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Real Sociedad ticket information confirmed

Reds have got a total of 1,728 tickets for the away match against Real Sociedad.

Of those, 1,558 are in the normal away end and cost £43 and 170 are in the VIP end among the home fans and cost £68 each.

Executive members, season ticket holders and One United Members can apply from 08:00 tomorrow until 08:00 next Tuesday.

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193 comments to Real Sociedad ticket information confirmed

  • Jake

    Applied on the TCS overnight, anyone else going for this? I would have thought they’d get the numbers they need for it to go ahead.


  • shahbs

    im going on it jake, dont worry if the booking dont show on your acc history as TCS will send info to club after game then you will get credit, p.s iv booked parking at manchester on the morning of the game as im travelling down from haslingden, not far but any1 want to jump in your more than welcome aslong as your can meet me at any juntion along M66 (not many its only 10miles long this motorway)

  • Dell

    Chubbed. Unbelievable

  • Moffatred

    When does the second ballot take place?

  • RedDevil

    Sounds like loads of chubbings on 0 credits.

    There must’ve been 800-1000 in donetsk? The vast majority who made the effort for what was a very tough and expensive place to get to, would surely also do sociedad. Add on that thomas cook have a daytip, vip daytrip, overnight trip & vip overnight trip I doubt there were too many tickets left for people on 0 creidts

  • Luke

    Nothing! Unbelievable.
    Barely missed a European away in a decade but didn’t do Donetsk!
    Entirely forseeable flaw in the system, too.

  • Shane

    Chubbed too. Am sure there are some who’ve been successful but all of those I’ve spoken who applied on 0 credits have been chubbed. Doesn’t bode well for 2nd ballot as there’d have to be very high returns to sort folk now.

  • Oli

    I’ve been chubbed too – and people said I was exaggerating saying would be a hard ticket!

  • Shane

    Gonna be very tough now as I’ll I’m hearing is of folk being chubbed. Always hard when folk have time off, travel etc. paid for.

  • Jan

    How do you know lads? Called up now, said the results will be available later this afternoon.

  • George

    chubbd aswell… didnt see that coming.
    what are the chances in the 2nd ballot?

  • Chris Mc

    Chubbed. Went braga and madrid last season but in same boat as alot on here, couldnt make donetsk due to work/time off. Heard Sociedad fans were queing in there droves to get home tickets aswell so going to be really difficult.

  • Luke

    George, based on the number of chubbings on here already, slim!

  • Birch

    Has the ballot actually taken place? Are you sure you aren’t just jumping the gun and filling your knickers a bit too soon.

  • darby

    With all the chubbings for this one. Good luck to all those who have booked travel in the second ballot.

  • Shane

    Birch, despite recorded message, results are on phone – option 1, option 1, mem no, confirm name and then option 4.

  • Charlie

    I don’t know if I have been chubbed or not but by the looks of things San Sebastian is going to be full of ticketless reds. ffs

  • Dave

    Anyone know when the 2nd ballot takes place?

  • Paul


    second ballot on Thursday

    people not going (if anybody was actually succesful) have until 8pm tomorrow (wednesday)to opt out

    As per my text from the club

  • Dave

    Nice one Mark, good luck to everyone in it, we’ll need it!

  • Birch

    Been chubbed aswell. Does anyone know of someone or has 0 credits and got a ticket? Both myself and 2 mates got chubbed with 0 credits.

    Seems strange given allocation that there would be this many on here not got a ticket.

  • RedDevil

    Seems like they sorted the execs with 0 credits, and hung the STH’s & members out to dry

    from 3 different applications on execs I know of, all 0 credits, it’s 7/7

  • Charlie

    Birch, everyone I know with 0 credits got knocked back. I think far more applied than first thought which leaves me less than hopeful that the second ballot will change anything.

    Unless loads applied to get the credit for BL and then give back (or execs do the same), I cant see how the second ballot would be anything other than a tiny handful of tickets for a large number of people.

  • blinky

    Knocked back, wait for thursday now

  • Paul


    It would be nice if the club announced the numbers

  • Barry

    Chubbed with 0 credits as well.

    Sam touched on this earlier, but if for example i get a ticket in the second ballot, but with no option to cancel after that, i would get black marked for the rest of the season if i didn’t turn up and collect the ticket?

  • Gary

    I would say loads have applied for this game hoping for the knock back to gain a credit for Leverkusen

  • Charlie

    Paul – you are right, that would be nice. It would be nice if I got a ticket.

    Is that you Davidson?

  • Pete

    Would you still get a credit if you opt out of the second ballot?

  • Josh

    Just what an embarresment the ticket system is for the biggest club in the world what a joke.

  • Luke

    I’m stunned we are taking so many to this, frankly, I don’t believe we are. There were so few flights from the NW. For convenience I stumped up £175 for Lufthansa from Manc. Popular trips are always big games, convenient places or cheap flights, this is none of that list. Even considering the low allocation, I suspect there must be a fair few tactical applications which reading some of the comments above would substantiate this thought.

    Hopefully be a few returns or whatever the club have held back. Not optimistic though.

  • Charlie


    I agree, it does seem odd.

    Having said that because SD was so expensive and out of the way, a lot of reds will have decided to do RS or BL. If you could only do BL and wanted a ticket, what would you do? Unfortunately, the answer is apply for RS. I know two people who have done this. Lets just hope that a) United have some held back (which I didn’t know they did) and b) they get hundreds of returns. Then and only then can I see a favourable outcome – pessimistic here.

  • Gary

    Pete you lose the credit if you opt out of 2nd ballot

  • Ed

    6 of us on our trip – no-one went to Donetsk – 3 succesful, 3 chubbed. Of the 3 succesfuls, they had, from last season, 2 credits, 1 credit and 0 credits, if that counted for anything ? – probably not based on the fact 1 succesful had no credits from this season OR last.(He HAS been a STH for 30+ years and has done 40+ euro aways in that time!) On that basis, you could argue he deserves to be lucky this time?

    My feeling is however,(and I have no hard evidence to back it up) is that this is a very similar scenario to Braga last year – 8 on our trip, 1 successful in 1st ballot(first euro away in their life??) 7 succesful (including 2 of us with 40+ trips) in the second ballot. I appreciate that it will be a nervous couple of days for all chubbees, but sit tight and see if my theory holds up !

    Personally, I fully support Oli’s stance that there should be some sort of rolling euro loyalty pot, and if pushed, think it should be for at least 3, poss 5 years – this would iron out some of the anomolies that we see for this type of euro away scenario – I was fortunate enough to do a 2 meeting stint on the fans forum last year and raised the issue whenever I got the chance – I think it has support from some quarters within the club but there’s definitely a lot more ‘persuading’ to be done. Apologies if you are on the ‘other side of the euro away loyalty pot fence’ – lets wait and see what happens in the second ballot on thursday before we re-open the ‘debate’. Good luck to all those involved.

  • George

    i hope one credit will be enough for leverkusen… maybe well get the same problems there…

  • Dom

    I thought there was only about 400 who did SD who wanted to do this and then add the 400 for TCS , that roughly 800, where have rest of the other 1k flipping gone ? FFS , the way this is going I don’t even think 1 credit will even be enough for BL, pissed off red

  • Ed

    Obviously can’t spell succesSful but can spell chubbed – what does that suggest ??

  • Charlie

    Dom – 1 credit will be enough for BL, I am quite confident about that.

  • Dom

    Ain’t all execs , ST holders and members with 0 credits stand same chance with this ? Why is it execs with 0 credits seem to have been sorted ?

  • Mark

    Dom, the fucking execs got them with no credits. No other explanation. How many standard s.t’s got with 0 credits?? I’m not hearing of to many

  • Luke

    Put it this way, more went to Cluj last year than Donetsk this AND Braga (also the second game) was the stand out, most popular tie of the round.

    The club do hold some back, largely as an insurance policy in case they make mistakes in the ballot such as not allocating credits from Donetsk or unsuccessful credit card payments etc. it’s not a huge amount but it’s certainly more than 3 tickets which is all I’m asking for ;-)

  • Oli

    Last season’s tickets didn’t come into it as people with all 4 but no Donetsk didn’t get. I had 3 last season but chub for this.

    From previous experience I wouldn’t imagine execs got preference over STs. Last season someone I know with a 95k a season 8 seater box got clubbed for Madrid, went mental about it (nicely) and still didn’t get in second ballot or with any later returns. Club were pretty straight with them that a random ballot is a random ballot and tough shit. I doubt that’s changed this season as Woodward and co have said they won’t interfere in ticketing at all before fully understanding how it all works, which they don’t at present. However, the stats may paint a diff picture.

  • ted

    Chubarama. Any ideas of getting in the home end? Where will most reds be? Got flights now do will get in somewhere.

  • Josh

    Will the club release numbers of apps ? I thought a few be knocked back but certainly a lot more sucessful then knocked back it seems the other way around. I don’t see many returns for this and with the way things are going 1 credit might not be enough for BL

  • Charlie

    Josh, we will have had to have had near on 1300 oversubscribe for RS for 1 credit not to be enough for BL. I highly doubt this will be the case.

  • Dom

    With the games on offer and many fans ditching domestic aways coz they never get tickets to start getting on the euros aways ladder don’t be fucking surprised if it is over 1k oversubscribed, not hopefull at all for 2nd ballot.

  • shane

    Just to echo Oli, from those I know it’ a totally random pattern of those successful in the ballot. Ed, I like the optimism comparing to Braga where the 2nd ballot was fruitful for many but from looking at the forums, twitter etc.it is clear there are lots chubbed for this including many regulars who are travelling whatever. The 2nd ballot won’t be helped by the number who’ve applied but don’t intend to travel which seems to be high for this one with folk looking to nab a credit for BL. If they get allocated a ticket on Thurs then it goes to waste while reds travelling will be locked out. In terms of contributing to the numbers chubbed, for me that’s more of an issue than the TC pckgs which many regulars will be using to limit time off and for the travel option from Manchester.