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Fulham allocation confirmed

Reds will have ‘just less than 3,000 tickets’ for the trip to Fulham, United have confirmed.

See the diary dates panel for more details.

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37 comments to Fulham allocation confirmed

  • andrew

    hi, need tickets for fulham away

  • andrew

    can anyone help or want to sell

  • Mike L

    I love Fulham. Only club with a neutral section that is filled with away fans – so there will be at least 6000 reds at the game!

  • Tom

    Mike, I agree the neutral section will be filled with reds. However, i would far rather have 6K tickets in the ballot. Than those other 3k being sold as ”neutral”.

  • Tom

    Andrew, this is not the place to ask for spares! Tip, apply in the ballot like every other STH does.

  • Mike L

    Tom – I agree but this is Fulham’s policy for all games and you can imagine for less well supported clubs they attract “tourists”/neutrals to the Cottage. Last year I bumped into lots of our Asian fans who got their tickets via this route. Fair play to them as it is a long way to come for a game. I suppose 6,000 tickets in the ballet at OT would be nice – but Fulham don’t see it this way. However if you buy a Fulham membership for the season(I work in London by the way) you are almost guaranteed a ticket for the game against us. The only thing I have noticed it that it went down from 8 tickets per member to 2 tickets this year. Love this game as all the pubs around the ground are full of Reds!!!!

  • Tom

    Mike agree with everything you’ve said! Just hope i get sorted one way or another, because Fulham is always a good away trip!

  • Dell


    Hes clearly not a regular if he knew what the sus was, he would not be asking for spares when apps are still open and clearly no ballot results available (Gets on my wick these stupid comments)

    Fulham is always a top day as Mike says 6K reds almost taken over from the Blackburn of old. By the way can i just add what a top end it was at Sunderland. Great day out reds

  • Mustafa

    So glad to be a part of it on saturday. Regulars saying it was up there with the likes of Blackburn away makes me feel proud and honoured. Loved every minute of it and thanks to Reds Away for the travel guide!

    Before I get slated – yes I am a STH

  • Tom

    Sunderland from a support basis will be hard to top this season, thought it was one of the best aways since last time we went to blackburn. However, the Sunderland stewards didn’t have a clue and i can see our allocation dropping due their incompetence.

  • black country red

    If I get chubbed in the ballot(which I properly will) is it worth going in the neutral end as I imagine there will be a fair few day trippers in there

  • kev

    Agree Tom, top support, about 2 aways a season stand out above the rest, tends to be ones where people don’t struggle for tickets( unfashionable game and late kick off), plenty of large groups of mates.
    Black country red, you would basically be in the away part of ground but wont get the full on atmosphere, may get told to sit, but their is some United atmosphere in the neutral, I don’t think the neutral section holds 3k, when we played in the cup their we got about 4/4.5k and think neutral section was in allocation.

  • Dell

    Black country red/Kev

    Fulham there is no segregation so stand in utd end. Normally the whole end is proper united bar a few whoppers. Fulham one of the best aways every season for me.

  • black country red

    If I get chubbed I was thinking about just getting one in the neutral end an then just go and stand in the united end ,do you think there will be any hassle ?

  • Higgo

    I bagged a couple in the neutral end weeks ago and posted the details on here. At the time they only had resticted view seats left so not sure if there will be any now. Had to buy a membership first too. The whole end has no segregation so you can move freely in to the official away end via the concourse if you are a bit savvy. I have entered the ballot too with my ST’s and Exec so should be able to sort some pals out for this one.

    I agree with the Sunderland comments. Thought it was a good away end and we had a right laugh on Tony’s coach trip. Kev you are spot on the unfashionable games tend to lead to the best away ends and the North East games always seem to provide a good day out.

  • Will

    I bought one in the neutral end for 55 quid plus the 20 pouns membership which I wasnt happy about but im glad to have sorred a tixket early meaning Ive booked dirt cheap transport down to London. As for sunderland it was a great atmosphere but I rexkon it would have died off had we not have fot the equaliser eaely in the 2nd half!

  • Will

    And yeah black country red you can just walk into the united end thats what I did last season, the stewards arnt strict about checking your ticket

  • 8thwonderred

    hi all,

    read the comments above but just want some more info on the possibility of movement into the united end. I have tickets in putney end p2. Confused how it will work if seats are allocated where would I stand when moving into the designated away blocks (p5 & p6)?
    This will be my first away game in london and I cant wait, especially based on the notion of 6000 of us in that stand!!
    Thanks in advance!

  • Higgo

    That whole end can be accessed via the concourse. You can move to the official away end that way and if there’s stewards checking tickets in the concourse just do it a few mins before kick off when the rush starts. The other areas of the neutral away end will be mostly reds anyway so staying in your existing section wont be the end of the world.

  • Stugo

    Any results out yet??

  • Sam

    Dairy dates section on the left hand side of this page claim that ballot results are out on Tue 15th October. I dont know anyone that’s had results yet.

  • Higgo

    I’ve had results. They are my SP results and they were successful, so they are out there.

  • Chris Mc

    I rang the club earlier this afternoon, results out

  • black country red

    Results out,I’ve been chubbed again

  • Alan

    Successful at 12.33pm today :)

  • Si

    Loyalty pot – chubbed.

  • black country red

    Alan ,how many aways have you had this season and last season ?

  • Alan

    Hiya black country red, last year i got Chelsea (CC), West Ham (FAC), Swansea, and Norwich (last minute returns from ticket office).
    This year i have had Swansea and now Fulham. I apply for two tickets for every domestic away fixture.

  • kev c

    quite amazed that I got one in the ballot!

  • Dell


    Are you applying as a pair or 2 singles? and are all those pairs you have got in ballot ?

  • black country red

    alan, do you apply for all of them and are them 2 singles or a pair

  • Alan

    Dell, Black country Red,

    I always apply for two tickets together, so i either get two or none at all (thats the usual outcome :( )

  • Alan

    Dell, all of the tickets i have been fortunate enough to get have been through the official ballot. I wont’ buy tickets from touts.
    However, i am a member of various other Premier league clubs, and for one game a season i am in attendance at their ground.(no prizes for guessing which game)

  • andrew

    hi, alan,
    could i have your two away tickets for fulham, will pay 60 pounds each

  • Black Country red

    Andrew, are you really serious ?