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Real Sociedad ticket information confirmed

Reds have got a total of 1,728 tickets for the away match against Real Sociedad.

Of those, 1,558 are in the normal away end and cost £43 and 170 are in the VIP end among the home fans and cost £68 each.

Executive members, season ticket holders and One United Members can apply from 08:00 tomorrow until 08:00 next Tuesday.

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193 comments to Real Sociedad ticket information confirmed

  • Krasnoarmeyets

    Got one but had a credit for Donetsk. Hearing that not even everyone on a credit got sorted though (Don’t know if this actually true).

    Anyone know how many TCS have sold?

  • Oli

    People with a Donetsk credit would only not get if their payment fails or of an admin error which club would resolve.

    There are always these sorts of rumours but never actually turn out to be true/ more than explainable one offs.

  • Dom

    TCS day trip now also sold out, looks like they sold out woteva tickets they had, don’t see many returns from them

  • Luke

    Been thinking about this further and the numbers just don’t stack up (to me)…

    Supposing exactly 1,700 people apply and we have 1,700 tickets. It would be very savvy of the ticket office to Chubb most people on 0 credits in the first ballot knowing they are unlikely to remove their application for the second ballot. This would mean any tactical applications in the second ballot would be lumbered with the cost of the ticket and everyone still gets sorted. Would send a strong message out to only apply if intend to travel and would ensure United aren’t out of pocket for unsold tickets.

    Almost certain this is not the case, just a theory. Wouldn’t surprise me if they did it one day. Certainly protects the club’s interests financially.

  • ted

    Still tickets on sale through thomas cook. How can that be right with so many rejected?

  • Charlie

    Luke, that doesn’t make any sense to me. United are getting paid for the 1700 tickets whether people collect them or not. I hope you are right but I don’t think you are.

    It would be far more likely that united hold back tickets, Chubb loads of people in the hope people will panic and buy a TC package, which they will no doubt make more money on.

    I do agree wit you though, this many chubbings does seem odd.

  • Oli

    The two aren’t connected ted, people rejected can now go on and book the TCS overnight trip. They are separate piles of tickets.

  • Oli

    There are usually quite a lot of returns because people put in multiple apps (generally exec ones so names are transferable) as back up.

  • Paul

    I wonder if this new under 19s tournament is having an impact as id imagine the youth team, coaches other staff etc will all be getting sorted for the main match potentially players families aswell.
    I’m only guessing but even 40-50 tickets is a lot on this occasion

  • Jonboy

    I recall Oli u predicting loads of chubbings for this game. Personally I think a number of factors have come into the frame with this game 1) many thought the price of this game would be 70/80 euro, with it being half of that certainly would have pushed up the number of applications made 2) with so many wanting to go to BL and it being so relatively cheap to get to many have booked travel for that game and wanted a credit, regardless of the BL allocation I c many fans wanting to still get to this game as they won’t get credit if they opt out of Thursday ballot and also if they don’t collect ticket in Spain, 3) if the figures are correct and roughly 7-800 get their tickets by credit from attending SD and TCS packages 1k tickets is not really a lot of tickets to go around with ordinary ST holders are countless fans who have just OUM’s who regularly attend euros away and perhaps ex pats living in Spain who want to attend this game. I’m resigned to being clubbed on Thursday :-(

  • Jonboy

    Very good point Paul

  • Oli

    The number of expats in Spain is a big factor in this.

    Buy a membership for 20 quid or so and get same chance as anyone else apart from some with Donetsk credits. No brainer to do that if you’re a red living over there.

    That’s why I was banging on about reverting to last season’s credits in this situation so that regular travellers didn’t lose out to those people, but such is life.

    For those without, home end tickets should be available for face value or close to face. Even in Madrid four guys with us found tickets at face outside for what was clearly a higher profile game. Sociedad fans supposed to be really friendly and won’t just be out to rip the Brits off etc.

  • Charlie

    Just on redissue, huge numbers without. Groups of 10 with not one ticket, 9 with one ticket etc – little hope for the second ballot.

    Make the most of it, town center in SS will be packed with reds

  • Paul

    Oli, I wouldn’t expect many spares over there as this is the game that they would have been looking forward to as soon as the draw was made

  • Jonboy

    I see a straight sell out for the BL game also, more or less every1 who is doing RS will attend BL, that’s 1700 and god knows how many will go by TCS , that will leave what 500 or so , those will be taken up by those who are successful in gaining credits but genuinely not being successful in either ballot for RS game, could be stuck with travel plans for 2 trips but not getting to a game ….

  • tasior

    When did this rule of not getting a ticket and still getting a credit came into place anyway? I remember Valencia being half empty and only two out of four of us getting a ticket and then those two being chubbed for Rangers. A little worried now, thought if we go do Donetsk, Leverkusen won’t be a problem …

  • Dell

    Cant see many spares been returned not a big enough allocation for it to happen. People without credits for BL are struggling in my view. People who apply to be chubbed should be blackballed or something its a joke. If you dont pick up a ticket over there after the second ballot you should be not able to apply for the rest of the season. It would cut out numerous hassel and worry on people.

    Can anyone clarify if an exec applies hes guranteed a ticket or is it actually a random ballot? It does seem odd from the prvious comments that groups of 10 havent got a ticket and groups of 9 only getting 1.

    Oli/Dale anyway you can extract some information from the club on figuers of how many applied ?

  • Luke

    No, Charlie. What I’m saying is, if the number of applications is very similar to the number of tickets available, so by accepting returns,United run the risk of being lumbered with the cost of several hundred refunded tickets. If the majority are successful after the second ballot then this would not be an issue AND might teach tactical applicants a lesson.

    Just a thought… Probably not the case.

    It just seems odd we are taking so many. We struggled to shift 2,200 for Marseille. That was equally as difficult to get to and was a knockout game!

  • Charlie

    I see, yeh I doubt that’s the case

  • Dell


    I agree theres something funny going on that marseille game we had a few spares and as you say a KO game and now this seems like a domestic ballot with over 8K applying its redicoulous the way things look. Im not holding much hope for Thursday but you never know. I do find it incrdible that groups of 10 dont have a ticket between them and groups of 9 only have 1. Find that very odd

  • Sparky (Mark)

    I got one and had 0 credits.

    Going by the previous comments on here I seem to have been very very lucky. 7 of my mates applied, all with 0 credits and everyone got knocked back.

  • Andy


    Myself and my brother always do a joint application for away’s, is it better to do singles or does it really matter?

  • Dom

    I honestly don’t see a lot of returns for this game, 400 on TCS and roughly 400 who did SD, chuck in however was successful yesterday and you looking at the most a ballot being down tomorrow for the remaining 200-300 tickets , best I’m hoping for is a returns from TCS allocation later on in the month,

  • Kev

    Chubbed, surprised by the amount that appear unsuccessful, the only way there’s going to be hundreds of returns is if those hoping to be unsuccessful have been successful, as otherwise their unlikely to take themselves out of the 2nd ballot.
    Oli, a difference between Madrid and Sociedad is Madrid have many big games a season and Ronaldo taking on united likely wasn’t being billed up by them in the same way as it was in England and the fact united fans were able to get so many tickets on general sale highlights the demand from their fans wasn’t as high as demand from our fans for the 2nd leg. I expected Sociedad fans to really embrace the CL and 6k at OT highlights this. expect anyone with a credit to get BL

  • Dom

    If ur successful in the 2nd ballot u cannot return ticket from what i understand , that ticket goes to waste if u don’t attend ! Correct me if I’m wrong

  • Birch

    I have a feeling that we will all be sorted in the second ballot. Unless 20,000 people have applied to go to Sociedad I don’t see how there can be this number of people applying and not getting tickets.

    How many would we expect to take to Sociedad? Only 800 went to Bilbao so why suddenly would Sociedad become a tough ticket to get given a 1,700 allocation.

    I would take heed of Luke’s post earlier and I think that the number of applicants are about the same as the allocation given but the ticket office are giving people the chance to opt out of the second ballot so that everyone who applied is sorted for a ticket.

    I still do not know of anyone with a Standard ST application with no credits who has been successful in the ballot so something is not right.

  • Eddy

    Dom , i think your right and they wouldnt get a credit .so it is a waste of a ticket what somebody else could of used.

  • Kev

    Dom that’s correct, no pick up no credit.
    Birch, a few differences, Bilbao was only a few weeks notice, dearer tickets, people spent up from Amsterdam.

  • Birch

    Ok Kev I agree with the Bilbao points maybe not the best comparison but how many would you expect we will take to sociedad?

    I would say 1,700 seems about right so why so many chubbed.

  • Mark@mcnts07

    Only heard off one person that didn’t do SD getting in the ballot. Chatting to Exec’s that have been chubbed.

    Alot of people eagerly waiting tomorrow’s ballot. Not looking good.

  • Oli

    United allocation is North-East corner, bottom tier.

  • Charlie

    Birch, I like your optimism but it wouldn’t need 20,000 to lead to mass disappointment, 2,700 would do that.

    United might have held tickets back (for the second ballot) to:

    a) make sure everyone who went to Donetsk is 100% sorted
    b) they can deal with all those who paid for a Donetsk ticket and didn’t collect (who will have no doubt been calling up today asking why they were not successful in the ballot)
    c) it gives the ticket office extra time to sort out execs
    d) it gives TCS an extra day to sell tickets which the club will likely make more money on
    e) as stated, it gives those a chance who want to opt out a chance to do so.

    Has anyone had a line from the club?

  • Sparky (Mark)

    Mark@mcnts07 Probably me.

  • w3103

    if you have one creit from 2 euros aways this season, will this be enough for a BL brief

  • Oli

    Charlie, taking your points one by one…

    a) make sure everyone who went to Donetsk is 100% sorted – I agree that would make sense but surely would be the odd admin error and would just need a few held back at the most

    b) they can deal with all those who paid for a Donetsk ticket and didn’t collect (who will have no doubt been calling up today asking why they were not successful in the ballot) – that shouldn’t affect holding back tickets as those people, even they moan, don’t have a ticket and aren;t entitled to getting ahead of anyone else

    c) it gives the ticket office extra time to sort out execs – but they don’t sort them out any differently – see story above of £90k a year box holder who couldn’t get for Madrid even when they had returns – which is not a one off story

    d) it gives TCS an extra day to sell tickets which the club will likely make more money on – The TCS day trips were already sold out with only a few tickets on the overnight trips remaining before the ballot took place

    e) as stated, it gives those a chance who want to opt out a chance to do so – yes agree, but that would be the case if they allocated all tickets too

  • Oli

    w3103 – unless you can tell me how many people applied/ were rejected for Sociedad, then no one else can answer that question.

  • Dell

    Oli, What is your guess for how many applied also how many returns ? I cant see many people sorted from second ballot reckon its lost hope now at this stage. I have already enquired about cancellation of my hotel and car rental today will confirm tomorrow. Very pessimistic but would like information on how many applied and how many returns. Just dont believe so many are not sorted the demand for this is like a domestic away and that normally isnt the case

  • Arran

    Im sure this has been asked before and no doubt will be asked again,is it better to do a joint application or 2 singles?

  • Charlie


    Understand what you are saying. Due to the lack of transparency from the TO I was thinking more along the lines of what the TO ‘might’ be doing, – your points are all valid and make sense – at least more sense than mine.

    Having said that, as far as I can see TCS are still offering packages on their website and I still think (based on the fact that a lot of execs with 0 credits seem to have been sorted whilst members and ST holders haven’t) that the TO (where possible) will show them preference in the first ballot – we will never know this because the club would never disclose it.

    I read your story earlier in the week and it doesn’t surprise me that when someone complains (whether an exec or ST Holder, however nicely) then the line by the club has was a hard no. If execs/ST Holders/Members caught wind of flexibility from the club in instances like that then the TO are in a tough spot and would be bombarded with others etc.

    Perhaps I am wrong, it won’t have been the first time.

  • Oli

    Dell – no idea at all and club won’t give out figures

    Arran – maths rather than inside info suggests applying for two singles gives you more chance of getting one ticket (two chances not one) but less chance of getting both

  • Oli

    Thanks Charlie – when I looked yesterday all the TCS day trips were gone but they had some overnight ones left – and seems that way still now.

  • Mark@mcnts07

    Indeed Sparky – it was

  • Birch

    I asked earlier does anyone know of someone with a standard ST and 0 credits who’s got a ticket and from reading this thread I can’t see anyone who has.

    Therefore I’m going going to conclude that we will all get sorted tomorrow in the second ballot. I have all my trust in the ticket office. There is no way that more than 2,000 are going to sociedad when we play Leverkusen 3 weeks later and will probably take full allocation.

  • Jack

    They could release details of credits etc if they wanted (as they did before Amsterdan Europa), just don’t seem to want to be helpful and aid us in making educated judgments.

    Problem with this is that it happens once a year at most and there’s not enough of us to change things.

  • Andy


    I know of a few that had 0 credits and got a ticket

  • Gaz


    I can verify that as well. Know of two mates that got a pair in the ballot with 0 credits, and for what it’s worth, only attended Madrid last season through TC.

  • Charlie

    Birch, I hope you are right.

    Who knows what the ticket office are doing.

    I was going to call the club and have a dig about but I know I wont get anywhere so cant be bothered.

  • Chris Mc

    TV said around 600-700 were in the away end at the Dombass, so say 1 plane full on TCS day trip (about 300 people) then max 400 made there own way. Theres TCS day trips and overnights for Sociedad so say 3 planes (about 8-900 people). Not everyone that went ukraine will go Sociedad so roughly I reckon there should be 7-800 tickets left for us ST’s who didn’t go ukraine. I agree with Birch and think most will get sorted tomorrow.

  • Andy

    I agree that there was be around 800 for ST’s with zero credit

    But Id be surprised if there is more than 300 tickets up in the 2nd ballot

    A good few lads I know with 0 credits got tickets

  • Mike L

    Us Southern based Reds are definitely disadvantaged by TCS only running flights from Manchester. Has anyone heard of any plans to run any TCS flights from any of the London airports?