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Real Sociedad ticket information confirmed

Reds have got a total of 1,728 tickets for the away match against Real Sociedad.

Of those, 1,558 are in the normal away end and cost £43 and 170 are in the VIP end among the home fans and cost £68 each.

Executive members, season ticket holders and One United Members can apply from 08:00 tomorrow until 08:00 next Tuesday.

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193 comments to Real Sociedad ticket information confirmed

  • Fred

    was expecting worse in terms of price and allocation.
    Still dont think everyone will get sorted given that around 400 travelled to Donesk though

  • Jack


    What you reckon of chances of getting a Breif credit less ? think most will be ok. Leverkusen will be the one with a couple of 100/1000 ticketless. I reckon also second ballot could help a few.

  • Shahbs

    Same was expecting worse for ticket price decent allocation in the end just over 1700

  • vitty

    My rough calculation is this: (approx figures)

    900 bought tickets for Donetsk
    700 collected tickets tickets and so earned a ticekt
    400 of them will apply

    That leaves 1,100 normal tickets.

    More or less all 170 VIP end tickets will go to everyone on the TCS executive trip.

    About 200 of the normal away end tickets will go to TCS (though a lot of them will be people who went to Donetsk and therefore would have got a Sociedad ticket even if they travelled independently).

    So if you consider that about 900 tickets will available to those with no credit and about 1,500 people with no credits will apply, you’ve basically got a 9 in 15 chance of getting a ticket.

  • vitty

    The one thing I would add is that TCS’s website says they have ’sold out’ of exec packages…whereas it could be that they’re not even running this trip…I have no idea.

  • Matt71

    Happy ( even though still not cheap) with ticket price! Was expected £75 plus !

    Hopefully everyone gets sorted on the ballot!

  • DaveA

    This might be jumping ahead a bit but any indication on allocation for Leverkusen yet? I know it’s all guess work!
    I went to Donetsk so have one credit and am planning on doing Leverkusen as well (flights booked etc). Do you think I should be alright getting a ticket for Leverkusen with just the one credit? I’m still not sure about going to Sociedad – time off and money mean I might have to give it a miss.

  • Josh


    Youl be alrite with 1 credit for BL.

  • Higgo

    Dave you will be fine with one credit pal.

  • vitty

    Just got the Leverkusen info through. Will post later when I get a minute.

  • John

    Are people who go on oneills for RS guranteed a ticket ?

  • Andrew

    Where are people staying? I’m flying into Biarritz and out of Bilbao

  • jim

    If anyone is on the Lufthansa flight(from Frankfurt) that lands at 12.15 in Bilbao i am running a coach to San sebastian.
    It will return to coincide with the Lufthansa flight at 13.05 from Bilbao.
    Cost not yet confirmed but hoping to sort around €25 or cheaper depending on numbers to cover cost of bus.

    Leave your email on here if interested and i will contact you.


  • jim

    Sorry i should of stated Mon arrival Weds return

  • Charlie

    2 of us might take you up on that jim, I need to check times first mind

  • Higgo

    John, no you have to apply in the normal ballot, you are not guaranteed a ticket. Only Thomas Cook Sport have that monopoly.

  • Fred

    any word on how Thomas Cook sales are going

    I know of only 2 lads who have booked the day trip through them

  • Jags

    Anybody travelling to Santander? Need to find out how i’d get from there to stadium

  • shahbs

    anybody going on the day trip with TCS they have sent invoice today to confirm £43 debited from card used for booking, does not show on acc history on utd website thou

  • Dell

    If someone who went to Donetsk not using TC and then is doing RS with TC would there ticket come out of the TC allocation or the rest of the pot allocation? If it comes out of the TC allocation, Is there an extra ticket added to the rest of the pot allocation ?

  • Luke

    Appreciate some advice,

    Does anyone have experience of applying for Euro aways on Exec facilities and getting the name transferred for collection?

    I have access to exec tickets, and use for domestic applications. It’s very much on the goodwill basis (I don’t work for the company who own the facilities). I quite simply apply, pay, and then collect the tickets from the office and make sure I thank him each time. He insists it’s not a problem for him.

    Which leads me to my question, if I apply on these facilities, would he need to phone up the TO with our details for the ticket collection, or would the travel report suffice? I don’t want create any hassle for the office manager you see…

  • Charlie


    As I understand it, your execs will have to apply for the tickets, be successful and then they have to action the name change with the club. I am sure someone can correct me if I am wrong or be more specific about how this is done.

    I did it for Ajax, all I had to do was send through name (as appears on passport, membership number, I think passport number) and that was it.

  • Oli

    Dell, anyone on a TCS trip gets their ticket from TCS regardless of whether they went to Donetsk.

    Luke, so exactly as Charlie says. You just need to call exec services number after ballot with the membership details of the exec and also all the details of people using tickets for the match. But if you also give the membership numbers of people actually using them, the credit goes to the person using them not against the exec. Which is fair.

  • Luke

    Thanks for the advice. Thought that may be the case. The tickets would be for me (assuming our season tickets are unsuccessful in the ballot).

    I’ll probably not apply on the execs then. Don’t want to create any more work for the MD. Already think he’s being pretty generous allowing me to apply for aways.

  • stewart

    Anyone flying to barcelona then taking the train?if so I’ve got 2 tickets going for the train if anyones interested.

  • Mike L

    Charlie is spot on. I know a few people who do it this way to get tickets for aways.

  • Dell

    Everyone expect it to over subscribe then ? I think everyone should be ok. Dont take many more then that to most places

  • Fred

    I doubt it Dell.

    The vast majority of lads i know are all going.

    I appreciate that this is no exact indiaction but it seems to be popular.

    Would be interesting to hear from United as to the number of applications they receive for each euro away and the number of cancelations they get after the 1st ballot.

    My experience is that many lads apply in the hope of being unsuccessful (for the credit), then if successful cancel the next day – hence a lot get sorted in the 2nd ballot.

  • shane

    As a comparison, allocation wise this is the same as Braga last season and folk were chubbed for that, and remained so after the 2nd ballot.

  • sam

    How does it work with euro away cancellations again?

    Am I right in saying thay you can cancel your ticket (if successful) after the first ballot but not after the second ballot?

  • Dell


    What you have got to factor in was Braga was the most popular tie in the group last year this year it is BL. I think everyone will have a really good chance if not all.

  • Higgo

    correct Sam

  • Andy


    We are flying Bilbao to Dublin on the Wednesday our flights at 12.45 so it is near enough to your flight, we might be interested in the bus from San Seb. Pop me an email in relation to this. cheers andycorcoran@hotmail.com

  • jim

    Thanks Andy i have emailed details

  • Andy

    Just to note Im NOT organising a bus, emails all weekend about it

  • Fred

    has anyone any links to bus companies. Might look at booking one myself. Cant seem to find any online.

  • Andy

    Is anyone flying into Biarritz the night before the game?

  • Charlie

    Andy – if you look at the poll to the top left of this page there are 59 or so flying into Biarritz and I am sure many more. I assume a lot of these will be flying the night before so I doubt you will be the only red knocking about.

    I know the ballot finishes tomorrow morning at 8am, would be intrigued to know how many apps united have received so far.

  • kmk

    Direct bus from Bilbao airport to San Sebastian 45 minutes past the hour every hour. Check Bilbao airport on Wikipedia for link.

  • Oli

    Bilbao to SS really easy – as kmk says above.

    Biarritz however is a real pain – one bus a day. I only land 2,45pm day of game so we have hired a minivan and driver to speed the whole thing up a bit. If anyone else is on that flight from Stansted let me know and you can share minivan.

  • Fabian

    Going to Biarritz on sunday and will arrive at 10am. Will meet up with my friend in SS in the night and wants to see the Biarritz city. Any idea what’s the best way to get to SS without taking that one bus a day. Heard something about taking the local bus to Bayonne and than change bus to SS, anyone know?

  • Charlie

    Fabian, I imagine google is your best bet on that one because a) reds don’t live there and b) I doubt many will travel on Sunday.

  • Andy

    Thanks Charlie,

    But the problem is the London flight arrives at 3 pm or so and the Dublin one arrives at 9 pm , nightmare for transport to San Seb

  • Charlie

    Andy, I see. I imagine there will be a few reds knocking about. You won’t need to find more than 2-3 additional people to make a taxi reasonable to say the least.

    I wouldn’t worry about it too much. 2-3 people and taxi would be what, 20 each?

  • Sparky (Mark)

    Ahhh its D Day :)

  • Dell

    What time to expect results at anybody know ? Also when is second ballot going to be done ?

    Good luck to everyone finally. Remember second ballot be crucial

  • Charlie

    Dell, results will be out this afternoon, says on the auto prompt on utd ticket line (they are obviously expecting a few calls)

  • Andy

    Charlie, I emailed a few taxi firms in Biarritz and they quoted €130 and emails a limo place and they will do it for €100. New Mercedes S500 haha.

  • Dell

    Anyone got results yet ?

  • Mark@mcnts07

    Not yet Dell, still waiting.