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When you visit a website, it saves a small text file called a "cookie" on your computer or mobile device.

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Reds Away Ltd. ("we," "us," "RAL") knows that the data subject's ("you," "your," "user," "subscriber") privacy is important, and we're committed to being open about the technologies we use. This Cookie Policy explains how and why cookies and other similar technologies can be stored on and accessed from your device when you use or visit Our Websites or Applications that link to this Policy (collectively, "the Sites"). You should read this Cookie Policy along with our Privacy Policy. What are cookies and other technologies that track people? When you visit a website, it saves a small text file called a "cookie" on your computer or mobile device. It lets the website remember your actions and preferences (like your login, language, font size, and other display preferences) over time, so you don't have to keep entering them every time you come back to the site or look at different pages. The other tracking technologies, such as web beacons, pixels, sdk files, and scripts, work in a way that is similar to how cookies work. They place small data files on your devices to track what you do on websites and help us learn how you use Our Websites. This makes it possible for Our Websites to tell your device apart from those of other users. The information below about cookies also applies to the other technologies used to track people. How do we use cookies and other technologies that track what we do? When you visit our website and use its services, we use "cookies" to get and store information. Cookies are used for many things, such as: a. To show ads that are not personalised or that are. b. To find out where you are c. To tell us what browser and device you are using d. To do research and analysis, e. To measure and analyse how many people visit each page in order to make the content easier to use, easier to find, or more visible; f. To figure out how reliable Our Websites are by looking at how many people visit its pages in real time, and to show different ads that are based on what users are interested in; Social media tools that you use may also save cookies if you use these features (e.g. Facebook, Google, & Twitter). What Kind of Cookies First-party cookies are set by the website you are visiting. These are the cookies that belong to us and are put on your device by us or by a website you are currently visiting. We use these cookies because they are required for firstpost's services to work. If you don't want to use these cookies, we might not be able to help you. You can see what these necessary cookies do in the table below. Cookies from other sites These are the cookies that someone else puts on your device through our website (For e.g. advertising agencies may place their cookies on our website which will collect tracking information and serve you with advertisements). These are the kinds of cookies we use: Persistent Cookies: We use persistent cookies to make your time on the sites more enjoyable. This includes writing down that you agree with our Cookie Policy so that the message you see when you first visit the Site can be taken away. Session Cookies: These are temporary files that are erased from your device when you close your web browser. Cookies help us keep track of how people use the internet, as explained above. You can turn off the setting that lets your browser accept cookies if you don't want to. But if you choose this setting, you might not be able to get to some parts of the Site. When you send your browser to our Site, our system will check to see if Cookies can be saved unless you have set your browser to not accept Cookies. The information collected by the website and/or through cookies that may be put on your computer will only be kept for as long as it takes to reach the above goals. In any case, we will keep this information in our database until you tell us to delete all the stored cookies. Some of the cookies that are put on the Website are: Name of Cookie: What's it for? First-party cookies, also called "internal cookies," are used to give you the services of a website. Analytics from Google Google gives us information about how people use the site. Google Analytics sets a cookie so that it can track how these services are used and give us a report. Google Analytics cookies can be turned off. DoubleClick by Google We use Google DoubleClick to find out how well our online marketing campaigns are doing. DoubleClick cookies can be turned off. We divide cookies into the following groups: Strictly Necessary/Technical: These cookies are required for our Sites to work and for you to be able to use them as you've asked. These Cookies, for example, let us know that you've made an account and logged in/out to view content on the Site. They also have Cookies, which let us remember what you did on our Sites during the same browsing session and keep them safe. Analytical/Performance: We or third-party service providers use these cookies to study how the Sites are used and how well they work. For example, these Cookies keep track of what kinds of articles are read the most and where most of our visitors come from. If you sign up for a newsletter or register in some other way on the Sites, these Cookies may be linked to you. Some of these cookies are from Google Analytics, for example. Functionality: These cookies let us run the Sites based on what you choose. With the help of these cookies, we can "remember" you between visits. For example, we will recognise your user name and remember how you changed the Sites and services, such as by changing the size of the text, the fonts, the language, and other parts of web pages that can be changed, so that we can give you the same changes when you come back. Targeting or advertising cookies: These cookies are used to show you more relevant content based on what you like. They are also used to show you targeted ads or limit how many times you see the same ad. They also help us figure out how well our advertising campaigns work on our websites. They remember that you've been to one of our websites, and they share this information with others, like advertisers and our agencies. These cookies may also be linked to third-party features on the site. Cookies from third parties. When you visit our websites, some of our partners, like Facebook and Google DoubleClick, may also set cookies on your device on our behalf so that they can show you more relevant ads on their sites. We try to let you know what these cookies are before we use them, so you can decide if you want to accept them or not. On our websites, we also work with a number of partners to offer digital experiences and functions. For example, while you're looking around our websites, you might get cookies from third-party sites that provide some of the features on Our Websites (like a YouTube video), even if you've told us you don't want our cookies. This is because you have given your direct permission for them to use cookies. In this case, you should directly change your mind on the website of the third party. Do these cookies know who I am or collect information about me? Most cookies track users by their Device ID or IP address, so they may be able to get personal information. Depending on the type of cookies used by the third party, the information that these cookies collect may include personal data, but the third party may not be able to directly identify you as an individual or have any of your personal information, such as your name, email address, or phone number. How do I stop Cookies from being used or change my mind? If you don't want cookies dropped on your device, you can change the settings of your Internet browser to reject all or some cookies and let you know when one is dropped. For more information on how to do this, check the "help," "tools," or "edit" section of your browser, which could be Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc., for cookie settings. Please keep in mind that if your browser is already set to block all cookies (even the ones that are strictly necessary), you may not be able to use all or some of the features on our Sites. If you want to get rid of Cookies that you have already saved, you can delete them at any time. But this won't stop the Sites from putting more Cookies on your device until you change the settings for your Internet browser as shown above. If you live in Europe, visit or to learn more about how user profiles are made and how targeting and advertising cookies are used. Find out more. At, you can find out more about how businesses use cookies. Contact our Data Protection Officer if you have any questions about this Cookie Policy.

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