Mark

    City have halved the prices of all away tickets! £4 doesn’t look great now!

  • Oli

    Mark, I know what you mean but either way we save £4 on current prices and that is still a good thing. Obviously would be great if United went above and beyond the requirements and made a gesture like City (or indeed Newcastle), but I am not sure any of us actually expect that from United. The other difference is that for most clubs this is about reducing prices to sell more away tickets, but ours sell out anyway and that means from a supply/ demand perspective there is no need for anyone to do any more for us (apart from on a moral basis).

    As fans we should see this as the start of a change in tide rather than a sole gesture. As I have said before, we need to build ont his and push for the 3% charge to go, for the ACS to be tweaked, for League Cup prices to be reduced, for issues with TCS to be addressed etc etc etc. That momentum is now building – eg Independent article by Ian Herbert today slamming PL clubs on booking fees.

  • kev

    Mark, think with City its selected games rather than all, eg when 2 away games in week, Xmas/NY, far distant aways.
    Agree with your points Oli, league reduced as were the only PL club without reduced LC pricing, should still purchase to apply for aways thou! 3% should be scrapped for members as this used to cover postage but now tickets go on to the card, away ticketing united have genuine costs but it would be a small gesture and away fans visiting OT should get the equivalent members pricing and that’s the minimum they would likely be at their clubs.

  • vitty

    Before we all start praising Newcastle, let us consider a few things:

    A couple of seasons ago, Ashley got rid of their singing section (the equivalent of kicking everyone out of Stretty T2) and used the blocks as a family stand and as an extension to the away end.

    So all the singers (and standers) had to be dispersed around the ground or not go anymore.

    Next, two years ago, Ashley banned non members from applying for away tickets.

    The knock-on effect is that the club has streamlined its away-application process.

    Because Newcastle don’t earn any money from away ticket sales, they don’t like doing it, so they sell to season ticket holders and that’s it.

    The net result is Newcastle’s away following has fallen over the last few years (example, this year, they only had the lower tiers at Everton and City) – even though others want to go.

    Next, as of this season, you have to be a club member to buy home match tickets. So you get empty seats because the kind of fan who goes once or twice a season doesn’t like paying £20 for a membership on top of their ticket price.

    So while the latest move is good, Ashley and Newcastle have got an awful lot to make up for.

  • Peter

    This £200,000 fund for each club is a ‘drop in the ocean’
    (But a good start!)
    If it could get increased to say £1mil (Still not a big figure in PL terms)- Clubs would be able to offer a ‘5 times better deal’
    ie MUFC could knock-off £20 (instead of £4)- and that would be something to cheer about!