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Reds Away: An announcement

Originally posted in October 2013
Dear readers

It’s hard to believe it has been over five years since I posted this and got Reds Away up and running.

Since then, it has evolved onto this website and built up a loyal following, for which I am thrilled and humbled.

The site has recommended cheap ways to travel all over the UK and Europe and campaigned on behalf of reds when it comes to ticket prices, ticket allocations and a range of other issues fans face.

Nowadays, it costs money and an awful lot of time to keep the site going – an average of 20 hours a week and sometimes a lot longer – so I have decided to make a change.

As of Thursday, October 17, Reds Away is embarking on an exciting partnership with the excellent United We Stand fanzine website.

From then on, people will have to be a UWS Online VIP to access Reds Away content, which will have its own section on the UWS forum.

Becoming a UWS Online VIP currently costs £10 and subscribers already get access to a wealth of content, including a private forum, exclusive articles, snippets of United-related information before it’s in the news, away-match video diaries and links to UWS podcasts.

For just 83p a month, you will now get access to all of this, plus Reds Away content, which will include diary dates, comment pieces, campaign updates, travel guides and much more.

We hope you think Reds Away and UWS is worth it.

The Reds Away Twitter account will continue and feedback and questions are welcome at redsaway@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you for continuing to support Reds Away and we hope you continue to do so over at UWS.

Go here to register for a free UWS forum account and, once you’re signed up, click on ’subscribe’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen.


Redsaway.com editor, Dale Haslam

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24 comments to Reds Away: An announcement

  • Arran

    If redsaway remains as good as it is(in which im sure it will)on UWS i doubt many folk will have a problem spending a 10er.Keep it up lads.

  • sloo

    fair do’s and for your effort dale?

  • Andy

    10 paid , well done mate! I wouldnt be safe to travel without this site!

  • Charlie

    Andy – agreed. Id probably end up in another country! Will defo be joining

  • shahbs

    Will be joining thanks for all the g8 info vitty much appreciated.

  • Oli

    I will pay too, no issue Vitty

  • Josh

    Will be paying too Dale – top work over the years

  • Rich

    Thanks for your efforts Dale – I’ve certainly had more than a tenners worth from the site so will cough up for the subscription.

  • vitty

    Such kind words, one and all.

    Thank you.

  • Krasnoarmeyets

    Definitely signing up. Well worth it just for some of the people on here let alone the contributions from Dale.

  • Charlie

    Paid and done. Well done dale

  • Higgo

    A lot of good work goes in to this site Dale and I am sure it is very much appreciated.

    I will definitely be subscribing.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Kev c

    Certainly worth ten Bob. I’m in.

  • Kevin

    £10 these days is nothing in the scheme if things do will get paid up in the next couple if days.
    Credit too you for keeping it going so long free if charge and investing all that time in doing it.
    Congrats and hats off to you

  • Bavshvi

    Auch, not good info for me. Agree with comments that 10£ isn’t much, but unfortunately it is in my country :( (to give some tips – it is one week fuel cost for me :) ) And after Donetsk and Leverkusen in sight I’m little running out of money :) .

    I can’t imagine doing euro aways without this site. It helped me a lot for last year’s Istanbul game and this year’s Donetsk so huge thanks for that!
    Hope to sort my finances soon and join you.

    All the best !


  • Charlie


    That’s fair enough but if you find the site useful and can afford to do Euro aways in Spain, Turkey and the Ukraine then I am guessing (regardless of where you live) that you can afford £10.

    I found your post odd, it made no sense

  • tony

    UWS is it run by a company or is it still run by 1 person.

  • Agree and already done.

    Can not compliment how you enough on how helpful this site has been to me, especially with regards to Euro aways.

  • Bavshvi


    Sense was to thank for that site :) .

    And agree with you I can afford paying 10 pounds, but not until the end of November as everything is planned already and there can’t be done more savings.

    And as Leverkusen is on 27th November I’m staying without this site :) that’s all.

    P.S. but I’ll be back :) :) :)

  • Charlie

    I understand Bavshvi, enjoy both your trips.

  • Bavshvi


    Thanks :)

    But I’m doing only Leverkusen doing both (Spain and Germany) will be too much for me :D

  • Charlie

    Good – more chance for me in the ballot tomorrow :)

  • Matt71

    Tried to subscribe but it says that I can’t do iit? I have registered and stuff!

    Guess I am doing something wrong, please help

  • Bavshvi


    Good luck !

    Been in Donetsk so Leverkusen won’t be problem :)